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Rocking Chair with Seating System

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Rock & Roll Mobile Rocking Chair

The Rock & Roll Mobile Rocking Chair is a rocking chair with a seating system and transport wheelchair designed to for use by adults with with balance, lower extremity, mobility or walking disabilities and others who cannot stand for long periods of time and must sit for significant periods. FRAME (LxW): 32.28 x 21.65 inches. The rocking mechanism of the Rock & Roll chair can be activated by the user or an attendant, and it is intended to alternate pressure points to reduce the risk of d

Special Tomato Large MPS Car Seat, Model 79040305

Special Tomato Large Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) Car Seat provides proper seating support for children. It has been crash tested and is safe for use in the car. It has a soft, lightweight, and durable seating surface with cushions that allow for customized support. The cushion moves up and down on a hook and loop track allowing for children's growth and provides proper alignment of the child's pelvis.

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