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Jar Holder

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Jar & Bottle Holder (Model Ha-4290)

The Jar & Bottle Holder, HA-4290, is a jar and bottle holder and opener designed for use by individuals with use of one hand, arthritis, or upper extremity disabilities. This device sits over the edge of a counter and the jar or bottle is placed in its V section. The sliding section is then pushed in with the hip or stomach, leaving the hand(s) free to remove the lid.

Jar Holder Lends A Hand.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to hold a screw- top container firmly in place so it can be opened with one hand. Bottle holder can be made of 1 inch thick wood. The base is about 6 inches wide, and long enough to slightly overlap the end of the kitchen counter, with crosspiece reinforcements on each end. This has a beveled slot ending in an inverted V into which slides a tongue with a W shaped end and a convex outer portion which the user leans against to provide leverage. In

Multipurpose Kitchen Board

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a multipurpose kitchen board for individuals with grasping disabilities or who are one-handed. The Multipurpose Kitchen Board is designed to assist people with use of only one hand in the kitchen with food preparation tasks such as holding items in place while cutting and opening jars and bottles. The prototype is a cutting mat with a plastic enclosure that has an adjustable arm that can be locked onto either side of the board and at any

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