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Height Adjustable Sink

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Supreme Modules Adjustable Counters

Supreme Modules Adjustable Counters are accessible counters designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The patented motorized lifting mechanism enables the stovetop or sink to be lowered up to six inches for wheelchair access.The plumbing, electrical system and lifting mechanism are built in to the unit which repaces existing counters. The counter supports up to 250 pounds and can be raised or lowered as needed using the push button on the front of the unit or with the included

Wash Basin Electric Bracket (Model R4928000)

The Wash Basin Electric Bracket, model R4928000, is a bracket to create a height adjustable bathroom sink. It has an electric motor with remote control, and is designed for mounting on a horizontal track. DIMENSIONS: When the bracket is mounted at the recommended height of 470 millimeters, the wash basin's height can be adjusted from 670 to 970 millimeters, measured from the floor to the top edge of the wash basin. The depth is 260 millimeters. COLORS: White, red, dark blue, grey, or turquoise.

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