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Floor Seats

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4-Square Pillow

The 4-Square Pillow provides a soft, safe spot for reading, napping or daydreaming. Perfectly sized for all ages.

Abilitations PeaPod

Adjustable Howdahug Chairs

The Adjustable Howdahug Chairs are sensory stimulating chairs for children with sensory integration disorders, autism, ADD, ADHD and Down Syndrome. Provides deep sensory input contributing to the ability to stay focused for longer periods of time. Cushioned bottom hinge provides wear and tear protection and softer rocking and sitting in the classroom. Adjustable straps can be tightened or loosened. Water and stain resistant, flexible wooden slats, canvas.

Child's Bath Position Aid

The Child's Bath Position Aid is a child bath support designed to support the child in the long sitting position in the bath. This support features an aluminum frame, adjustable double chest belts and a lap belt with plastic snap buckles, and a plastic foam seat support covered in open-mesh vinyl knit. Foam cushions protect the tub surface. OPTIONS: A 5-inch or 7-inch tray to covert the aid to a floor sitter is available. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): The frame is 24 x 16.25 x 14 inches.

Children's Chaise Seat

The Children's Chaise Seat was designed for bathroom use but works well in other parts of the home and even outdoors. The seat and back rest offer a comfortable recline, while accommodating a wide range of different sized children with adjustable belts. The Children's Chaise Seat only weighs 12 pounds but supports up to 200 pounds.

Convertible Children's Chair

The Convertible Children's Chair is a floor sitter designed for use by children with physical and neurological disabilities. Designed for children aged 0 to 3, this sitter features a large, see-through tray that surrounds the child on three sides, a bucket-style seat with expandable trunk supports, and a separate snap-on abductor seat. The tray can also be used independently of the seat.

Corner Chair

The Corner Chair has been developed specifically for young children from the age of 8 months with neurological, mobility, or severe physical disabilities who are working on improving their sitting balance. The Corner Chair is ideal for daycare, school and home environments. These chairs are designed to provide support at the back and sides of the child to improve sitting balance. These chairs are adjustable and grow with the child.

Corner Chair (Models C4, C4-C, C5 & C5-C)

The Corner Chair is an adjustable corner seat designed for use by children with neurological, mobility, or severe physical disabilities. This chair provides support for asymetrical posture and midline control of the head and trunk. All models include a firm, padded insert which converts the V-shaped back to a three-section wing back. The seat can be raised so the child can be positioned with the hips and knees flexed or lowered so that the hips are flexed and the legs extended to facilitate long

Corner Chair And Table.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Corner chair with pommel and optional table made to give extra support and to keep a child from leaning backward. Instructions for building a chair (of chipboard or plywood) with a right-angled back and a pommel, made to fit the child. Can be built without a base. The optional table is built in the shape of half a donut to provide further support. Includes diagrams. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Hartrick, J TITLE: Equipment to Make: A Guide for

Corner Seat

The Corner Seat is a corner seat designed for use by children with neurological or severe physical disabilities. This chair is portable for use anywhere indoors or out and can also be used in a bathtub. It has an H-strap and hip belt to stabilize the shoulders, pelvis, and trunk and a built-in abductor to help maintain leg extension and reduce thrust. Features include a broad, stable base and easy-to-wash polyethylene surface. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 22.5 x 11 x 19 inches. The base is 17 x 27 inches

Corner Seat (Model 72140)

The Corner Seat, model 72140, is designed to facilitate normal sitting patterns inchildren aged 2 to 8 years old who need positioning while sitting. The seat places the hips lower than the knees to interrupt abnormal muscle tone, encourages legs to roll outward for stability, and keeps the back straight to prevent rounding. It also has an abduction pommel built into the front for knee separation. The seat may also be useful with spastic and athetoid children. The chair is made of canvase stretch

Corner Sitter

The Corner Sitter is a corner chair designed for use by children with neurological or severe physical disabilities. This chair is designed to help improve posture and promote upper body control. Features include a reclining backrest with adjustable sides for lateral support. The backrest angle is adjustable from a 20 degree recline to 15 degrees prone. Other features include a hip belt and an adjustable depth, removable pommel. The chair folds flat for storage. OPTIONS: Options include a high-ba

Cpsc Corner Seat & Cpsc Corner Seat With Tray (Models Cs-01 To Cs-03 & Ct-01 To Ct-03)

Corner Seat supports young children in a good seated position and helps them gain independent sitting. The seat is available in three height sizes: small (6 1/2 inches), medium (8 1/2 inches), large (11 inches) and comes with built in pommel and adjustable back support. Padding, seatbelts and/or chestbelts may be easily be added. Available with adjustable tray.

