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Eye Switch

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Electrical Switches

DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: Switches for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities. Mel Nowland, a retired engineer, has designed many types of electrical switches for people with limited mobility, using easily found materials such as soap dishes and Tupperware, including eye-blink, two-handed, voice-operated, and pillow switches. AUTHOR: Wechsler, K. TITLE: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: Quest. WEB SITE: http://www.mda.org/publications/Quest/q113diy.html. REF: Vol. 11, N

Eye Blink Switch (Model 9008)

The Eye Blink Switch is an eye switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. Aiming the switch's sensor at the user's eye enables the user to control communication devices, toys, computers, or other connected devices. Built-in controls give momentary, timed, or latched output. Special internal circuitry can be set to activate with each eye blink or with every double eye blink to ignore normal eye blinking. An adjustable holder

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