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Seat and Back Support

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Adjustable Side Support Lumbar Cushion

The adjustable side support lumbar cushion designed to improve posture and reduce stress on the lower back. This cushion is firm and supportive, this cushion and positions users body in an ergonomic position. Has supportive side arms to keep users body stable and upright. Helps prevent users from slouching. Features an adjustable band and arms so the user can customize the comfort level. Can be used in an office chair, reading chair or car seat

Back-A-Line Belt

The Back-A-Line Belt is a curved lumbar belt designed for individuals with lower extremity disabilities or back pain. The belt is designed to be a curved lumbar pad and is intended to improve the user’s posture at a subconscious level, which is the only way to reduce back pain or prevent future injury. Its non-stretch design eliminates the risk of muscle weakening, a concern with other back belts. Designed to combat the actual cause of back injury — poor posture rather than addressing only the s

Betterback Seat Support

The BetterBack a portable seat is a self-supporting unit that can easily be carried and used anywhere. The BetterBack provides a comforting, natural back support and was designed to prevent slouching while maintaining a neutral spine position. Its contoured wood shape keeps the integrity of the seat and back components independent of the surface on which the user places it. The seat also helps users maintain a comfortable, anatomically correct sitting position. DIMENSIONS: 15.5 inches depth x 13

Chill Out Chair Rock'r

The Chill-Out Chair Rock'r is a specialized therapeutic seat that features a unique deep v design to provide additional stable support to those who need trunk alignment.

Chill Out Chair Roller

The Chill-Out Chair Roller is a specialized therapeutic seat that features a unique deep v design to provide additional stable support to those who need trunk alignment.

Cozy Me

Cozy Me is a seat and back support designed to cushion and protect children riding in grocery cart seats. The soft, cushioned pad fits in the cart seat without ties and protects the child's seat and back and includes flaps to protect the legs. The machine-washable pad, which doubles as a changing pad, helps prevent sliding. COLOR: Multi-color vegetable print.

Dyna-Disc Balance Cushion

The DynaDisc is an inflatable balance cushion capable of withstanding 2000lbs/sq. inch, designed for those who require additional balance and/or trunk support. It's smooth on one side and textured with pegs on the other. Use DynaDisc seated to increase balance and muscular resistance while doing exercises, or lying to improve strength and core stabilization for floor exercises.

Full Body Support Cushion

The full body support cushion is a lumbar support cushion. Allows user to sit in a natural, relaxed position. The back flexes from flat to upright to conform to furniture angles.Reduces strain on the lower back, pelvis and spine. Discourages slouching. Strap adjusts for use in a chair or car seat. Lightweight and easy to transport.

Healthy Back Inflatable Lumbar Support

The Healthy Back Inflatable Lumbar Support is a back support cushion designed to reduce back fatigue, ease lower back pain and relieve tension for individuals who have back injuries or posture problems. To find optimal position, release the valve and the backrest will inflate automatically. The support can be stopped at any time to meet user's firmness preference. When done, twist the valve and let the backrest quickly deflate to make portable.

I-Spire Series Lumbar Cushion

The I-Spire Lumbar Cushion is a lumbar support cushion designed to reduce back fatigue, ease lower back pain and relieve tension for individuals who have back injuries or posture problems. Supports lower back while seated which helps to reduce back tension. Comes with an adjustable strap with buckle to hold lumbar cushion in place.

Jay Combi Posture Seating System

The Jay Combi Posture Seating System consists of two foam cushions, one contoured, dual density seat cushion and one lumbar support back cushion, designed to reduce sitting fatigue, lower back pain, and slumping while promoting correct posture. COMBI SEAT CUSHION: The Combi seat is molded from two different kinds of foam. Inside is a contoured foam core that is firm, for support. Outside, a second layer of soft foam is added for comfort. The foundation resists compression from leaning to help pr

Jay Scooter Seating System

The Jay Scooter Seating System is a portable seating system for powered scooters designed to reduce fatigue and back pain, and to provide more support and stability. The system consists of a Jay Cushion with Quadrant Pad ($385) and a Jay Back ($350). The Jay seat cushion's quadrant pad is divided into four sections to support against leaning and sliding, and is filled with Flolite. Flolite is a gel-like liquid designed to conform to the user's body and to retain the user's form to maximize relie

Jenx Ziggy Cushion Toy

Ziggy is one-of-a-kind cushion that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and imaginative play.

Lumbar Massage Heating Pad

The Lumbar Massage Heating Pad is designed for individuals with a permanent or short-term disability that affects the lower back- specifically, the lumbar region. It also has a heat option, with two settings, that operates independently from the massage. Can be secured around the torso with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners. Contains two massaging nodes that target the five lumbar vertebrae. Nodes vibrate to massage. Heat automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. The pad is operated with a teth

Motorized Wheelchair Seat Shifting System

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a wheelchair seat that aids wheelchair users to change his or her seated position periodically. Changing position when seated for a long period of time is especially important for wheelchair users who spend almost every making moment seated. Failure to do so can result in deformities, bedsores, or considerable pain. The Swiss research group, Empa, is working with an ergonomics company to develop a new type of wheelchair seat that periodica