Floor Seat

ABS plastic seat ($202) and back are vacuum-formed separately and assembled to suit child. Unit sits directly on floor, with child long-sitting. Leg abduction support wings are attached to slots in base to allow adjustment of position. Available in one size for children about one to five years of age. Can be ordered with higher back, head support, seat belt or chest belt, knee straps, toy bar, or padded seat and back covers. ABS table ($180) with chromed steel frame adjusts from 9 to 11 inches i

Floor Seat And Corner Seat.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Rustic aids are simple aids meant for outdoor use. Simple chairs or back rests for person sitting on the ground. Instructions for a simple floor seat or corner chair for use when sitting on the ground. Drive stakes with points into the ground side by side in a pattern of a square or triangle with a 90 degree angle. The front stakes should be lower to allow movement of the arms. Includes drawings. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly. AUTHOR: Caston, D. TITLE: Eas

Floor Seat.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Legless seat with sides to allow a child with poor body support to sit on the floor to play with other children. Instructions for building a seat, made of plywood, with sides to help support a child. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Aids for Your Handicapped Child REF: London, England: Souvenir Press: p 30-31. Also available from Prentice-Hall, Englewoods Cliffs, NJ. NARIC CALL NUMBER: R1798 PAGES (i

Floor Sitter

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a child with multiple disabilities with floor-level seating and positioning. The legs were cut off commercial plastic children's chairs and the edges smoothed. Four wooden holding blocks were glued to the underside of the chair and the chair was mounted to a hoop pine plywood base by screwing through the base into the holding blocks. An adjustable pelvic belt was fitted to the chair, using stainless steel bolts to attach it to the base. A slot was cut in th

Floor Sitter (Models 7Flosc & 7Flosj)

The Foor Sitter is designed for use with children with balance, neurological, and physical disabilities. This lightweight, wipe clean plastic seat is designed to provide very firm back and lateral support and has an integrated gently molded pommel. SIZES: Child, model 7FLOSC, and junior, model FLOSJ. DIMENSIONS: The child's model accommodate 7 inch hips and is 9 inches from front to back. The back height is 7 inches. The junior model accommodates 10 inch hips and is 13 inches from front to back.

Jenx Ziggy Cushion Toy

Ziggy is one-of-a-kind cushion that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and imaginative play.

Kangaroo Corner Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide supported seating for a child with cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, and hearing and vision impairments. Made of wood, this low-to-the-floor chair and table set enables the child to sit with correct, supported posture with her legs straight out in front of her to stretch the hamstrings. The set is adjustable and can be used for eating, reading, or play. TITLE: Playing and Growing. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volume 25, Number 4, Summer 2005. PAGES:

Koala Corner Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide seating and positioning for a child with microcephaly, epilepsy, and developmental disabilities. Made to dimensions specified by a therapist, this unit includes a chair with a footrest and a table that enable the child to be seated in a posturally and functionally correct position for learning, eating and playing. Made of plywood, the unit has a pedestal seat with a winged back for shoulder protraction. The seat and back panels are equipped with fabric-cove

Ladybug Corner Chair

The Ladybug Corner Chair is a corner seat designed for use by children three years old and under with neurological or mobility disabilities. This chair facilitates upright sitting and head control, offers support for straight-backed sitting, and helps protract the shoulders so that arms can come forward to function in midline. The seat back adjusts forward or backward along the seat base to enable the children to sit either in a long-leg or in a conventional sitting position. In addition, the se

