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One Hand Keyboard Interface

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Bat Keyboards

BAT Keyboards are one hand keyboard interfaces designed to emulate all the functions of a standard computer keyboard. The system consists of two seven-key keyboards which are angled and have palm rests. The keyboards are capable of entering all the functions and characters of the traditional QWERTY keyboard and more. Letters, characters, and symbols are selected by pressing a combination of keys, similar to chords on a piano. One or two hands can be used to enter data. The user can assign chords

DecaTxt One-Handed BLE Keyboard

The DecaTxt One-Handed BLE Keyboard is a one-handed keyboard designed for use by individuals with the use of only one hand or who have limited reach or muscle control. The Bluetooth low energy one-handed keyboard with ten keys that uses simple chords to provide all standard keystrokes. It is roughly the size and shape of a deck of cards and is designed to be used with either hand. Keys are placed such that any finger can press up to two keys and the combination of keys result in keystrokes. Deca

Diy Wireless Typing Glove

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a wireless typing glove for individuals who type on a smartphone or computer one-handed and individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. (Generally Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist) is a do-it-yourself wireless typing glove that was developed by a pair of former design students and is in the beta stage of development. G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. allows users to type on any smartphone

Gauntlet Glove Keyboard

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a keyboard alternative for individuals who have the use of only one hand or have fine motor disabilities in one hand. Gauntlet, or the Generally Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist, is a smart glove device that features built-in wireless keyboard functionality. This device looks like a black glove with letters placed in between joints of each finger. The user types by using the thumb to touch the desired let

Half-Qwerty One-Handed And Two-Handed Keyboard

The Half-Qwerty One-Handed and Two-Handed Keyboard is a one-handed keyboard designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand, hemiplegia, carpal tunnel syndrome on one side, and other disabilities of the hand. This keyboard can also be used in conjunction with a braille dispaly by people with blindness or low vision. This full keyboard has a standard QWERTY layout that allows one-handed typing with either hand as well as standard two-handed typing. For one-handed typing, the user places

Half-Qwerty One-Handed Keyboard Software

The Half-QWERTY One-handed Keyboard Software is a one-hand keyboard modification program designed to allow a standard keyboard to also function as a one-handed keyboard, using a technique similar to two-handed touch typing. The user types with one hand in the standard home-row position for that hand. To type characters of the other hand, the user simply holds down the space bar and performs the finger movement previously performed by the other hand. Hitting the space bar only generates a space.

It Types

it Types is a compact keyboard and a one-handed keyboard interface designed for use by individuals with the use of only one hand or who have limited reach or muscle control. This device can be operated with one or two hands. It has only 10 keys, and it types letters, numbers and symbols. The it Types also supports the "Control" and "Alt" keys to allow for operation of a computer’s functionality. Each key acts as a "shift" key to create nine other options once one key is pressed and a tenth op

Maltron Single Left And Right Handed Keyboard

The Maltron Single Left and Right Handed Keyboards are modified keyboards specifically designed for one-handed operation. These Plug-n-Play keyboards have a sculptured shape to provide key heights suited to finger lengths to reduce fatigue and increase speed and accuracy. The letter layout has been developed to meet the special needs of single-handed operation and incorporates push-on/off keys for Control, Shift, and Alt functions. The alphabet, numeric, and arrow keys are all included in the de

Matias Half Keyboard

The Matias Half Keyboard is a modified keyboard designed for people with one hand to type with one hand using their existing touch-typing skills.The compact half keyboard is a one-handed version of the standard desktop keyboard. Full-size, high-quality laptop-style keys for excellent typing comfort and speed. USB keyboard is the left half only and allows typer to touch-type with their left hand, which can produce all the letters normally typed by the right hand using the half keyboard technology

Twiddler, The (Model Hkt-35)

The Twiddler is a 5-inch long pocket-sized mouse pointer and full-function keyboard in a single unit that can be used with either the right or left hand. The unit is equipped with a 6-foot cord and will work as far as 50 feet away from the computer. This combination unit is good for individuals who do computer work from a bed, one-handed individuals, or individuals with difficulties accessing a keyboard and a mouse. The Twiddler has three rows of keys on the front surface. Each row is designated

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