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Knob Turner

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Built-Up Knob

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable individuals with arthritis or grasping disabilities to turn knobs. Included in a chapter entitled "Living Room & Leisure Activities," this article provides detailed instructions for building up a knob. Purchase epoxy putty at a hardware store and break off a small amount of each of the two colors. Knead the two colors together to a uniform color and mold it around the knob. Allow the putty to harden at room temperature. . MATERIALS: Epoxy putty.TIT

Device To Assist In Reaching Stove Knob

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with mobility and upper extremity disabilities to safey access the knobs located on a panel above and behind the burners of a stove. A device was created using a piece of standard PVC pipe with a stopper at one end and a thread at the other end which fits precisely over the splines on the stove knobs. To make the thread, a piece of brass was machined on a lathe to match the knob profile. Twenty-four splines to match the knob were then machined

E Z Open Door Lever Adaptor

The E Z Open Door Lever Adaptor is designed for users who can't grasp properly or who have muscle deterioration symptoms to allow users to open doors without any force. The 3D printable device is compatible with a common Qwikset 1.875 inch (47.6 millimeter) diameter round door knob.

Etac Uni Universal Turner

The Etac Uni Universal Turner is a knob turner designed for use on a variety of knobs by persons with upper extremity disabilities. The turner features flexible plastic prongs that conform to the shape of the knob, enabling the device to be used on most sinks, stoves, washing machines, dryers, radiators, and other appliances. 

Heater Control Aid

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with rheumatoid arthritis to operate the controls of a space heater. The heater is operated by turning a small rotatiting knob. A wooden tool with a handle and a rectangular hole in the center was fashioned. The user places the hole over the knob and operates it by pushing the tool to one side or the other. TITLE: Independence at Home. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volume 26, Number 2, July 2006: p. 8-9. PAGES: 3 (including cover).

Knob Turner

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To make stove knobs easier and safer to operate for individuals with neurological disabilities or arthritis. A slot is cut in a piece of 1.25-inch round molding, enabling it to fit over the protrusion of the knob. A 0.25-inch round, 1.5-inch long dowel rod is attached, then fitted with a 0.5-inch dowel to make a T-shaped handle. AUTHOR: Wechsler, K. TITLE: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: Quest. WEB SITE: http://www.mda.org/publications/Quest/q113diy.html. REF: Vol.

Knob Turner.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Intended to facilitate turning knobs when range or strength is limited. Illustrates two knob turners to be made according to the type of knob. One is a dowel with a U shaped piece of metal fastened into one end. The other is two dowels fastened together to make a T shaped handle, fastened to a larger in diameter dowel with a wide cut in the bottom end to grip knobs with a raised horizontal finger grip. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Independence

Lamp Switch Extension Lever (Model 6386)

The Lamp Switch Extension Lever, model 6386, is a knob turner for use on table lamps by persons with grasping disabilities. The lever has three spokes and can be operated from any direction. It fits most lamp threads. Latex free.

Range Knob Turner

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To enable individuals with arthritis, fine motor disabilities or grasping disabilities to turn a stove on and off. To adapt existing knobs, drill two small holes in the stove knob and in a short dowel. Line up the holes in the dowel with the holes in the knobs and secure the dowel with screws. A similar effect can be achieved by drilling a quarter-inch hole through the knob and inserting a short quarter-inch diameter dowel in the hole. MATERIALS: Dowel. TOOLS: Drill.

Stove Knob Turner, Long (Model 16K023)

The Stove Knob Turner, Long, model 16K023, is a knob turner designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, arthritis, grasping or fine motor disabilities, or limited hand strength. This stove knob turner features a lightweight scratch free aluminum rod with a long handle that aids the user in grasping and turning stove knobs or reaching over hot pots.

Swedish Tap Turner (Model 16K037A)

The Swedish Tap Turner, model 16K037A, is a multi-pin tap and knob turner designed for use by individuals with arthritis, grasping disabilities, or limited grip strength. This device features a large handle and multiple nylon pins on the face to grasp many shapes of taps and knobs. The device is made of plastic.

Tap Turner (Model 16K025)

The Tap Turner, model 16K025, is a tap turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength. This device clamps onto a water tap or a door knob to convert knobs that are difficult to turn into levers. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches (6 centimeters) diameter.

The Gripper (Model 16L003A)

The Gripper, model 18L003A, is a knob turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength. This indoor/outdoor gripper fits over existing handles such as spigots and other hard-to-turn handles. It comes with two separate grip locks making it compatible with most valve and spigot handles. The device also features red and blue indicator caps that aid in identifying hot and cold valves in the laundry area.

Twist Knob Device.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to allow a person with difficulty manipulating small objects to deal with small knobs which must be pushed and turned. Manipulating device made of a length of broomstick or dowel drilled and countersunk at one end to take a baby bottle nipple, which is glued inside. This is pushed against the knob which can then be turned. A smaller piece of dowel can be pushed into a hole drilled through the other end of the broomstick to provide more of a grip

Universal Turner

The Universal Turner "Pigge" is a knob and tap turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities or arthritis. The device consists of a unit with retractable stainless steel pins attached to an L-shaped, latex-free plastic handle to increase turning leverage.When pressed against an irregularly-shaped item, knob or control, such as keys, dead bolts faucets, or stove controls, the retractable pins conform to and grip the object to be turned. The handle provides turnin

Universal Turning Handle

Universal Turning Handle is designed to make tasks, such as turning on taps, opening/locking doors, turning stove knobs, dishwasher, or washing machine dials, easier. It is designed to be used by individuals with arthritis. It has a handled that allows the user to grip with both hands if leverage is needed on hard to turn knobs.  

Washing Machine Knob Turner

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To enable an individual with upper extremity disabilities to set and turn on the washing machine. A piece of transparen Lexan was cut into a rectangle and the center was cut-out, creating a frame-style device. The device fits over the knob and is held in place with a hose clamp. This enables the user to turn the knob while still being able to read the printed settings around it. DIMENSIONS: The Lexan is 19 millimeters thick. TITLE: Opening Gambit. JOURNAL: TAD Journa

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