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Emergency Evacuation Navigation Aid

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The Guide Strip is a tactile orientation marking, detectable orientation surface, and emergency evacuation navigation aid designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It is a surface material with grooves that can be detected and followed using a white cane. It serves as a tactile guidance system enabling individuals to track safely to an emergency exit or place of refuge. At transit platform door openings, it can indicate door location and appropriate path of travel. It can

In Case Of Fire Use Stairway (With Braille) Sign (Model Rre 260)

The In Case of Fire Use Stairway (with Braille) Sign, model RRE 260, is a braille emergency evacuation navigation sign designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The sign is made from acrylic plastic or metalized acrylic. It features a drawing representing flames and a figure walking down a stairway, with the upper case words "IN CASE OF FIRE USE STAIRWAY" and the equivalent in lower case braille ("in case of fire use stairway"). DIMENSIONS (HxW): 9 x 6 inches. COLOR: Acry

Rescue Sheet

The Rescue Sheet is an emergency evacuation system designed for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury and other people who are unable to get out of bed. The Rescue Sheet straps to the underside of a mattress of a bed with four elastic straps that fit over the mattress corners. It has two nylon safety restraints, each which is sewn across the full width of the sheet. In case of emergency, the caregiver(s) extend the end of the two safety restraints from

Safe-T-First Rubber Wall Base

The Safe-T-First Rubber Wall Base is a detectable orientation surface designed for use by individuals with low vision. The glow strip rubber wall base covers the bottom edge of the wall and acts as a transition between the wall and the floor. It is co-extruded with a strip of luminous Permalight photoluminescent material. In emergencies such as fires, it can indicate a continuous uninterrupted pathway to safety. Its low location is advantageous in a fire emergency, since the safest place to be d

Stairglow Handrail Cover (Models Ph101 & Ph102)

The StairGlow Handrail Cover, models PH101 and PH102, is a visual orientation marking and emergency evacuation navigation aid designed to help individuals with low vision or balance or walking disabilities locate the handrail in order to walk up or down stairs more safely. These covers attach permanently to a wide variety of stair rails. Covers are available to fit square (model PH102) or round (PH101) handrails. A co-extruded photoluminescent strip is an integral part of the unit. It glows for

Stairglow Stairnosing (Models Ps101 & Ps102)

Stairglow Stairnosing, models PS101 and PS102, is a high contrast warning surface and anti-slip stair tread covering designed to increase stairway safety for individuals with low vision or balance or walking disabilities. A photoluminescent strip and a non-skid tread are molded into the stair surface. The photoluminescent strip glows for several hours after being exposed to ambient light. The surface creates a highly visible step edge to reduce falls and to guide people using the stairs during p

Tactile Maps

The Tactile Map is an accessible map and tactile map designed for people who are blind or deaf blind or have low vision. This customized map features a tactile map vocabulary developed by Coco Raynes Associates that introduces architectural spaces and other sites. These maps, which are custom designed and produced by the manufacturer for each location, use glass, metal or photopolymer to provide a tactile representation of the environment. It may also be used to provide emergency evacuation info


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