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Parkinson’s Disease

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The Atlanta is a robust and durable chair designed for users with Huntington’s disease and dementia in particular to provide comfort while seated. It is a comfortable seat for those with vigorous involuntary movements and reduces the risk of falling from the chair. It is helpful for those with Huntington’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease; Lower limb oedema; Cellulitis; Advanced dementia; Parkinson’s disease; or a Brain Injury. Provides security without compromising function, pressure or postural ma

Capri Two-Way Lift Chair (Model PR200)

Golden Technologies Capri Two-Way Lift Chair (Model PR200) is a powered recliner that offers lift support to help individuals with rheumatoid arthritis or Parkinson's disease transition from a sit-to-stand position. The Capri Lift Chair offers two sitting positions (upright or slightly reclined to 135 degrees); a 27-inch high chair back with a plush button-back pillow and lumbar support; an elevating footrest; and a battery backup system in the event of a power outage. It also comes with a two-b

Hole in One Fork and Spoon

The Hole in One Fork and Spoon is a set of eating utensils designed for people with limited hand mobility to use. The handles on these eating utensils provide several grasping positions. Fingers can be inserted through the hollow center or wrapped around the outside. The eating utensils are attached to the handle by a swivel screw that allows the utensil to fold back on the handle when not in use. Utensils may be reversed for right or left handed use. Easily fit into a pocket or purse for travel

Jazzy Sport 2 Mobility Scooter

The Jazzy® Sport 2 Mobility Scooter is designed for use by elderly, infirm and disabled persons to allow them greater mobility. In-line, front-wheel drive technology. 40 amp, PG GC3 controller. Easy access to batteries from the rear. Simple main frame design for easy serviceability. Comfort high-back seat with headrest. Jazzy® Armor® includes shroud and controller guards to protect from daily wear and tear.

Little Ram Trikes

Little Rsm Trikes are child tricycles designed for younger people with mobility disabilities to encourage coordination, proper posture, balance, exercise and entertainment.

Rifton Small Adaptive Tricycles

Designed for children 4 - 7 years old, the Rifton Small Adaptive Tricycle provides therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. This therapeutic trike grows with your child; you adjust it all with the twist of a knob. Ships in two weeks.


The Sorrento™ is a multi-adjustable, tilt-in-space chair that provides postural support and pressure management to individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. The powered model of the Sorrento™ features adjustable lateral supports for increased postural alignment and trunk stability; adjustable back angle recline; an elevating leg rest and an adjustable footboard; removable arm rests

Uplift Premium Power Seat (PS3017)

The Uplift Premium Power Seat (PS3017) is a portable electric seat lift that can convert almost any armchair or sofa into a powered seat lift. The patented LeveLift Technology provides 100 percent lift support to individuals who need help standing from a seated position, without tipping them forward. The Uplift Premium Power Seat features a flexible hand controller that the user can place anywhere within easy reaching distance; a removable, three-layer cushion with memory foam that helps prevent

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