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Seating Systems General

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6674 Lap Strap Cover

The 6674 Lap Strap Cover is foam strap padding that wraps around seat belt or lap belt webbing to prevent digging into sensitive skin or other pressure areas. This padding can also be used for backpacks, shoulder bags, etc. The cover is designed for use with 1.5- or 2-inch lap straps. DIMENSIONS: 14 inches (Small) or 18 inches (Large). COLOR: Black or casa tan.


AliCover is a foam material designed for use as a covering for orthoses. The cover is made of AliPlast 4E (see separate entry), a closed-cell polyethylene foam. The AliPlast 4E is laminated to a durable blue knit nylon, and the cover is applied with 3M Spray 90 or another adhesive spray to attach to the splint or support. AliCover is also available with an adhesive backing. DIMENSIONS: AliCover measures 1/16 x 29 x 8 feet ($33, no. 4437) or 1/16 x 29 x 50 feet ($120, no. 4438). AliCover Self-Sti

Alimed Inflatable Lap Buddy (Model 77338)

The AliMed Inflatable Lap Buddy, model 77338, is a wheelchair lap board, positioning pad and wandering patient system designed to prevent wheelchair users with Alzheimer's disease or cognitive disabilities and balance or lower extremity disabilities from rising without assistance. It provides upper body support and posture assistance as well as a comfortable forearm and wrist/hand rest. The Inflatable Lap Buddy can support light activity, such as reading. It inflates quickly with a hand inflator

Alimed Super Constructa Foam

Alimed Super Constructa Foam is tough, lightweight, flexible but firm mini-cell polyethylene foam material designed for customized positioning, seating, and support systems. This waterproof foam can be used without covering or finishing, or vinyl-dipped if a tough skin is desired. The material withstands repeated compression and abuse and returns to its original shape. It can bear heavy weights for extended time periods. The foam is sold by the slab. DIMENSIONS: 1 x 24 x 48 inches (##4925), 2 x


AliPlast is a cross-linked, closed-cell, heat modable, polyethylene foam material used for a variety of orthotic applications. There are five types of AliPlast that vary in firmness and stiffness. ALIPLAST 4E: For padding and cushioning splints and casts. Tensile strength of 80 to 110; density of 4 pounds per cubic foot; compressive strength at 50 percent compression is 35 to 45. ALIPLAST 6A: Effective for foot orthotics and many types of hand splints. Tensile strength of 110 to 140; density of

Aliplast 2E Quickstick Padding

AliPlast 2E (Quickstick Padding) is adhesive-backed foam padding designed for use with splints for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or other upper or lower extremity disabilities. This soft, flexible, and waterproof padding is used with splints and strap padding or tool and utensil buildups. It consists of thermoplastic closed-cell foam that is resistant to perspiration, bacteria or odors. The padding can also be used for cushioning hard edges on beds and wheelchairs. For extra strong bondi

All Sitting Exercises

All Sitting Exercises is a workout video for individuals with severe physical disabilities who cannot stand for long periods of time or for people with balance disabilities. Can be used by people with multiple sclerosis. It features exercises using a 9-12 inch ball, towel, and cane. Winner of the 1997 National Health Information Bronze Award.

Base Mate Modular Adaptive Seating System

Geriatric chair on wheeled based for persons ranging from 4 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches in height. Anterior wedged seat, seat depth adjustable 15 inches to 21 3/4 inches in 3/4 inches increments, lower back section is 11 1/2 inches high. Upper back section comes in three sizes. Quick release side support panels, angle adjusters to adjust seat to back angle, quick-release contoured headrest, and safety belt. Four casters, two with locks.

Brown Leatherette Deluxe Swivel Cushion

The Brown Leatherette Deluxe Swivel Cushion is a cushion designed for the car to aid individuals who need help getting out of the car and relief from sitting for long periods of time. Raises users seat and view by 1-1/2", and swivels 360 degrees to help users get in and out of the car with ease. Foam padded and lightweight, it also helps prevent hip and back strain caused by long hours of sitting. Use it in the driver or passenger seat. MATERIALS: Removable brown leatherette cover w/elasticized

Carrie Rover Stroller (Models 4642, 4643. 4644, & 4645)

