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High Side Dish

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30-Degree Slope Bowl

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a bowl that slopes to be easily used by individuals who have upper extremity or fine motor disabilities, such as trembling hands, or arthritis. The 30-degree Slope is a bowl specifically designed for individuals with trembling hands who have difficulty holding a cup and saucer with a steady hand. The bowl is designed to tilt at a 30-degree angle so that an individual can access the contents of the bowl without having to worry about hand

Freedom Dinnerware Soup Bowl

The Freedom Dinnerware Soup Bowl is a non-skid bowl designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or eating disabilities. The bowl is high sided and screws onto the Freedom Pad. Users can free themselves with no danger of the bowl moving or tipping over. It comes complete with the removable non-skid, no-spill vacuum pad. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 1.75 x 6 inches. COLOR: White.

Hi Lo Dish (Model Pc 1429)

The Hi-Lo Dish, model PC 1429, is a high side dish designed to keep food on the plate and to assist persons with upper extremity disabilities in guiding the food on to utensils. The melamine plastic dish features non-skid feet on the base and is dishwasher safe. DIMENSIONS: The dish is 7.75 in diameter. The entry wall is .5 inch high and one-half of the dish is surrounded by a 1.75 inch high vertical wall.

High Sided Divided Dish (Model 1432)

The High Sided Divided Dish, model 1432, is a high side dish designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Features include a lid and section dividers with high sides for easy scooping. The dish is freezer-to microwave safe and also dish washable at top rack level. DIMENSIONS: The dish is 10 inches in diameter. The sides are 1.75 inches high and the section dividers are 7/8 inches high.

High-Sided Dish (Model 1430)

The High-Sided Dish, model 1430, is a high side dish designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Made of Melanie plastic this dish features high walls to aid in pushing food on utensils and a non-skid bottom surface to prevent plate from slipping. DIMENSIONS: 7.75 inches in diameter with 1.75 inch sides.

Spillproof Bowls Set Of Two

This set of two spill-proof bowls is designed for those with limited mobility. The bowls are designed in a way so that whatever is inside the bowl does not spill out of the bowl. The curved inner edge directs food back into the bowl or onto the user’s utensil.

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