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Mouse Pad

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3M Leatherette Mousepad Wristrest

The 3M Leatherette Mousepad Wristrest allows gel to conform to the wrist and neutralize wrist posture. The rest also features anti-microbial product protection, which inhibits growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, that can cause stains, odors and product degradation. Additionally, the mousing surface improves the tracking of optical mice and extends battery life of wireless mice up to 75 percent.

Egg Ergo Mousepad

The Egg Ergo Mousepad is a mousepad that is designed to prevent physical discomfort and feels warm to the touch. Its egg shape follows the natural mousing pattern so that the user's mouse stays on the mat. Features an antibacterial as well as smooth surface that provides accurate mouse control.

Glide-Well Mouse Mat

The Glide-Well Mouse Mat is a mouse pad designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. It provides a visual reminder of good posture and ensures the ability to allocate the right amount of work space so as to get the most out of your AirO2bic™ (8.5 X 10.75 inches) by encouraging the individual to use, so move, your upper arm that helps maintain your circulation when in a static posture.

Goldtouch Gel Filled Mousing Platform

The Goldtouch Gel Filled Mousing Platform is a mouse pad designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. This mouse pad allows the user to mouse in greater comfort with less risk of contact stress on the nerves in the lower hand and wrist. When using a standard or vertical mouse, the unit's soft gel protects the wrist and hand from otherwise contacting a harder work surface. Its gentle slope and curvature help the user achieve a more neutral posture and keep the mouse on a similar p


The MouseMattress is an ergonomically designed mouse pad, designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome, upper extremity disabilities, and wrist, arm, neck and lower back pain. The MouseMattress is a mouse pad with an anti-slip conforming concavity, which fits over the user's thigh, eliminating the need to lean forward and reach for the mouse. It is designed to reduce fatigue to the wrist, arm, shoulder, neck and lower back and to promote blood circulation to the forearm. The pad c

Restman 1

RestMan 1 is a desk- and chair-attachable computer arm support designed to prevent repetitive strain injury while using a computer mouse for extended periods. Designed for use in home or office settings, the unit has a surface that forms a single continuous plane to support the forearm and reduce localized pressure on the wrist as well as strain to the muscles and tendons in the neck, arms, and shoulders. The surface pad also functions as a mouse pad. The unit has a double attachment system that

Softspot Proline Mouse Pad Wrist Support (Model 90108)

The SoftSpot Proline Mouse Pad Wrist Support, model 90108, is a mouse wrist support and hand exerciser designed for use by individuals with repetitive strain or carpal tunnel syndrome. The pad cushions and supports the user's wrist, reducing stress on the wrist and forearm. Therasoft polyurethan foam distributes weight to eliminate pressure points and improve circulation. The surface is non-abrasive, durable, and anti-static. The cushion is removable for stretching and strengthening exercises. A

Wrist Cushion For Mouse

The Wrist Cushion For Mouse is a wrist support for mouse designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injuries. The mouse cushion is filled with ergoBeads, which cushion and massage the wrist and forearm. It contours to any computer mouse and can also be used as a squeezable stress reliever. It is also freezable for extra cooling relief. COLOR: Black, gray, blue, or burgundy.


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