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Molded Seating System Kit

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Cpsc Foam In Place Seating Kit (Model Fp O1)

Casting frame and kit, model FP 01, allow custom molding of seat and/or back cushions on site. Foam is 2 part liquid Sunmate in soft, medium, or firm density. Casted cushions can be finished by trimming to fit and installing in modular plastic shells with lycra cover. Or cushions can be sent back to CPSC for vinyl covering and installation in shell. Shells available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 inch widths, any seat depth or back height. Full insert shell available with 90, 105, 120, 135 degree seat to

Invacare Contouru

The Invacare ContourU is a molded seating system kit designed for use in wheelchairs. These seat and back cushions are made by utilizing a simulator and molding bags to capture the shape of the individual. This system provides optimum positioning while accommodating complex orthopedic deformities and tone. Support surfaces are built into the cushion and multiple finshing options, including naked foam with removable cocver, vacuformed vinyl, pelvic strap notches, and undercuts are available.

Invacare Silhouette

The Invacare Silhouette is a molded seating system kit designed for use in wheelchairs. This seating system is created by utilizing shape-sensor technology to capture the precise shape of the user's body. Computer-assisted manufacturing produces a custom-contoured cushion in a choice of soft or firm foam for maximum pressure reduction and stability.

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating And Positioning

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning are custom wheelchair back and seat supports designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This system offers offers total body contouring and wheelchair backs is light and strong, making custom wheelchair seating and positioning quicker and easier. The Pro Forma Matrix can be fitted to a wide range of users as preformed Direct Wheelchair Backs or Full Body Wheelchair Seating. The Pro Forma Matrix is supplied as rectangular sheets, pre-f

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