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Paint Brush with Large Handle

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Blick Egg Handled Brushes

The Blick Egg Handled Brushes are paint brushes with large handles designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities. These brushes have high-quality multi-diameter Golden Nylon hairs with the feel and appearance of sable. The hairs are set in an egg-shaped ergonomic handle. One side of the handle is flat to prevent rolling and to keep the brush head off of the table surface when not in use. When used with watercolor, oil paint, fluid acrylic or any other fluid medium, the

Crayola So Big Brush

The Crayola So Big Brush is an easy grasp paint brush designed for children age 3 and up with fine motor or grasping disabilities. This brush has a wide handle and a thick brush head. The white bristles acommodate tempra and watercolor paint.

Ice Paint

Ice Paint is a do it yourself craft designed for children with sensory processing disorder and upper extremity disabilities to engage them in art.

Princeton Children's Brush

The Princeton Children's Brush is an easy grasp paint brushes designed for use by children with fine motor or grasping disabilities. Available with flat or round brush shapes, these brushes can be used with acrylics, oils, and tempera paint. These natural bristle brushes feature large handles that are designed to be easy to grasp.

Silver Lead Chubby Brushes

Silver Lead Chubby Brushes are paint brushes with large handles designed for use by cgildren with fine motor or grasping disabilities or arthritis. Available with plastic handles and ferrules or with plastic handles and seamless rust-resistant metal ferrules, these brushes have natural bristle hairs. DIMENSIONS: The hairs are approximately 1.5 inches long. COLOR: Hairs are natural and the handles come in 10 assorted colors.

Super Squirt

Super Squirt is a switch activated liquid paint brush for wheelchair users and individuals with severe physical disabilities to use. The individual user attaches the squirt head and switch to the wheelchair, adds paint to the paint pack, and then presses the big red button. The paint packĀ hangs onto the back of the wheelchair. It can be used for interactive and experiential play.

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