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Black & Decker Ergo Mixer

The Black & Decker Ergo Mixer is an electric mixer designed for use by individuals with arthritis and other disabilities of the hand. This lightweight five-speed mixer features an ergonomically-designed handle for easier grasping. A spatula attachment is included along with the standard beaters.

Bowl Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Holder to anchor bowl for stirring or mixing. Hole is cut in piece of plywood large enough for bowl to rest in without tipping; this piece of board is attached to two other boards which serve as legs. COMMENTS: Adding a thin strip of rubber to inside of cutout and on bottom of supports will make unit steadier. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Garee, B TITLE: Single Handed Devices and Aids for One Handers and Sources of These Devices REF: Bloomingt

Braun Multipractic Hand Blender

Hand held blender with large button on handle. Requires one hand to operate by squeezing the handle to start operation. Beaker included or other containers can be used. Easy to clean.

Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale

Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale is designed to measure, mix and pour with all-in-one bowl. This mixing bowl is ideal for individuals with limited upper extremity mobility, strength and endurance. The Escali Taso Mixing Bowl measures anything by weight or liquids such as milk, water, oil, flour and sugar by volume. The removable 2 quart mixing bowl is dishwasher safe. It features rubber feet to protect counter tops and provide a stable measurement. POWER: AAA Batteries included, Automat

Knead Helper

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a bowl that transforms to assist individuals with hand ailments and arthritis to knead dough without a bulky electric mixer. The bowl is two pieces: a silicone insert and the break-away base that unfolds. After mixing all the dough ingredients, tip the dough out of the silicone insert and place on the base of the unfolded bowl. Next, use the sides of the bowl to knead the dough, preventing finger and wrist pain. TITLE: Knead Helper – Hel

Mixing Bowl Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to hold a mixing bowl in place. Bowl steadier made of a square of 3/4 inch wood with a hole the size of the bowl lined with rubber, and legs made of small blocks of wood with rubber glued on the bottom to prevent slipping. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Independence Factory TITLE: How to Make it Cheap Manual: Volume 2 REF: Middletown, Ohio: Independence Factory: p 9 NARIC CALL NUMBER: R1182 PAGES (including cover): 2 1980.

Mixing Bowl With Handle (Model 729)

Stainless steel mixing bowl with handle has easy pour spout, and high straight sides. 3 quart capacity.

Push Whisk

The Push Whisk is a whisk designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This push whisk is good for those with hand function weakness as there is no need to grasp the handle. The whisk is activated by pushing down on the top of the handle. The base of the whisk then rotates allowing you to whisk eggs, froth milk, mix milkshakes and more.

Support De Bol

The Support De Bol is designed for use by individuals with use of one hand or with upper extremity spacity, tremors, or disabilities. The device allows the user to grab and tilt their bowl with one hand. This makes it easier for the user to grab a spoon and eat at the same time.

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