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Address: Earth, Large Format Color Atlas, Section One( Model 1-01910-00)

Address: Earth, Large Format Color Atlas, Section One is an Atlas designed for individuals with low vision.This atlas meets 70 specific readability guidelines for users with low vision.Section One covers: Earth Features, North America, South and Far East Asia, plus the Indian Subcontinent. Other sections of the atlas will be announced as they are available.

Large Type Outline Maps (Models 1-01890-00 Through 1-01901-00)

Large Type Outline Maps, models 00-01890-00 through 00-01901-00, are large print maps of the United States and its regions designed for use by individuals with low vision. They are inexpensive and consumable, so teachers can mark them appropriately for the lessons of the day. There are ten different types of maps printed in black ink on nonglare antique ivory paper. One map is of the 48 continguous states with border regions of Mexico and Canada. Another map is an overview map which depicts all

Relief Map for Dark Use

Relief Map for Dark Use is a map designed for individuals with low vision. Relief map of the continental U.S. with elevations that are exaggerated 20 times. Ocean floors are incised with latitude and longitude lines. This plastic map uses high-contrast paint to depict water areas as blue and land surfaces as yellow and brown.

World at Your Fingers( Model 1-01190-00)

World at Your Fingers is a map designed for individuals with low vision.  World At Your Fingers features a large tactile reference map showing the major oceans and land masses of the Earth using high-contrast raised surfaces, braille and print labels, and textured lines and areas. It also shows major mountain ranges, rivers, and lines of longitude and latitude. This product also includes four additional maps: Embossed world map, Raised-line world map, Antarctica map, and Sinusoidal map.

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