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Braille / Print Protractor (Model 1-04115-00)

The Braille/Print Protractor, model 1-04115-00, is a braille and large print protractor designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This 180- degree half circle protractor has bold large type numbers and braille dots to mark the degrees. Two braille dots mark ten-degree increments, while a single braille dot marks the five-degree increments. This protractor features a "wand," a long, flat piece which is pointed at one end and anchored on a pivot at the center of the protra

Braille-Large Print Protractor

Bold large print numbers and raised dots mark the 180 degrees of this protractor. This protractor features a pivoting wand. When aligned with a certain degree measurement, the corresponding angle is created by the wand and the bottom edge of the protractor. Includes print and braille instructions.

Parent Category: Math Aids

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