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Foot Brush

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Bath Kit

The Bath Kit is a long-handled footbrush designed for use by individuals with back or hip disabilities or difficulty bending to wash their feet. This unit consists of an extra-long plastic handle with a footbrush mounted just below the sponge tip. The unit includes interchangeable rounded foot sponges and bullet-shaped toe sponges (two of each are included).

Dr Joseph's Original Footbrush

Long handled footbrush with sponge and brush. Contoured 25 inch handle with wrist strap. Lightweight, unbreakable polymer plastic handle. Removable sponge tip for between toe cleaning.

Dr. Joseph's Diabetic Foot Kit

Dr. Joseph's Diabetic Foot Kit is a footbrush and inspection mirror set designed for use by individuals with diabetes and mobility disabilities or arthritis. This kit includes a long-handled brush, an adjustable inspection mirror, two small sponges for cleaning between toes and applying medication, a larger sponge for general cleaning, and a monafilament for testing foot sensation. The assorted sponges, the brush, and the mirror snap on to the long plastic handle. A wrist strap is also included.

Dr. Joseph's Universal Adl Accessories

Dr. Joseph's Universal ADL Accessories are a footbrush, inspection mirror, dressing hook, leg lifter, and shoe horn designed for use by individuals with diabetes and mobility disabilities or arthritis. Designed to provide hygiene, inspection, and care of the lower leg, ankle, and foot, the components are available individually to enable the user to select only those items that are needed. Available components include the universal long handle only, the universal handle with footbrush, a packag

Footmate System

The FootMate System is a suction mounted foot brush and foot massage brush designed for people who are unable to reach their feet to clean them and people with arthritis, back pain, diabetes, foot ulcers and circulatory disabilities. This system has a base with suction cups that can be mounted on the floor or wall of a bath or shower. Footpads on either side ensure that the FootMate stays in place on surfaces where suction cups do not easily adhere. The user rubs his or her foot on the brush so

Happy Feet Shower Brush

The Happy Feet Shower Brush is a foot brush designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities or who have difficulty bending or stretching. The brush is placed on the shower floor and feet are cleansed and massaged as the feet are rubbed across the bristles. The herbal soap in the center creates lather. The brush has an adhesive-back hook to hang the brush on the wall when not in use. The set includes two bars of soap.

Soapy Soles

Soapy Soles is a footbrush designed for use by individuals with arthritis or balance or mobility disabilities. This PVC plastic foot-shaped brush secures to the shower or tub floor with 31 suction cups. Dispensing soap or body wash on the brush enables the 1,500 fingers of the brush to massage and cleanse the foot as it is rubbed on the brush. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 11 x 5 inches. COLOR: Light blue, green, or purple.

Soapy Soles Elite Foot Cleaner & Foot Massager

The Soapy Soles Elite Foot Cleaner & Foot Massager is designed for those individuals with lower extremity disabilities to help them clean their feet. Pad suctions to the floor of a tub or shower.

Toe Washer

The Toe Washer is a long handled sponge designed to aid individuals with mobility disabilities, arthritis, hip replacement, or diabetes to care for their toes. The unit consists of a terry cloth pad covering a wire frame that fits between the toes. Two pads are included. DIMENSIONS: 28 inches long.

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