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Arm/leg Ergometer Modification

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted arm/leg ergometer for use by an individual with mobility disabilities and who uses a wheelchair. The article outlines a simple adaptation of an ergometer for use by those with lower extremity disabilities. The modification involves using PVC tubing to adapt an existing exercise ergometer. The first step to modify an existing arm/leg ergometer is to remove the seat. PVC tubing is purchased and then cut to construct one meter

Functional Electrical Stimulation (Fes) Arm And Leg Ergometer (Models Rt300-Slsa & Rt300-Slsap))

The Functional Electrical Stimulation Motorized Ergometer is designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or other neurological disabilities that prevent independent arm or leg cycling. The RT300-SLSA is used directly from a wheelchair, with no transfer required. When leg cycling, the user's feet are secured in the pedals with his/her legs supported by the leg guides. Surface electrodes placed on the skin over leg muscle groups are connected by a cable to the system's controller. When


The GameCycle is a hand-propelled bicycle exerciser system designed for use by people with stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and other neurological, lower extremity or mobility disabilities as well as people who use wheelchairs. This system merges exercise with video games by incorporating a modified arm ergometer that interfaces with a Nintendo GameCube to allow for the control of commercially-available racing games. The GameCycle consists of a he

Monark Rehab Trainer (Model 881E)

The Monark 881E Rehab Trainer is an arm and leg ergometer designed for use in rehabilitation. This unit includes a control knob to adjust resistance, and a graduated scale to provide a readout in watts at a speed of 50 revolutions per minute. An electronic meter shows pedal RPM (revolutions per minute), total pedal revolutions, and time. Each pedal crank can be individually adjusted both horizontally and vertically to a measurable level. The unit has retractable casters and a retractable handle

Schwinn Airdyne

Ergometer that exercises upper and lower body separately or simultaneously. LCD countdown timer allows to pre-program the total time to exercise, workload indicator combines a load indicator, cumulative odometer, plus a resettable 'trip' odometer. Measures approximate calories expended per minute. Arm levers are connected to pedals and operate by push-pull in reciprocal motion. Levers can be used independently of pedals and can be used one at a time to replicate the effect of a rowing machine.

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