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Scooter Ramp

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Ramp & Scooter

The Ramp & Scooter set is designed for use by children with sensory integration disorders. It can be used in sensory sessions to increase the arousal levels of children. It has been designed to stimulate children and make their sensory sessions enjoyable. The set comprises of two varieties of ramps; one of the ramps is angled whereas the other is slightly convexed. The scooter has a flat padded surface that makes it easier for your child to lie in a prone (on stomach) position. Ramp &

StoneCap™ Rubber Threshold Ramp

The StoneCap™ Rubber Threshold Ramp is a ramp and is made for wheelchair and scooter users and those individuals with walking disabilities and other lower extremity disabilities to allow them to travel uphill. The StoneCap™ Rubber Threshold Ramp by PVI features a durable, recycled rubber design. The ramp can be easily adapted to a variety of thresholds with simple cutting tools. It features a large weight capacity, a solid support surface, and comes in three lengths to choose from.

Parent Category: Gross Motor Skills

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