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Electric Fishing Reel

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Elec-Tra-Mate (Model 312Hs, 412Hs, 413Hs)

The Elec-Tra-Mate is a electric fishing reel drive designed for ease in retrieve when fishing for people with disabilities. The Elec-Tra-Mate 412HS is available to fit the Penn 320 or 330 Super Levelwind fishing reels or the Penn Special Senator 113H 4/0, while the Elec-Tra-Mate 413HS is balanced to fit the Penn 330 GTi reel. Pushbutton retrieval of fishing line, optional toggle switch available. POWER: 12 volt power required, battery clips or twist-lock plug supplied. OPTIONS: Also available wi

Elec-Tra-Mate Spinning Reel Drive (Model 450Pth)

The Elec-Tra-Mate, model 450PTH, is an electric fishing reel drive designed for use with upper extremity disabilities. Designed for use with the Penn 4500 SS and 5500 SS Spifisher Spinning Reels, the unit attaches to the side of the reel and comes standard with a remote waterproof switch that mounts to the foregrip of the rod for one handed use. This model can also be ordered with a switch cord only for use with ability switches (not included). POWER: 12-volt power is required. A six-foot coiled

Ken's Power Caster

Ken's Power Caster is a fishing accessory device designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This fully-automated device enables users to independently cast out their line, hook, fight, retrieve and land fish. The universal mounting bracket can be secured to almost any accessible surface (i.e. a wheelchair, boat rail, dock rail, etc.) and allows the cater to turn and swivel for casting in any direction. The unit consistently casts a large wooden bobbe

Power Fish'n Pro

Power Fish'n Pro is a hybrid electric fishing reel designed for adults and children with upper extremity disabilities. The Power Fish'n Pro features a Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with an electric motor to facilitate the fishing experience. This gives the user the ability to manually hand crank the line in, or retrieve it automatically with the touch of a switch. The electric option allows users to fish longer without reaching fatigue.

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