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Mounting Clamp for Accessories

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The ADALAP is a lap desk designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. The basic unit includes the base and pole with a top plate with a Velcro loop. Made from lightweight anodized aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners, the unit has a base that slides right under the wheelchair seat cushion. Height adjustment is accomplished with a quick-release clamp.OPTIONS: Fresh or salt water fishing rod holder; Snap Lap Desk; Lap Shopper shopping basket; lap tray; accessory mount for camera,

Adjustable Wheelchair Clamp

The Adjustable Wheelchair Clamp is designed for individuals who use a wheelchair for mobility. The wheelchair clamp is a multidirectional clamp that can be secured to a wheelchair for positioning of an umbrella or other small item such as a small flag. When not in use the clamp can be folded flush to the back of the wheelchair. DIMENSIONS: Length 50 centimeters. COLOR: Black and silver. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Backpack Retriever

The Backpack Retriever is a wheelchair back pouch access aid designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This device brings a backpack from behind the chair to within reach of the user with a click of a button. Without increasing the overall dimensions of the wheelchair, the unit is aesthetically designed to fit most power wheelchairs and does not interfere with accessibility through doorways. The patented linkage mechanism enables the device to be used in close or confined areas such a

Bogen Multi Position Support Arm & Super Clamp

The Bogen Multi-position Support Arm and Super Clamp are mounting hardware for communicators and other accessories designed to be mounted to a table or wheelchair. The Support Arm has a fully articulated arm (three universal joints) with 90 degree pivotable and 360 degree rotatable ends, and an elbow that rotates 360 degrees. The adjustable, one-control handle located at the elbow joints locks all three joints firmly. The arm can be mounted permanently, or used with the Super Clamp. The Super Cl

Crutch Carrier

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized crutch carrier for a scooter used by person with post-polio syndrome. This device is created by cutting two 30 centimeter lengths of PVC tubing that are large enough in diameter to accommodate the lower part of the crutches while holding them firmly in position. Two tube clips are used to hold each piece of tubing in place, and are screwed through into the frame of the scooter seat back. TITLE: Carrying Crutches. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volu

Daessy Desktop Mount (Model Ddm-1)

The Daessy Desktop Mount, model DDM-1, is a mounting clamp designed to hold a communication device for individuals who have physical disabilities and use a communication device. The desktop mount provides a stable, hands-free support for any flat surface. It is ideal for individuals who have limited upper limb mobility. The stand comes with the Quick Release Mount, which holds the device firmly yet allows you to remove it with just a flip of a lever.

Direct Mount Clamp (Model 247-Dm100)

The Direct Mount Clamp, model 247-DM100, is lapboard mounting hardware designed specifically for attaching the MYDESC desktop lapboards (see separate entries) to wheelchairs without armrests or without removable armrests. This metal clamp block has a tightening knob for use with tube framing from 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter. The device can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and also features an 0.83-inch cylinder slot to mount the lapboard, or umbrellas, directly onto the wheelcha

Figure-8 Clamp (Models 32310 & 32310B)

The Figure-8 Clamp is a seating hardware and a mounting clamp for accessories designed for use with wheelchairs. The two-part clamp is used to attach controls, accessories, and other devices to wheelchairs. One side of the clamp accommodates .75-inch tubing and the other side accommodates 7/8 inch tubing. Deep-set cap screws are used to tighten clamp around tubing. Set screws can provide additional mounting stability. COLOR: Model 32310B comes in black. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this p

Iadapter Device Adapter

This device adapter is meant to attach iPads or other tablet devices to wheelchairs. It is meant to work with the RJ Cooper & Associates' Magic Arm, Articulating Arm and Mini-Arm. The adapter attaches to the back of the iPad or tablet with heavy-duty Velcro.

Miller's Mounting Hardware Components

The Miller's Mounting Hardware Components are designed for affixing wheelchair accessories to solid seat and back panels or to 7/8 and 1 inch wheelchair frame tubing. Fixed, swingaway, and adjustable type clamps and brackets are available. COLOR: Silver or black chrome finish.

Ne-At Quick Release Mini Trap Assembly

The NE-AT Quick Release Mini Trap Assembly is a a wheelchair mounting bracket that can support an armrest, a drink holder, a tray, or a laptop computer mount. This small, strong quick-release bracket comes in two versions, angle adjustable or not angle adjustable, and it has optional locking pins. DIMENSIONS: 2 x 2 x 0.75 inches.