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating And Positioning

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning are custom wheelchair back and seat supports designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This system offers offers total body contouring and wheelchair backs is light and strong, making custom wheelchair seating and positioning quicker and easier. The Pro Forma Matrix can be fitted to a wide range of users as preformed Direct Wheelchair Backs or Full Body Wheelchair Seating. The Pro Forma Matrix is supplied as rectangular sheets, pre-f

Sacro Ease (Models Rcrx, Rscrx, Rncrx, Brc-Rx, Brsc-Rxm & Brnc-Rx)

The Sacro-Ease, models RCRX, RSCRX, RNCRX, BRC-RX, BRSC-RXM and BRNC-RX, are seat supports designed to relieve pressure in cases of hermorrhoids, injury to or surgery on the coccyx or anal area and post-pregnancy. The RCRX, RSCRX, RNCRX models are only seat cushions only that have a cutout at the center rear of the seat. These cushions have 1 inch of high density foam with a steel frame. The BRC-RX, BRSC-RXM and BRNC-RX feature a backrest with an adjustable lumbar support cushion mounted with th

Sacro Ease Sports Portable

The Sacro-Ease Sports Portable is a seat and back support designed for use at spectator sports events. The seat support may be used with or without the existing backrest. The seat closes to be carried like a briefcase. The seat support is manufactured with .5 inch of polyfoam on top of a bendable carbon steel frame with rubber supports. The upholstery is water-resistant fabric. The back support has a built-in lumbar support pad. The Sports Portable has a non-skid bottom, and it is available with

Sacro Ease Standard (Models Br, Brsm & Brn)

The Sacro Ease Standard, models BR, BRSM and BRN, is a back support cushion are designed for office chairs and auto and truck bucket seats with existing firm bottoms. This product features a seat bottom and backrest with adjustable lumbar pad on a foldable steel frame with rubber strap supports and a non-skid bottom. The Sacro Ease Standard provides support under the hips and behind the lumbar spine. The units are designed to fit to the individual and not the seat, thus the unit can be moved fro

Sciatica Saddle Pillow

The Sciatica Saddle Pillow is designed for those who deal with sciatic nerve issues, chronic back pain or experience balance problems. This pillow helps relieve pain by off-loading pressure from thighs and shifting weight back to the pelvis, where the body is equipped to take the pressure.

Sit and Support Ring

Help babies and infants learn to sit up by themselves. Colorful ring provides comfort and support allowing little ones to feel independent and develop muscles for sitting. Sturdy foam core is covered with soft leather polyurethane. Phthalate-free. For use on floor only.

Skate Mesh Ergonomic Chair

The Skate Mesh Ergonomic Chair is an ergonomic chair designed for use to provide back support while working at a desk to reduce back stress. The Ergonomic Chair has a Sub-skating recline mechanism that enables constant contact between lumbar region and chair back. Soft pad adjustable arm rest with pivot. Seat and back adjust simultaneously. Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA standards.

Support Chair Adaptation Of The Koala Corner Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized, stable seating and positioning device for a child with cerebral palsy. This device was adapted from a previous adaptation “The Koala.” The Koala is a pedestal seat with a winged back, and is generally used with a seat cushion and pelvic belt. It comes with a large adjustable-height table, which has lipped edges to stop objects from falling off, and latches into position behind the back edges of the seat. The version used by the child with cere

Tricycle Back Support

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation for a child with difficulties in supporting herself in the standing or sitting position; which allows her to ride her tricycle while providing firm support to hold her upright and her feet in place. The back support is built from 1/16 inch by 1 ½ inch metal strapping welded to the vertical tube just under the sat and shaped to provide a vertical “post” just behind her back. The vertical portion is in two parts with a se

Tumble Forms 2 Conform Seat and Back Foam Cushion (Model 4327)

The Tumble Forms 2 Conform Seat and Back Foam Cushion, model 4327, is a contoured seat and back cushion designed to provide extra support for wheelchair users. The durable urethane foam cushion conforms to the natural body shape, and features a strap to prevent slipping. It is latex-free, and has a removable, washable polyester cover.

Vac U Mat

Vac-U-Mat is a molded cushion that can be used in bed or in a wheelchair. The mat is vinyl laminated to 70 denier nylon, with a vinyl coated polyester scrim bottom. Filled with polystyrene beads. when vacuum is applied the beads become rigid but conform to the body position for total support. Can be used with optional waist, shoulder harness and leg restraints.

Yogibo Yogi Support

The Yogi Support is a specialty bean-bag pillow filled with uniformly sized polystyrene beads that work hand-in-hand with the lycra-cotton blend cover. This combination of bead and fabric allows the Yogi Support to conform to the contours of a child's body. Unlike traditional bean bags where the beads move around with the slightest movement, the Yogi Support stays in the same shape it's placed in.


The standard Zoomi is a youth positioning chair designed for use for children with mobility and neurological disabilities. Designed to promote good feet-on-the-floor posture, it can be used in the classroom and home. Both the seat and footrest can be easily adjusted to the appropriate height and depth, allowing the chair to accommodate the user's needs as they grow. Standard Zoomi chair comes complete with flat seat, backrest and pelvic strap. OPTIONS: Mobile skis, slotted footboard, transfer st

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