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Helmet Accessory

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3459 Hard Shell Ear Coverings

The 3459 Hard Shell Ear Covering is an accessory for Danmar protective helmets. The coverings are made of an inner layer of soft ventilated foam and an outer covering of tough polycarbonate plastic. The coverings attach to hard shell helmets and extend down over the ear area. They can be ordered with a new helmet or added to a previously purchased helmet.

3460 Soft Foam Ear Coverings

The 3460 Soft Foam Ear Covering is an accessory for the 9820 Soft Shell Helmet. The coverings are made of soft ventilated 0.5-inch thick foam that extends over the ear openings on a soft shell helmet.

3462 Extra Long Face Guard Modification

The 3462 Extra Llong Face Guard Modification is an accessory for Danmar protective helmets (see separate entries). This guard is a full 1-inch longer than the standard guard, and also has larger eye and mouth openings. The guard is made of clear plastic with foam padding under the chin and around the sides of the face.

3464 Rear Foam Extension

The 3464 Rear Foam Extension is an accessory for Danmar protective helmets designed to provide additional head protection and ventilation. The extension attaches to the rear of the helmet, and is made of vinyl coated shock absorbing foam. DIMENSIONS: Purchaser specifies how far down the foam area should be extended. Available lengths are 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2 and 3 inches. Other lengths are available upon request.

3465 Rear Hard Shell Extension

The 3465 Rear Hard Shell Extension is an accessory for protective helmets designed to provide additional ventilated coverage by extending the foam liner and polyethylene shell. SIZES: Length shell should be extended is specified by the buyer.

3468 Foam Visor

The 3468 Foam Visor is an accessory for protective helmets. This padded visor attaches to the front of the helmet and extends out approximately 3 inches. The visor is made of closed cell foam with vinyl coatingand retains compression resistance.

3469 Quick Release Buckle Chin Strap Top Of Helmet

The 3469 Quick Release Buckle Chin Strap Top of Helmet is an accessory for protective helmets to be used in place of a regular chin strap when frequent attempts to remove the helmet occur. To release the strap, both sides of the buckle need to be squeezed simultaneously. Two styles are available: an under the chin side opening or top of helmet opening.

7637 Cush-In-Pads

The 7637 Cush-in-Pads are helmet accessories made of lightweight, medical grade foam pads that allow for more individualized sizing of helmets. The material absorbs perspiration and may therefore provide a cooler environment within the helmet. These oval shaped pads with adhesive backing are easily positioned, fully washable and dry quickly. Sold in sets of 4. SIZES: Small and Large.

9823 Chin Guard

The 9820 Chin Guard is a helmet accessory made of 1/2-inch shock absorbent, vinyl coated foam. The guard has small openings for ventilation and a chin strap with nylon buckles. This washable accessory attaches to all Danmar soft or hard shell helmets (see separate entries). SIZES: Small or Large. COLOR: Standard colors are pink, royal blue, and casa tan. These custom colors are available for an additional $26: forest green, bright blue, black, baby blue, light almond, silver/gray, maroon, orange

Child Size Ultravisor (Model 1-08171-00)

Designed to protect the eyes of the visually impaired student during training activities performed under black light, a form of ultraviolet light. It provides almost total blockage of ultraviolet light, while permitting visible light to pass through. This allows special fluorescent materials to retain their "glowing" appearance. It is sized for a child and made of white cotton, trimmed in blue with adjustable headband. Ninety-eight percent of the ultraviolet light is blocked by the visor shield

Lightweight Face Mask.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: High impact lightweight face protection mask intended to protect the faces of epileptic and cerebral palsy patients during seizures. Mask is made of fiberglass resin which is mixed with white pigment. Resin is vacuum molded and cured for 6 to 8 hours at room temperature. Excess material is trimmed with saw. Eye and mouth openings are cut out and then sanded. SKILLS REQUIRED: Plastics. TITLE: Lightweight Face Mask JOURNAL: NASA Tech Briefs REF: Summer 1

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