Leckey Squiggle Ess-Early Sitting System

The Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System (ESS) is a 3-in-1 sitting system designed to provide support in sitting for children up to 4 years and 40 pounds with mobility and physical disabilities. The Leckey Squiggles ESS encourages 3 different types of sitting: 1. Dynamic Sitting – providing support to the trunk that moves with user's movements (this is a side view); 2. Long Sitting – sitting with legs out straight, often used to help stretch out the hamstring muscles on the back of the legs; an

Mobile Corner Sitter

The Mobile Corner Sitter is a posture chair designed for use by children with mobility or severe physical disabilities. Designed for children ages 4 to 8 years up to 58 inches tall or smaller children ages 8 months to 4 years, up to 39 inches tall, these chairs are intended to help children develop postural control and encourage balanced weight bearing. Features include removable, adjustable head supports; a padded removable, adjustable abductor; a height- and depth-adjustable tray; swivel loc

Mss Tilt And Recline (Models 4635 & 4636)

The MSS Tilt and Recline model 4635 and model 4636 are pediatric positioning seats designed to provide growth adjustments and optimum positioning for children with physical or neurological disabilities. FRAME: The chair is available with in a small low frame (model 4635, or medium high frame (model 4636). Each chair can be converted to a floor sitter. The low frame (small) l model raises height by 3 inches, and the high frame (medium) model raises height by 10 inches. SEAT (WxD): The seat is 9 x

Portable Back Rest.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Lightweight back rest with a waterproof sitting area. Backrest made with 2 pieces of plywood 12 by 16 inches drilled at the top and strung together with strong twine, 2 pieces of twine on the bottom end of the boards so they open to the proper angle, and a piece of plastic coated cloth glued to the bottom of one of the boards for the child to sit on. COMMENTS: Suggests working with a therapist to determine proper angle and any necessary harness. SKILLS

R & H Floor Sitter (Models K8Fs & K9Fs)

Floor sitter with padded right angle seat to support head and torso, maintaining leg extension. Y-strap, leg abductor, chest strap, six leg straps, two hip pads, two head support pads standard. Includes tilt blocks to recline entire seat. Fabricated of birch plywood and hard maple. Stain and mildew resistant pads with vinyl covers in blue or brown. Pads snap off for easy cleaning. Optional trays available: 12 by 19, or 16 by 24 inches. K8FS small, 24 inch back height, 28 inch base length. K9FS m

Rifton Corner Floor Sitter (Models E610 & E620)

The Corner Floor Sitter is a floor corner chair designed for use by children with balance, neurological, or lower extremity disabilities. Designed to provide positioning for children who need trunk support while sitting on the floor, this chair is made of laminated hardwood and has a padded, three-sided back, an adjustable hip strap, and a padded chest strap that can be placed at varying heights. Stabilizers assure a secure, non-tip base. OPTIONS: Abductor. SIZES: Model E610 is small and model E

Seat2Go (Models Crs 2000 & 3000)

Seat2Go is a floor sitter and positioning seat designed for use by children with balance, neurological, or severe physical disabilities. This soft support has a contoured seat that prevents the child from sliding forward and improves seating posture. It can be used on the floor, in a chair, or as a stroller insert. Features include a 95-degree seat to back angle, double strap trunk support and belt, and fastening straps to secure the seat to any other chair and that store in the back pocket when

Sensory Shell Chair

The Sensory Shell Chair is a sensory stimulating chair for children with sensory integration disorders, autism, ADD, ADHD and down syndrome. The chair provides a sheltered space to relax and soothes with a gentle rocking motion. The Sensory Shell Chair’s hood helps both children and adults with sensory processing disorders by limiting environmental stimuli. The chair can be rocked by the user or by someone else using the rear handle. The chair can also stay still using the stand. The Sensory She

Soft-Touch Sitter With Mobile Base

The Soft-Touch Sitter with Mobile Base is a floor sitter designed for use by children or adults who need positioning support. It has a soft contoured seat with an integral anti-thrust seating surface, contoured lateral and head supports, an adjustable 5-point positioning harness, and attachments straps The seat is made of seamless, latex-free, anti-microbial material that is peel- and tear-resistant, impermeable to fluids, and withstands cracking. The wood base is maple-faced plywood. The unit i