The Carrie Rover Stroller is a seating system on a wheeled base designed to provide freedom and mobility while maintaining therapeutic support for children and small adults with physical disabilities. The removable seat is made of Tumble Forms modular cushions which are covered in a seamless, washable material that is impervious to body fluids and non-toxic. The anti-thrust seat stabilizes the pelvis while the seat back articulates 20 degrees to accommodate abnormal trunk tone. The seat may be u

Chair Mate Adaptive Seating System

Seating system with ABS plastic solid base. Covered in vinyl upholstered foam. Drop hooks allow 9 different positions. As its highest, seat is level with seat rail and has 2 inches of tri-density foam. At its lowest, seat is 3 inches below seat rail. Terry cloth cover available. Lowest back height from seat 16 inches, the highest back height 4 inches above the push handles of standard adult wheelchair. Flat lateral supports adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Lateral supports available


Checkerboard is foam material made of high density foam cut to a checker board pattern for pressure relief. Sold in sheets.

Chill Out Chair Rock'r

The Chill-Out Chair Rock'r is a specialized therapeutic seat that features a unique deep v design to provide additional stable support to those who need trunk alignment.

Chill Out Chair Roller

The Chill-Out Chair Roller is a specialized therapeutic seat that features a unique deep v design to provide additional stable support to those who need trunk alignment.

Classroom/transport Mobility Base

The Classroom/Transport Mobility Base is a wheeled base for the Snug Seat 1 seating system (see separate entry). This trolley-style base is designed to place the child at preschool table height of about 18 inches to aid in peer interaction, communication, and feeding activities. Standard features include a polyester powder coat finish, safety lock, rear caster locks, and 4 swivel casters. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 5 x 18 x 15.5 inches. WEIGHT: 9 pounds. COLOR: Antique gray.

Columbia Therapedic Positioning Seat (Model 2000)

The Columbia TheraPedic Positioning Seat, model 2000, is a car seat designed for use in the transport of children with physical and neurological disabilities affecting balance and the ability to sit upright. The seat can be used by children up to 5 feet tall, and may also be used as a wheelchair insert. The unit consists of a vacuum-formed ABS plastic shell with chromed steel side tubes, fire-retardant upholstery, a five-point nylon webbing safety harness, and a nylon webbing supplementary tethe

Constructa Foam

Constructa Foam is lightweight, rigid, closed-cell polyethylene based foam material designed to be simultaneously firm, supportive, and resilient. Suggested uses are customized positioning, seating, and support systems. The foam is generally covered because its surface is somewhat abrasive to the touch. DENSITY: Medium is 2, Firm is 6, X-Firm is 9, and Super Constructa is 2 pounds per cubic foot. DIMENSIONS: Constructa Foam is available in cylinders (2, 4, or 6-inch diameter x 36 inches) and sla

Cozy Me

Cozy Me is a seat and back support designed to cushion and protect children riding in grocery cart seats. The soft, cushioned pad fits in the cart seat without ties and protects the child's seat and back and includes flaps to protect the legs. The machine-washable pad, which doubles as a changing pad, helps prevent sliding. COLOR: Multi-color vegetable print.

Cozy Seat

Modular seating system. Designed to support children one to three years who require special seating for support and positioning. Consists of a one piece seat and back shell made from ABS plastic with a cover and a metal frame. Can be reclined. Accessories: abduction pommel, head rest, flexible trunk bolsters, neck rest, tray, seat belt, chest belt and toy bar. Optional: back spacer to adjust seat length. Can be placed in strollers, wheelchairs, high chairs, toboggans.

Cpsc Foam In Place Seating Kit (Model Fp O1)

Casting frame and kit, model FP 01, allow custom molding of seat and/or back cushions on site. Foam is 2 part liquid Sunmate in soft, medium, or firm density. Casted cushions can be finished by trimming to fit and installing in modular plastic shells with lycra cover. Or cushions can be sent back to CPSC for vinyl covering and installation in shell. Shells available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 inch widths, any seat depth or back height. Full insert shell available with 90, 105, 120, 135 degree seat to

Dual Position Bed Wedge


The Duo chair is designed for children and adults who require postural and positional changes associated with spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, stroke, traumatic brain injury or dystonia. For those individuals with limited movement there is an increased risk of developing an unconventional body shape; therefore if assistance can be provided to manage posture through a multi-positional seating system then the risk can be significantly reduced.  The Duo is available in major, minor and min

Emotion Cushions

The Emotion Cushions are a seating calm and focus product designed for children ages 3 and up to aid in self-expression, empathy, and mood regulation. Supports social skills and self-awareness, especially for children with developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, or autism.


