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Knee Extension Orthosis

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Ada Canadian Knee Extension Orthosis

The Canadian Knee Orthosis is a knee orthosis designed for use by individuals with lower extremity orthopedic or neurological disabilities. Designed as a knee orthosis for active serial treatment of knee flexion contractures and designed for non-ambulatory use, this brace applies a steady extension force through the knee pad and is adjusted by simply snugging the straps. Cuffs, bars, and pads are easily interchanged to allow for cleaning and individual sizing. SIZES: Child, juniot, small, medium

Dynafoam Knee Extension Tubes (Models 1132 To 1135)

The Dynafoam Knee Extension Tubes ##1132 - ##1135 are leg positioners and flexion contracture splints made of lightweight open-cell foam. The tubular design utilizes the dynamic properties of the foam to extend gradually, yet effectively. These tubes fit from midthigh to ankle to promote knee extension. Each splint has 3 Velcro cinch strap closures to secure it to the limb. The tubes may be washed or autoclaved, and the foam can be adapted with a razor blade or scissors. An optional tapered poly

Incredibrace Knee Support

The Incredibrace knee support is designed for a young adult to adult with arthritis or other disabilities which affect the knee joint. The Incredibrace is made out of soft and stretchy material and fits snugly around the knee, from mid-thigh to upper-calf. The Incredibrace is retains heat around muscles, helps promote blood flow and healing. It is made from germanium fiber, bamboo charcoal, and spandex. Is machine washable. SIZES/MEASUREMENTS: Measure around the kneecap: Medium is 12 inches to 1

Magnetic Therapy Knee Strap

The Magnetic therapy knee strap is designed for use by individuals who have any type of disability that prevents full use of the knee and/or a disability which makes it difficult to walk/stand/run because of the kneecap. Magnets are tucked inside the soft, faux calfskin. It provides focused pressure which supports the patella or the kneecap. It is lightweight and undetectable under clothing.

Orthocare Modular Dynamic Knee Extender

The Orthocare Modular Dynamic Knee Extender is a knee extension orthosis and flexion contracture splint with a 3-point pressure system consisting of 2 posterior cuffs, one behind the thigh and one behind the calf, connected by adjustable length aluminum side bars and connected to a knee pad by leather straps. The cuffs are made of ABS plastic and are flanged and padded to help prevent pressure sores and swivel to distribute pressure evenly. The aluminum side bars are pre-drilled for length adjus

Rolyan Progressive Elbow / Knee Splint

The Rolyan Progressive Elbow/ Knee Splint is a elbow or knee extension orthosis designed for use by individuals mild to moderate spasticity or with contractures resulting from arthritis, Alzheimer's Disease, dimentia, Parkinson's disease, or osteoporosis. This soft splint provides comfortable positioning with secure support while gently increasing range of motion of the knee or elbow. This splint features D-ring hook-and-loop straps and it can be trimmed to fit.

Theratogs Ultra Lower Extremity System (Models Gle201, Gle301, Gle401, Gle601, Gle611, Gle621, Gle701, Gle711, Gle721 & Gle731)

The TheraTogs ULTRA Lower Extremity System, models GLE201, GLE301, GLE401, GLE601, GLE611, GLE621, GLE701, GLE711, GLE721 AND GLE731, is a knee extension orthosis, knee ankle foot orthosis, and an above knee training orthosis system designed for use by children and adults who have alignment and functional deviations of the knee joints, developing femurs, and hip joints as well as balance, walking, neuromuscular and lower extremity disabilities. It is made with GoldTone material that has stretch,

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