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter

The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter is a floor sitter designed for use by chiildren with phsyical disabilities. The sitter promotes proper head, neck, and trunk alignment, and can be attached to a standard chair with attachment straps, or to the optional tilt wedge or mobile tilt wedge. It is made from a soft, latex-free material that is impermeable to fluids. OPTIONS: Tilt wedge and mobile tilt wedge. SIZES: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 25 x 12 x 12 inches (Size 1), 29 x 14 x 14 inche


SPIFFY is a molded plastic floor sitter designed for use with children's seating systems up to 12 inches wide. A tilt-in-space feature adjusts from 0 to 25 degrees, and an ABS plastic tray attached to the unit provides a lapboard play surface. Manufacturer recommended for children up to 30 months of age, this unit also provides an alternate base to a stroller, wheelchair or highchair to allow the child to play and interact more readily with his/her peers at floor level. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 16

Stool For Koala Corner Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a child with cerebral palsy to us a corner chair with his legs extended in front of him. Since the Koala Chair (see separate entry) was designed for sitting with the knees bemt, an extension stool was built. Made of 10 millimeter (mm) plywood, the stool is basically a box with a top that is height adjustable using a tri-nut. The stool latches to the base of the chair and is padded with fabric-covered foam attached to the stool with Velcro. DIMENSIONS: The fo

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Floor Sitter

The Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Floor Sitter is designed to support and position users (infant through adolescents) with neurological disabilities. The floor sitter is primarily used for assistive activity by positioning the user in an upright or a reclined position suitable for special needs. The feeder seat in conjunction with Sitter Wedge provides increased pelvic stability along with secure seating. Reclining position adjustability is achieved with Velcro® hook and loop system. Features include:

Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter

The Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter is designed to enable moving a properly positioned child with physical disabilities to another area or activity without having to reposition. The mobile base for the medium and large models are made of wood with the Tumble Forms covering and locking ball casters. The extra large mobile base is made of steel tubing with locking casters. The units come complete with a Feeder Seat (see separate entry) and Mobile Base, or the Mobile Base may be ordered separate

Tumble Forms 2 Universal Corner Chair with Removable Tray (Model 4590U)

The Tumble Forms 2 Universal Corner Chair with Removable Tray, Model 4590U, is a corner seat positioning chair designed to fit children up through adolescence or up to 60 inches tall (152 centimeters). The chair has a broad base to help prevent tipping due to extensor thrusting, and a built-in abductor block which supports a tray (included). The foam padded seat and back support have a hip positioning belt and height adjustable H-harness support. The chair’s padding allows the child to maintain

Tumble Forms Deluxe Square Module Seating System (Models 2797 & 2795P)

The Deluxe Square Module Seating System, models 2797 and 2795P, are floor sitters designed to support and position children with neurological disabilities. The complete seating system (2797) includes the seat and the following geometric positioning shapes: 2 long and 2 short rectangles, 2 triangles, 1 ring, and 1 disk. The positioning shapes only (minus the base seat) are available separately (2795P). The modules are vinyl covered foam with rounded edges. The child sits in the chair with his/her

Tumble Forms Extra Large Deluxe Floor Sitter

Tumble Forms Floor Sitters feature integral abductor, hip positioning strap and quick release H-belt. The exclusive Tumble Forms coating makes them easy to wash and maintain. Tumble Forms seamless covering is washable, odor and stain resistant, impervious to urine, and nontoxic. The Feeder Seat's contoured interior has a 90 degree seat-to-back relationship to encourage correct seating posture. Shoulder harness slots allow 4 inches of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps.

Universal Corner Chair

The Universal Corner Chair is a positioning chair designed for use by children and adolescents up to 60 inches with upper extremity, neurological, mobility, or severe physical disabilities. This chair aids in keeping a child’s shoulders flexed to help better focus on fine motor activities. It is also helpful in maintaining leg extension and extensor thrust. Features include an abductor block, hip positioning belt, height-adjustable H-harness and removable tray with folding support that rises to


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