Ethafoam is a polyethylene foam used in the underlayment of contour in seating. Foam sheets are sold 3 per case. DIMENSIONS: 2 x 24 x 3 feet.

Euroflex Clinic Chair

The Euroflex Clinic is an assistive clinical chair, designed for commercial use within medical establishments. Electric powered height adjustment means that clinicians no longer have to bend and stoop whilst carrying out medical procedures. Adjustments can be made with the patient in site allowing for faster patient interaction. Because the height of the seat is so easily adjusted, practitioners will be more inclined to raise the patient rather than leaning over in uncomfortable stressful positi

First Class School Chairs and Accessories

First Class School Chairs and Accessories is designed for children with physical mobility disabilities with mild to moderate involvement.  It is designed for use in the classroom, clinic or home. It can be adjusted, for single or multiple children. It features a pelvic belt and height adjustable armrests. The seat is adjustable in depth and height and has a tilt of up to 15 degrees. It is upholstered and covered in a washable vinyl. It is available in two sizes, small and large. Basic model incl

Growth Guidance Systems (Ggs)

Growth Guidance Systems (GGS) are child's tilt-in-space wheelchairs designed for use by children with mobility, neurological, or severe physical disabilities. FRAME (WxL): The frame is available in Toddler 1, Toddler 2, Toddler 3, Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, Junior Adult 1, Junior Adult 2, or Junior Adult 3 configurations. The standard frame is a folding step-release tilt-in-space frame. Also available are a folding base with manual release tilt and a rigid base with or without step-release tilt.

Haven Bed

The Haven Bed is a product designed for individuals with Autism and neurological disabilities to take naps in or sleep in. The Haven Bed sleeping enclosure from Beds By George provides maximum safety while sleeping for those who need it. It features full mesh sides that allow for better ventilation that maintain security and comfort. The fabric covering is removable and washable. Its metal frame is bolted to corner posts.

High Density Foam (Model 180)

High Density Foam, no. 180, is a firm, open-cell, ester-type polyurethane foam material designed for cushions needing pressure relieving cutouts. DIMENSIONS: 1 x 16 x 18 inches.

Hug Plus.

The HugPlus is a vacuum seating system that conforms to body contours eithre in a seated or lying position. Thre models: torso, full-body, and 3/4. Unit wraps around the body to provide lateral support. The full-body system has a head support with head wings and a velcro closure across the forehead. Reinforces slat back. X-ray translucent. Waterproof. Exterior surface: top is 12 ounce vinyl laminated to 70 denier nylon, bottom is 12 pounce polyester vinyl laminate. Fill is polystyrene beads. Vac

Invacare Contouru

The Invacare ContourU is a molded seating system kit designed for use in wheelchairs. These seat and back cushions are made by utilizing a simulator and molding bags to capture the shape of the individual. This system provides optimum positioning while accommodating complex orthopedic deformities and tone. Support surfaces are built into the cushion and multiple finshing options, including naked foam with removable cocver, vacuformed vinyl, pelvic strap notches, and undercuts are available.

Invacare Infinity Uniback & Invacare Infinity Uniback Foam-In-Place

The Invacare Infinity UniBack and the Invacare Infinity Uniback Foam-In-Place are back support cushions designed for use in wheelchairs. These cushions are single-panel back supports that offer economical versatility. Pelvic stabilizers and thoracic laterals are independently angle- and width-adjustable to accommodate a range of body shapes, as well as growth or change. OPTIONS: A range of accessories is available.

Invacare Kinesthetic Seating System (Kss) And The Invacare Kinesthetic Seating System Deluxe

The Invacare Kinsthethetic Seating System is a modular seating system designed for use with wheelchairs. This fully-adjustable system provides a personalized fit and accommodates growth. The system includes the Invacare Curved Back, the Invacare Ulti-Mate (also sold separately; see separate entries), basic headrest, fixed lateral support, padded lap belt, fixed growth bracket, and mounting hardware. The Deluxe system includes the components of the basic system plus swing-away lateral supports an

Invacare Silhouette

The Invacare Silhouette is a molded seating system kit designed for use in wheelchairs. This seating system is created by utilizing shape-sensor technology to capture the precise shape of the user's body. Computer-assisted manufacturing produces a custom-contoured cushion in a choice of soft or firm foam for maximum pressure reduction and stability.

