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Hemi Walker

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Adjustable Aluminum Side (Hemi) Folding Walker (Model 4060)

The Adjustable Aluminum Side Folding (Hemi) Walker, model 4060, is designed for use by individuals with one sided weakness such as those having had a stroke. The walker is push-button height-adjustable, has hand grips at two levels, and is equipped equipped with durable, skid-resistant rubber tips. DIMENSIONS: The tubing is 0.75 inch in diameter. Height can be adjusted from 32 inches to 36 inches. CAPACITY: 250 pounds. COLOR: Silver with grey hand grips and tips.

Adjustable Folding Hemi Walker

The Adjustable Folding Hemi Walker is a hemi walker designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities. This height-adjustable, folding, aluminum A-frame style walker is designed for use with one hand and provides more support than a quad cane, but less than a full-sized walker. DIMENSIONS: Adjusts from 30 to 34 inches high. CAPACITY:300 pounds.

Bariatric Side Stepper (Model 850)

The Bariatric Side Stepper, model 850, is a hemi walker designed for use by individuals with walking, lower extremity, or balance disabilities. This non-folding bi-level walking aid also provides assistance in rising or sitting by providing handgrips on two levels. This aluminum walker is designed for one-handed use and has tube-in-tube construction for added strength. DIMENSIONS: The height adjusts from 32.75 to 35.75 inches high (accommodates users 5 feet, 3 inches to 6 feet tall). CAPACITY: 5

Deluxe Side Walker (Model 2600)

Folding hemi walker, adjustable height. Provides more support than quad cane, but less support than a walker. Heavy wall anodized aluminum tubing, secured by aircraft type rivets. Tubular link folding mechanism for pinch free opening and closing. Nonskid reinforced rubber tips and handgrips. Adjustable height 30 1/4 to 34 1/4 inches.

Folding Hemi Walker

The Folding Hemi Walker is a hemi walker designed for use by individuals with the use of only one arm or hand. This walker folds flat for compact storage. DIMENSION (HxDxW): 30 x 18 x 12 inches. The height adjusts from 30 to 34 inches in 1-inch increments. The maximum base width is 19.25 inches. CAPACITY: 300 pounds. WEIGHT: 3 pounds 7 ounces.

Roll-A-Bout (Models Ra-250, Hd-400, Hdt-300, Hdt-400, Atv-250, Atv-400)

The Roll-A-Bout is a hemi walker designed for youth and adults with walking disabilities. It can be used in place of crutches by those with injuries below the knee, or those with multiple injuries who are unable to use crutches. The lightweight Roll-A-Bout has four wheels and a platform on which to rest the injured leg. Foam cushions on the platform support the knee and ankle, and ensure that no pressure will be exerted on the lower leg. The wheels are offset in the direction of the injury to


The Walkabout is an adjustable cane designed for use by adults and children with lower extremity, mobility, walking, or balance disabilities. This walker-cane hybrid offers several configurations that allow it to be used as a one-handed or two-handed cane placed in front of the user, a stair climbing cane, or a hemi walker on either side of the user. The user also can use the Walkabout to rest against or to assist in standing up or sitting down. The frame is made of airplane grade aluminum and h

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