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Foam Strap Padding

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6674 Lap Strap Cover

The 6674 Lap Strap Cover is foam strap padding that wraps around seat belt or lap belt webbing to prevent digging into sensitive skin or other pressure areas. This padding can also be used for backpacks, shoulder bags, etc. The cover is designed for use with 1.5- or 2-inch lap straps. DIMENSIONS: 14 inches (Small) or 18 inches (Large). COLOR: Black or casa tan.

Arch Support

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aids those who need additional cushioned foot support. Sponge and fabric materials make up the support. COMMENTS: The product is designed for those who wish to have a custom fitted and economical option for arch support.

Footsmart Ball Of Foot Fabric Lined Gel Cushion

The FootSmart Ball of Foot Fabric Lined Gel Cushion is designed for people with foot pain, to relieve metatarsal pain from metatarsalgia, from callouses/corns, or from wearing high heels by providing a gel cushion in between two pieces of fabric on the ball of the foot. Has a toe loop/fabric stringed around the second and third toes. Washable. Hypoallergenic. Not recommended for persons with diabetes.

Orthocare Polynap

Orthocare Polynap is foam strap padding made of a urethane foam and napped nylonDE combination. Sold in rolls, this foam can be used to pad straps. The material iDE s napped on both sides and combines with Velcro hook material for universal fast DE ening along the entire length of the strap. DIMENSIONS: ##2001 measures .25 x 6 iDE nches x 15 feet per roll; ##2044 measures .25 x 2 inches x 15 feet per roll.

Rolyan Strap Pads

Rolyan Strap Pads are foam strap padding designed for use in splinting. These hand-washable pads are made of foam laminated to loop material on both sides and have openings into which strap ends slide to distribute pressure and increase comfort. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 2 x 3 inches or 2 x 4 inches. The pads are 0.25-inch thick and accommodate 1- or 1.5-inch wide straps.

Rolyan Super Strap Ii Strapping Material (Models 755701, 755702 & 755704)

Rolyan Super Strap II Strapping Material, models 755701, 755702 & 755704, is foam strapping material designed for use with splints. This material features non-fraying knitted loop fabric, .25 inch thick breathable foam, and soft tricot backing. Both sides mate with hook material. This non-stretchable, hypoallergenic material is latex free and washable. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Model 755701 is 1 x 10 yards, model 755702 is 2 x 10 yards, and model 755704 is 4 x 10 yards.


T-Foam is a foam material designed to eliminate pressure points and absorb shock and vibration. This material is used to make flotations pads, mattresses, cushions, and padding (see separate entries). T-Foam flows to give fluid-like fit and support under body presure and heat so that pressure is evenly distributed. This material becomes firmer when subject to sudden impact and absorbs up to 90 percent of sudden impacts and vibration. When released after conforming to an impression, T-Foam return


Velfoam is foam strap padding that can be used as a splint or strap liner, protective padding, or cushioning media. Velfoam is breathable, hypo- allergenic, odor-free, and backed with knitted loop fabric. Velfoam attaches with Velcro hook tape or Velcoin hook self-stick fastener. This padding is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS: 6 inches wide; sold in 5- yard box. COLOR: White.

Velfoam ##2

Velfoam ##2 is Velcro foam strap padding designed for persons with physical disabilities. The cushion-soft material can be used for pading, straps or body support. The polyfoam strip is faced on both sides with Velcro loop and is ready to use with hook material. The material is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS (LxWxT): 5 yards x 2 inches x 0.25 inch.

Velfoam 2

Velfoam 2 is foam strap padding with hook and loop fasteners for padding, straps, or body support belts. The 1/4-inch thick polyfoam strip is faced on both sides with Velcro loop, ready to use with hook material. Velfoam is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS: Sold in two widths: 2 or 6 inches; 5 yard boxes. COLOR: Beige.

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