Jay Combi Posture Seating System

The Jay Combi Posture Seating System consists of two foam cushions, one contoured, dual density seat cushion and one lumbar support back cushion, designed to reduce sitting fatigue, lower back pain, and slumping while promoting correct posture. COMBI SEAT CUSHION: The Combi seat is molded from two different kinds of foam. Inside is a contoured foam core that is firm, for support. Outside, a second layer of soft foam is added for comfort. The foundation resists compression from leaning to help pr

Jay Scooter Seating System

The Jay Scooter Seating System is a portable seating system for powered scooters designed to reduce fatigue and back pain, and to provide more support and stability. The system consists of a Jay Cushion with Quadrant Pad ($385) and a Jay Back ($350). The Jay seat cushion's quadrant pad is divided into four sections to support against leaning and sliding, and is filled with Flolite. Flolite is a gel-like liquid designed to conform to the user's body and to retain the user's form to maximize relie


Juni has a seat and backrest that promotes better posture for children who require minimal level of postural support when seated. The Juni chair comes with contoured seat and backrest, built-in lumbar support, pelvic strap, height and depth adjustable seat, height adjustable armrests as well as angle adjustable backrest as standard features. This chair can be used in the classroom or at home and comes in a variety of colors.

Kidster Chair

The Kidster chair is an individual wheelchair seating system designed for children from 2 to 12 years, or any individuals who fit into the seat sizes offered. The seat is certified as a child safety car seat when removed from the frame, and is designed for use as a positioner, self-mobile unit, recliner, floor sitter, and stroller. FRAME: The frame is made of steel and is coated with baked on nylon. The frame comes in black, blue or red. SEAT: A rigid seat with 2 inches of regular polyurethane s

Kinesthetic Seating System

Modular, adjustable seating system inserts on most wheelchairs. Package includes: a firm base that suspends from the frame and features anterior wedge, preischial bar, two inches of medium density foam, latex covering and seatbelt; a back that suspends from vertical wheelchair tubing with antigravity hooks; two molded plastic lateral supports, foam covered, that adjust vertically and horizontally; molded plastic padded neck support that adjusts vertically and horizontally. Options may be purchas

Kiss (Keep It Simple) Simulator (Model Sm01)

The KISS (Keep It Simple) Simulator, model SM01, is a chrome steel frame seating evaluation system. It has adjustable seat depth, back height, back-to-seat angle, and tilt-in-space. The simulator folds for transportation. Removeable frames hold bags filled with plastic pellets for molding. Can be replaced with flat seat and back. OPTIONS: Accessories available include dual-head vacuum pump for molding (Model TL30, $700), adapter to mount unit on Arrow XT power wheelchair base, legrests, and Mag

Large Rifton Activity Chair

The Large Rifton Activity Chair Standard is a positioning chair designed for children with neurological and physical disability for use in the classroom and at home. It enables children to learn functional sitting skills while they participate in activities. The Rifton Activity Chair does not require any additional tools to make adjustments. Parents and caregivers can make adjustments with the child in the chair. OPTIONS: Spring Option - This allows the child to have user-initiated movement. It

Liquid Sunmate Foam-In-Place Seating (Fips)

Liquid SunMate is a 3-part seat mold system designed to assist persons specializing in custom seat building. The system contains pretested, premeasured ingredients sufficient to mold one chair seat bottom or one seat back. A total seat molding generally requires two units of Liquid SunMate. COMPONENTS: The introductory kit includes a FIPS instruction manual, one unit of Liquid SunMate, a quality test kit, and accessories. Components are also sold separately COLOR: SunMate may be ordered without

Lumbar Massage Heating Pad

The Lumbar Massage Heating Pad is designed for individuals with a permanent or short-term disability that affects the lower back- specifically, the lumbar region. It also has a heat option, with two settings, that operates independently from the massage. Can be secured around the torso with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners. Contains two massaging nodes that target the five lumbar vertebrae. Nodes vibrate to massage. Heat automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. The pad is operated with a teth

Mechanical Shape Sensor (Mss)

Seating simulator for persons needing a custom contoured seat cushion. Mechanical shape sensor measures resistance to weight at 100 separate points across the seat surface. Independent sensors at each point record the depth of contour. Readings are imprinted on paper in a simple dot pattern, which can be mailed or faxed to the manufacturer. The dot pattern is then electronically scanned and digitized to recreate a three dimensional picture which is used for carving a customized foam cushion.

