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Ground Retention Grid

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Beachrings2 is a ground retention grid system for use on sandy areas to allow access over loose sand by pedestrians, wheelchair or scooter users, and other individuals with special ambulatory requirements. The tile material is made of injection molded Low Density Polyethylene (LPDE) consisting of very strong rings projecting from one side of a flexible grid and perforated membrane layer with slightly raised traction discs. Units can be linked together with integral posts and holes and either per


Grasspave2 is a ground retention grid designed for use on grass to allow wheelchairs and scooters--or motor vehicles up to 80,000 pounds--to traverse lawns and other grassy areas without damaging the turf or restricting wheel motion. The grid consists of thin-walled, independent plastic rings connected by an interlocking geogrid structure at their bottom. The rings are rigid while the grid remains flexible to allow the structure to match uneven terrain. The rings act to transfer loads from the t


Gravelpave2 is a ground retention grid system designed for use on high traffic areas of gravel, small stone, decomposed granite, crushed rock or brick, etc. to allow wheelchairs, scooters, pedestrians, and vehicles to traverse without restricting wheel motion. The grid consists of interconnected plastic rings with a porous fabric backing to retain small aggregate particles. Made of 95 percent recycled post-consumer plastic, the grid is injection molded for uniformity with fabric heat bonded. DIM

Grid System

High density polyethylene grid, that supports and protects grassy areas with heavy pedestrain or wheelchair traffic from erosion and damage. The grid allows grass to grow through the squares and provides a firm surface to walk on or roll a wheelchair without damaging the ground. It allows heavy water run off without erosion. Interlocking 2 by 2.5 foot pieces.


Mobi-Mat is a beach and surface mat designed to make beaches and other outdoor areas accessible to people who use wheelchairs. This lightweight, tri-dimensional polyester matting can be manually installed and removed with little ground preparation and fixed to the ground with stakes or other anchoring devices. The Mobi-Mat has a non-slip surface and is permeable, enabling grass to grow through it. It is delivered in rolls for ease in carrying and positioning. It is environmentally-friendly and c

Safe Guard Playground System

The Safe Guard Playground System is a rubber mat and ground retention grid designed to help eliminate injuries due to falls on playgrounds and to provide an accessible surface for individuals with disabilities. The seamless surface is a blend of rubber granules and polyurethane binder that is poured into place, allowing it to be molded into a variety of shapes and thicknesses. It may be installed over properly prepared hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, wood, tile, or brick, as well as loo

Safety Deck Ii Mat

The Safety Deck II Mat is an accessible lawn or playground surface designed for use by children or adults in wheelchairs. The surface consists of a grid made from recycled rubber tires/PVC. Grass pokes through the holes in the grid, creating a clean, natural grass playground or lawn with wheelchair access, while protecting the grass roots. The surface has its own drainage system, making it ready for play immediately after rain or watering. It can be disassembled and reinstalled in another locati

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