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AccessMaths is a geometrical drawing program designed to provide a range of input options for students with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. The program can be operated using the keyboard, mouse, track ball, or Concept Keyboard. The program approaches drawing tasks using geometrical principles. The user defines reference points on the screen, such as the ends of lines or the center points of arcs, and the program automatically draws the shape. The program's drawing tools allow the swi

Blocks In Motion

Blocks In Motion is a perceptual training program designed to offer an opportunity to create animated pictures from shapes and colors for persons with cognitive disabilities. This computer program can help to build a variety of skills: (1) creative thinking; (2) manipulation; (3) cause and effect; (4) problem solving; (5) spatial relations; and (6) analytical thinking. It is constructed with manipulative building blocks (circles, squares, triangles and many others) displayed at the top of the sc

Coloring Books

Coloring Books is a drawing program designed for use by individuals with developmental or physical disabilities. Designed to be accessed using a mouse, IntelliKeys (see separate entry), or a switch, the program enables the user to select from as few as four and as many as sixteen colors (the number of colors displayed is user-selectable). Selecting a color fills in the designated area on the screen and the name of each color is announced as it is selected. The completed pictures can be printed.


Dazzle is a drawing and painting program designed for use with cognitive and upper extremity disabilities. Customozable to meet the user's needs and accessible by mouse or touch screen, the program features a configurable tool. The program can also be set to create only simple paintings if desired. Feature and effects buttons can also be added to the tool bar for more detailed creations. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible computers equipped with Windows.


Facepaint is a simple drawing and reading tutorial program designed for use by young children with physical and cognitive disabilities. This program offers a choice of male or female faces in a selection of four skin colors. Non-readers can build faces by choosing from a selection of features on the screen. Early readers can type in words for their choices and watch the faces build. The faces can be printed or saved to disc. If the computer is equipped with a sound recorder, created faces can be


Fresco is a drawing and graphics program designed for use by children with learning and cognitive disabilities. The program offers a choice of media, including crayons, charcoal, pastels, airbrush, and watercolors, as well as a choice of surfaces from plain paper to a variety of canvases. The program also offers experimenting with symmetry and tiling efects, picture brushes for creative effects, multiple paint palettes, realistic effects, repeating patterns, and realistic stencil effects. Fully

Graph-It & Graph-It Pc

Graph-It is a braille graphics program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Available for use with Freedom Scientific braille notetakers (Braille 'N Speak, Type 'N Speak, Braille Lite, or Type Lite; see entries) or IBM and compatible computers, users can use this tactile scientific graphing calculator with an embosser to create braille graphs to enhance higher math comprehension. Standard features include the capability to plot graphs, save them to a file, and emboss

Iveo Hands-On Learning System

The Iveo Hands-on-Learning System is a package containing a tactile graphics display (IVEO Touchpad) and a braille graphics program (IVEO Viewer, IVEO Creator, or IVEO Creator Pro), designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision and their teachers. The system can be used to teach subject such as biology, health, chemistry, astronomy, math, or geography with a combination of touch, sound, and sight. Three versions are available: Iveo Lite, Iveo Creator, and Iveo Creator Plus. Iveo

Kaleidoscope 2

Kaleidoscope 2 is a simple drawing and painting program designed for use by young children with cognitive disabilities. Accessible by mouse, keyboard, or touch screen, the program offers several user levels. At the most basic level, a single mouse click adds color to pictures. At more advanced levels, users can stamp pictures, paint pictures, and create symmetrical kaleidoscope-like pictures. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pentium or better processor

Kid Pix

Kid Pix is a drawing program designed with Ke:nx Easy Overlays in order to provide access for children with physical disabilities who are unable to use a computer keyboard or a mouse. The program features a scanning, speaking highlighter, talking keys and is designed with colorful graphics. OPTIONS: MAC school version and Easy Overlays for alternate keyboard are available.

Kid Pix 2 / Kid Pix Studio

Kid Pix 2 and Kid Pix Studio are drawing programs designed to create multimedia presentations and animated artwork for individuals with a cognitive or physical disability. Students can use the TouchWindow (see separate entry) to access this program which includes a talking alphabet, colorful rubber stamps that can be customized and resized, and a palette of Wacky Brushes. Slide Shows are easy to create, so children of all ages and levels can create multimedia reports, animations with sound effec

Letter Art 9.4 With Braille Translator

Letter Art 9.4 with Braille Translator is a braille graphics program designed as signmaking software for producing Grade 2 Braille for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Letter Art 8.6 is a basic sign making program with three packages to offer. The Base package offers 35 registered trade name fonts and the ability to support printers, plotters, vinyl cutters, engravers, and routers. The Full package also offers fast direct scanning capabilities, automatic welding, unlimited special e