Modular Cushions

Prefabricated molded modular seat and back cushions. Seat cushions come with or without molded abductor. Back cushions are available in two heights per width. Available in widths of 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches. Available to fit into separately sold aluminum pans or mounted to wooden base. Optional: headrest, shoulder retractors, armrests, leg rests, lateral supports, chest straps, tilting base, mounting hardware.

Motorized Wheelchair Seat Shifting System

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a wheelchair seat that aids wheelchair users to change his or her seated position periodically. Changing position when seated for a long period of time is especially important for wheelchair users who spend almost every making moment seated. Failure to do so can result in deformities, bedsores, or considerable pain. The Swiss research group, Empa, is working with an ergonomics company to develop a new type of wheelchair seat that periodica

Mps - Mobile Positioning System

The Mobile Positioning System - MPS (models 30-1100 and 30-1101) is a modular seating system on a wheeled base. The system consists of wedges, rolls, abductors, adductors, blocks, log, straps, and mobile base. Components are made of foam covered with a urine proof, stain and odor resistant, non-toxic material that is cleanable with a damp cloth. SIZES: MPS Child, 48 x 27 inches, and MPS Adolescent, 56 x 27 inches.

Ne-At Seat

The NE-AT Seat is a modular seating system of comfortable and supportive positioning pads designed for use in wheelchairs. Although each piece is available and can be used independently, the full NE-AT Seat comprises the NE-AT Seat, NE-AT Back, and NE-AT Headrest and is designed to fit into any mobility aid. The reusable and reshapable positioning pads are constructed of thick rubber bonded to nylon and filled with Styrofoam beads. This not only creates an airtight bladder, but adds cushionin


Neoprene is a Lycra covered foam material that is waterproof and washable. DIMENSIONS: 1/8 x 44 x 120 inches ($120) or 1/8 x 42 x 45 ($85). COLORS: Silver and Dark Red.

Obus Seat

The OBUS Seat is a seat panel designed to relieve fatigue from the buttocks to the sacrum and to the lumbar and thoracic areas. The panel will support up to 75 percent of the body's weight and prevent the ischial tuberosities to sink into soft cushions. The coccyx is protected by a contoured buttocks frame with a cut-out seat depression. The device also protects the thighs with additional molded padding to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, help prevent swollen ankles and feet, and maintain pr

Olympic Vac Pacs

Olympic Vac Pacs are body positioners designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities.These products are patient positioning systems comprised of large rubberized vinyl bags filled with tiny plastic beads. The bags are soft and pliable until the air is drawn out through a special valve. Atmospheric pressure forces the beads into a solid mass conforming to the exact molded shape. Vac Pacs hold their shape for 24 to 48 hours and allowing air back in to the bag returns Vac Pacs to a soft

Orthocare Polynap

Orthocare Polynap is foam strap padding made of a urethane foam and napped nylonDE combination. Sold in rolls, this foam can be used to pad straps. The material iDE s napped on both sides and combines with Velcro hook material for universal fast DE ening along the entire length of the strap. DIMENSIONS: ##2001 measures .25 x 6 iDE nches x 15 feet per roll; ##2044 measures .25 x 2 inches x 15 feet per roll.

Panda Futura, The

The Panda Futura is a seating system on a wheeled base designed for use by children from one to twelve years of age with mobility disabilities. This unit accommodates children with needs that change throughout a single day and is availavble with a choice of five mobility bases, including manual or power high-low frames that enable the child to interact from floor-level to the kitchen table. The contoured, padded, fabric-covered seat is available in a variety of sizes and the back of the seat ad

Panda Seating System By R82

The Panda Seating System by R82 is a seating system on a wheeled base for children and adults. FRAME: Indoor frame with gas spring has a 4 caster base; dimensions are 67 x 48 centimeters (cm), with seat height adjustable from 40 to 52 cm, or 46 to 58 cm. Hydraulic indoor frame with 4 caster base has the dimensions 67 x 48 cm, and seat height adjustable from 48 to 63 cm. Outdoor frame is 64 x 62 (standard width) or 52 cm (narrow) with seat height adjustable from 45 to 53 cm and dual bicycle type

Paradise Isle Sofa Size

The Paradise Isle Sofa Size is a sofa-size bean bag designed for children and adults with disabilities to sit on. With enough room for three adults, the Paradise Isle is a good choice for larger sensory rooms or school use.

