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Bariatric Crutch Hand Grips-Solid

The Bariatric Crutch Hand Grips-Solid are crutch hand grips designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or walking disabilities. These handgrips are used on the manufacturer's model 8130 crutches and are replacement grips for these crutches. The contoured grips are designed to limit rotation and keep the user's hands comfortable. CAPACITY: 1,000 pounds. COLOR: Solid grey.

Blue Terry Walker Hand Grips

Blue Terry Walker Hand Grips are hand grips designed for use by individuals who use walkers. Made from all cotton terry with thick foam padding. Designed to minimize hand discomfort when using a walker. User wraps the hand grip covers around a 1" diameter standard walker handle and secures with the hook-and-loop fasteners. Cushioned handle pads measure 6" x 7". Sold in pairs.

Crutch Handgrips

The Crutch Handgrips are handgrips designed for use on most crutches. These cushioned grips help provide comfort for individuals using ctutches. The grips are washable and persperation resistant.

Crutch Splints For A Quadriplegic Child.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Molded plastic finger splints to allow a quadriplegic child with no active finger motion to hold on to and propel crutches. Describes finger splints and provides a drawing and photographs of how they work. SKILLS REQUIRED: Plastics. AUTHOR: Carter, C TITLE: Crutch Splints for a Quadriplegic Child JOURNAL: American Journal of Occupational Therapy REF: Vol 33 no 8, Aug 1979: p 527-528 PAGES (including cover): 2 1979.

Crutcheze Walker Padded Handgrips

The Crutcheze Walker Padded Handgrips are handgrips for walkers designed for use by individuals who have balance or walking disabilities and others who use walkers. Made of foam premium padding and stretch, anti-bacterial fabric, these contoured pads fit all standard walker handgrips. The padded covers wrap around the walker handles and are held in place by hook and loop closures. The pads are reversible with a design that is sensitive to body weight to alleviate hand stress and sensitive to pre

Easy-Up Handle For Walker

Easy-Up is a handgrip attachment and walker handgrip extension bracket standing aid designed to alleviate discomfort and build greater self-reliance for persons with mobility disabilities. Composed of high impact molded polycarbonate, these standing aids are attached along the sides of a walker and are intended to help users rise from a sitting position without assistance in a variety of places: Chairs, couches, beds, and automobiles. WARRANTY: Three year limited warranty on material and defects

Endurance Crutch Grips

The Endurance Crutch Grips are crutch handgrips designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or walking disabilities. These contoured grips are tapered so that they are smaller at the heel of the hand and larger near the front to keep the hands from slipping forward. DIMENSIONS: Grips fit crutch posts .875 inches in diameter.

Gel Walker Handle Cover

Gel Walker handle covers are designed for individuals who use walkers. The covers can protect users skin and aid in healing existing sores and/or abrasions. Made to fit over the side tubes of all brands of traditional walkers. The pads are OPEN at both ends and are applied over the existing hand grips. These are for walkers that have a mostly straight circular grip like found on bicycles and U shaped walkers. Regardless of the covering on the hand grip - they Velcro over the existing grip. Will

Performance Gel Grips For Crutches

The Performance Gel Grips for Crutches are handgrips designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or walking disabilities. Designed for forearm and underarm crutches, the exterior of the grips are made from pliable black PVC vinyl with a pebbled texture and a shock absorbing gel pad inside. Installation instructions are included. The grips fit crutch posts that are .875 inches in diameter. DIMENSIONS: Gel pad is 0.5 inches thick.

Right Grip

The Right Grip is a crutch handgrip designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, balance, or walking disabilities or carpal tunnel syndrome. This hand grip is ergonomically designed to fit the right and left hand specifically. The Right Grip is intended to reduce pressure and muscle fatigue by keeping the wrist straight and supporting the palmar arch and wrist. It is sold in pairs. COLOR: Gray.

Rolyan Walker Splint (Models A7671 To A7674)

The Rolyan Walker Splint, models A7671 to A7674, are splints designed to help individuals with arthritis and neurological disabilities to securely grasp a walker handle. It features wrist straps for stability and is made from Polyform splinting material with a Kushionflex pad. The splints can be specifically adapted to each user by using a heat gun or hot water. Available for right- or left-handed use. DIMENSIONS: Determined by width of 2nd to 5th metacarpal phalangeals (MCPs). Small/Medium is 3

Walker Hand Grip Pads

The Walker Hand Grip Pads are handgrips for walker designed for use by people with balance, walking, mobility and lower extremity disabilities that use a walker. Made of a combination of polyester and acrylic sheepskin-like fleece, this product includes two pads that wrap around the handgrip of each side of a walker. Other features include 100-percent cotton linings with Grip Dots that prevent the pad from sliding. The pads can be machine washed and dried. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 6.5 x 6.5 inches.

Walker Pegs (Model Es-720)

Walker Pegs, model ES-720, are vertical handgrips suitable for adapting a child's walker to facilitate better posture and walking pattern. The plastic bicycle style handles are installed by drilling 2 holes in the walker's existing handles.

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