Orthocare Frame Mounting Block (Model 3042)

The Orthocare Frame Mounting Block ##3042 is a mounting clamp accessory that attaches Orthocare arm supports or positioning orthoses (see separate entries) to wheelchair arms. The block secures to the wheelchair arm with two bolts to grip the tubing, and has two screw holes for orthosis attachment.

Quik Mount (Model M1015)

The Quik Mount, model M1015 is a mounting clamp designed for attaching head supports to wheelchairs. This bracket provides a quick and easy way for clinicians to attach head supports to wheelchairs for evaluation purposes. It can also be used on chairs that have sling style back upholstery.

Rockstar Guitar Stand

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a customized guitar stand that attaches to a wheelchair for an adult male with cerebral palsy. The Rockstar guitar stand provides a safe and durable attachment for the user’s wheelchair which supports his electric guitar and keyboard. The device attaches to the armrest supports of the wheelchair and allows for adjustment of the guitar platform to the most comfortable position for the user. When brainstorming design ideas it was decided that

Slim Armstrong Mounting System

The Slim Armstrong Mounting System is a mounting system for communication devices or switches that can be attached to wheelchairs, bed frames, tables or trays for activities at home, school, work and in the community. The device has a slender, telescoping arm that holds up to 5 pounds. The system includes the following components: a clamp for anchoring on most curved or flat surfaces, a ball joint, a flexor rod with built-in ball joint, a telescoping arm, and a small triangular mounting plate. T

Super Clamp

The Super Clamp is a mounting clamp for accessories designed to attach to wheelchair arms or any other kind of frame. The jaws of the clamp open up to a maximum of two inches wide. The clamp has a receptacle to screw into photographic or other equipment. The device is made of cast alloy with a high strength to weight ratio. The jaws are friction lined and screw operated. The clamp has a special detent operated safety lock that holds accessories in place even if the locking mechanism is not tight

Support Fixture For Powered Wheelchair

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a support fixture for a powered wheelchair for a woman with a progressive neurological disorder to travel independently away from the hospital with all her required medical pumps and support devices. This young woman is dependent on getting her food and medications through pumps attached to her powered wheelchair by a customized bracket. As her medical needs have increased she needed three additional pumps to meet her needs, but the bulk an

Switch Mounting Kit (Models Smt & Smw-1)

The Switch Mounting Kit for Tables, model SMT, and Switch Mounting Kit for Wheelchairs SMW-1, are control switch accessories for mounting switches in a variety of locations. Model SMT is designed for use on tables or table-like surface, and model SMW-1 is designed for use with wheelchairs. The Switch Mounting Kit for Tables includes a gooseneck, tilt-top switch mounts, and an adapter bracket to fasten it to tables or shelves. The Switch Mounting Kit for Wheelchairs has a tubular bracket for clam

Uclamp Bundle (Wheelchair Umbrella Attachment Device)

The uClamp Bundle is a mounting clamp for wheelchair accessories designed for use by wheelchair users. The height-adjustable uClamp and extension pole enables the wheelchair user to have an umbrella attached to the clamp which, in turn, is fixed to either the frame of the arm or back section of a wheelchair or mobility vehicle. Each uClamp set comprises two clamps that work independently of each other. Both clamps are held together by a spindle and two tightening knobs, one at each end. Each ti

Universal Arm Mount (Model 347-Ua503)

The Universal Arm Mount, model 347-UA503, is a mounting clamp for wheelchair accessories designed specifically for attachment of the MYDESC EZ-Removable Arm (see separate entry). This metal clamp block can be used with wheelchair tubing from 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter, and provides a 0.78 inch cylinder slot for mounting the EZ-Removable Arm directly to the wheelchair frame. The clamp may be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

Utility Clamp For Wheelchair Accessories (Model H70673)

The Utility Clamp for Wheelchair Accessories, model H70673, is a mounting clamp that attaches to the frame of wheelchairs 7/8-inch in diameter. A thumb screw holds the clamp securely. A parallel hole accepts a 3/8-inch diameter rod, and the set screw is turned with a knurled knob. The clamp is made of ABS plastic.


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