Pediatric Bucket Seat

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: The Pediatric Bucket Seat is a quick and simple floor seating solution for young children with balance, mobility or neurological disabilities who need a little extra support. For safety reasons, this seat should ONLY be used on the floor.

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles are orthotic insoles designed for individuals with plantar fasciitis or persons with a weak arch or for adult men and women who just need added support when standing or walking. The insoles use a 4 degree rear wedge which encourages a neutral foot position, preventing excessive pronation. Provides shock absorption. Can trim to ideal height.

Plastazote Foam Material

Plastazote Foam Material is splinting material and foam padding designed for use with individuals with arthritis or other upper or lower extremity disabilities. This material is heat-activated by heating in a 285-degree oven, after which it can be formed into soft, lightweight splints, cervical collars, or shoe inserts. The material can also be laminated by placing one piece on top of another and heating. This material is available in sheets or in rolls with self-adhesive backing. DIMENSIONS: T

Polyethelene Foam

Polyethelene Foam is foam material designed for use in prosthetic and orthotic applications. Available in soft, firm, and medium densities, this cross linked perforated foam can be thermowelded to polyethylene or to itself or be cemented with plastic polyadhesive cement. DIMENSIONS: 36 x 60 x 1/8 or .25 inches thick. COLOR: White.

Positioner Foam

Positioner Foam is an open-cell polyurethane ester foam material with a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot designed to be easily cut with a sharp knife to make shapes for x-ray or seating positioning. This fire-retardant material circulates air and absorbs liquids. When used uncovered as a positioner, it resists slipping on the surface. This foam can be upholstered for applications where its ability to absorb liquids is undesirable. DIMENSIONS: 27 x 72 inches with thicknesses of 1 to 6 inches in

Posturetex-Multiway Cushion

Posturetex-multiway cushion is designed for individuals with limited mobility and use a wheelchair or a scooter for mobility. It is a versatile cushion featuring a 2 inch nodular foam base as well as a 2 inch nodular foam back which can be folded in half to make a 4 inch base cushion. The 2 inch base cushion is available with standard or coccyx cut out. Covered in black jacquard velvet which is removable for machine washing and a carry handle easy transportation. Spare covers are also available

Ppt Foam Padding

PPT Foam Pading is foam material designed to provide cushioning in splints and to cushion hypersensitive areas. Available with or without self-adhesive backing, the open-cell foam has a top layer of washable nylon skin that is smooth and comfortable to the touch. DIMENSIONS: 1/8 x 12 x 60 inches.

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating And Positioning

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning are custom wheelchair back and seat supports designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This system offers offers total body contouring and wheelchair backs is light and strong, making custom wheelchair seating and positioning quicker and easier. The Pro Forma Matrix can be fitted to a wide range of users as preformed Direct Wheelchair Backs or Full Body Wheelchair Seating. The Pro Forma Matrix is supplied as rectangular sheets, pre-f

Reflection Planar Simulator (Model Pss-98)

The Reflection Planar Simulator, model PSS-98, is a seating simulator designed for use in evaluating planar seating and positioning options for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This simulator can be used for evaluation of seated posture, evaluation of function, education of best posture, and documentation of optimal posture. The system is mounted on a reinforced Luv-Base, and includes three pairs of lateral pads and mounting brackets; one pair of a

Rifton Advancement Chair (Models R901, R902, & R903)

The Rifton Advancement Chair is a modular seating system that promotes functional sitting for individuals with physical or neurological disabilities. This chair provides total support for people with little motor control or muscular strength. As sitting skills and strength are gained, this modular chair can be configured for decreased support. Adjustable arm prompts accommodate variable positioning, and assist in supporting posture for users that are unable to hold themselves upright for periods

Risedale Powered Lift Chair

The Risedale Powered Lift Chair is a wing back chair that aids in lifting up a sitter to a standing position. Only the seat cushion rises and lowers for discreet assistance, and the compact size allows it to be placed in smaller rooms. The chair provides 100 percent of the lift for those up to 300 lbs. The cushion does not push a user forward and the legs are height adjustable for user comfort.