My First Colorforms Computer Fun Set

My First Colorforms Computer Fun Set is a drawing program designed to let children express themselves visually for individuals with a cognitive or physical disability. By placing instantly recognizable, pre-drawn objects on colorful backgrounds, students can create, listen to and interact with their own pictures. The program provides a palette of "stick-ons" from a variety of themes including animals, trees, weather and the alphabet. Students can choose a background, or create their own, and eac

My Pictures Talk

My Pictures Talk is a graphics program designed for use with people with developmental disabilities or autism. The program is for use with the Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The application facilitates the addition of text and audio to pictures and video. These talking photo albums can be used to teach skills and behaviors. Pictures and video can be added by importing from the device’s camera or imported using iTunes software. COMPATIBILITY: For use with the Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Paint Box

Paint Box is a computer software program that tests the ability of students to recognize primary colors, remember those colors, and identify them by using early reading skills. The software uses a game format and can be played by one or two persons. The program was designed to be used in conjunction with the Matchbox 6 Keyboard (see separate entry) configured with snap-on color keycaps. COMPATIBILITY: For use on the Apple IIGS computer. Paint Box software and Matchbox 6 Keyboard hardware are ava

Picturebraille For Windows

PictureBraille for Windows is a braille graphics program designed to produce braille graphics for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The software can be used to produce braille graphics maps, floor plans, science diagrams, graphs of equations, or other images. Images are either drawn free-hand on the screen, using the simple drawing program supplied, or scanned from a document such as a textbook or magazine. Once the image is created, the program converts it to a standard braille file

Print Shop Deluxe

The Print Shop Deluxe is a drawing and graphics program that allows creation of posters, calendars, banners, newsletters, greeting cards, etc. for individuals with a physical disability. The program is touch screen accessible and is designed to work with TouchWindow (see separate entry). There are over 300 graphics and 30 fully scalable typefaces that print in monochrome or color. The program includes type styles, border designs, background patterns, and a library of pictures and symbols. COMPAT


QikTac is a braille graphics program designed for the creation of braille or tactile graphics for individuals who are blind or have low vision. A drawing is first made using a mouse or by tracing and editing a picture using a TagPad (see separate entry). The drawing can then either be embossed using a braille printer, or printed in ink on braille graphics paper (capsule paper), which can then be turned into tactile graphics using a tactile graphics embosser. A Duxbury Braille font is included in

Robocad Pc

Computer aided design software for IBM PC, XT or AT running DOS 2.1 or higher, with 640K RAM, monochrome Hercules Graphics Card, mouse or digitizing tablet. Features automatic constructions, magnetized cursor, polar and cartesian snap grids, a visual index to catalog drawings, flexible "handles" upon which drawing is rotated, and autodimensioning utility measures.

The Emma Pen

The Emma Pen is designed to steady a person with Parkinson's disease's hand and allow them to draw straight lines and write legibly. The Emma intentionally shakes the user’s arm, interrupting the feedback loop that impedes normal movement.

Tiger Software Suite

The Tiger Software Suite (TSS) is a braille translation and tactile graphics program designed for use in the production of Braille and tactile graphics. Text or graphics are inserted within programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel and translated instantly by the software. Braille math translation is also available. Languages supported include English, German, Spanish, Polish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, and Italian The software is available on CD or for download. COMPAT

Tool Factory Painter

Tool Factory Painter is a drawing and graphics program designed for use by children with learning and cognitive disabilities. The program offers a wide range of colors; special effects such as wash, tint, swirl, and ripple; full control of pen and brush size, shape, and density; adjustable shapes, including rectangle, circle, parallelogram, polygons, and stars; the ability to select regular and irregular areas and a crop-to function; symmetry, color cycling, tiling grid, transparency, and clone;

Tool Factory Word Processor

The Tool Factory Word Processor is a voice output word processor program designed for use by children with learning, vision, and cognitive disabilities. The program offers full multimedia support, permitting drag-and-drop entry of photographs, drawings, video, and audio that stay where they are placed. Text and graphics can be rotated simply by dragging. A large library of clip art is included. The built-in voice engine speaks text as it is typed and the built-in spell checker provides speech fe

Tool Factory Workshop

The Tool Factory Word Workshop is a voice output database, word processor program, and spreadsheet program, along with a drawing program designed for use by children with learning, vision, and cognitive disabilities.The program includes the Tool Factory Word Processor, the Tool Factory Spreadsheet, and the Tool Factory Painter (see separate entries), as well as the Tool Factory Database, Tool Factory Administrator, the Tool Factory Bank Manager, and an E-mailer. The suite uses a consistent inter

Voice Ez Cad

VoiceEZcad is a voice input program designed to enable persons with upper extremity disabilities to operate AutoCAD 13/14, a computer aided design program. VoiceEZcad was developed in cooperation with a certified AutoCAD training center/dealer. It allows the user to run AutoCad without using a keyboard or mouse. A printed manual/tutorial is included. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM or compatible computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: DragonDictate; a 300 megahertz (MHz) or faster processor, 128 megabytes


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