Rolyan Temper Foam (Models A4881 To A4883)

The Rolyan Temper Foam, models A488-1 to A488-3, is open-cell foam material designed for use with splints. This durable, soft slow-recovery foam is aided in molding by body heat. Models A488-1 and A4882 are medium density and model A488-3 is soft density. Model A 488-2 is a plain-backed sheet and the other models have self-adhesive backing. DIMENSIONS: The self-adhesive sheets are 3/8 x 16 x 24 inches. The plain-backed sheet is 1 x 16 x 24 inches. COLOR: Models A488-1 and A488-2 are blue and mod

Rolyan Foam Padding (Model A7931)

The Rolyan Foam Padding, model A7931, is foam material designed for use with splints. This open-cell foam comes in sheets with self-adhesive backing. DIMENSIONS (TxWxL): 0.5 x 12 x 12 inches. COLOR: White.

Rolyan Kushionflex Padding (Models A4551, A455002, & A455003)

Rolyan Kushionflex Padding is firm closed-cell foam material designed for use with splints. This washable foam cuts easily, resists bottoming out, and can be applied to splints prior to immersion in water. Models A455-1 and A455-002 have an adhesive backing and model A455-003 has a non-adhesive backing. DIMENSIONS: Model A455-1 is 1/8 x 17.75 x 24 inches and models A455-002 and A455-003 are 0.5 x 17.75 x 24 inches.

Rolyan Low Tack Polycushion Padding (Models A2913 & A2914)

Low Tack Polycushion Padding, models A291-3 & A291-4, is foam material designed for splints that require padding changes. This closed-cell foam is designed to peel off after application without leaving a sticky residue. DIMENSIONS: Model A291-3 is 1/8 x 17.75 x 24 and model A291-4 is 0.25 x 17.75 x 24 inches.

Rolyan Polycushion Padding (Models A2911 & A2912)

Polycushion Padding, models A2911 & A2912, is foam material designed for padding thermoplastic splints or for general padding designed for use by individuals who are hypersensitive to heat or pressure. The washable, self-adhesive closed-cell foam material can be cut with scissors and can be applied to splints prior to immersion in water. DIMENSIONS: Model A291-1 is 1/8 x 17.75 x 24 inches and model A291-2 is 0.25 x 17.75 x 24 inches.

Rolyan Strap Pads

Rolyan Strap Pads are foam strap padding designed for use in splinting. These hand-washable pads are made of foam laminated to loop material on both sides and have openings into which strap ends slide to distribute pressure and increase comfort. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 2 x 3 inches or 2 x 4 inches. The pads are 0.25-inch thick and accommodate 1- or 1.5-inch wide straps.

Rolyan Super Strap Ii Strapping Material (Models 755701, 755702 & 755704)

Rolyan Super Strap II Strapping Material, models 755701, 755702 & 755704, is foam strapping material designed for use with splints. This material features non-fraying knitted loop fabric, .25 inch thick breathable foam, and soft tricot backing. Both sides mate with hook material. This non-stretchable, hypoallergenic material is latex free and washable. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Model 755701 is 1 x 10 yards, model 755702 is 2 x 10 yards, and model 755704 is 4 x 10 yards.

Sacro Ease (Models Rcrx, Rscrx, Rncrx, Brc-Rx, Brsc-Rxm & Brnc-Rx)

The Sacro-Ease, models RCRX, RSCRX, RNCRX, BRC-RX, BRSC-RXM and BRNC-RX, are seat supports designed to relieve pressure in cases of hermorrhoids, injury to or surgery on the coccyx or anal area and post-pregnancy. The RCRX, RSCRX, RNCRX models are only seat cushions only that have a cutout at the center rear of the seat. These cushions have 1 inch of high density foam with a steel frame. The BRC-RX, BRSC-RXM and BRNC-RX feature a backrest with an adjustable lumbar support cushion mounted with th

Sacro Ease Sports Portable

The Sacro-Ease Sports Portable is a seat and back support designed for use at spectator sports events. The seat support may be used with or without the existing backrest. The seat closes to be carried like a briefcase. The seat support is manufactured with .5 inch of polyfoam on top of a bendable carbon steel frame with rubber supports. The upholstery is water-resistant fabric. The back support has a built-in lumbar support pad. The Sports Portable has a non-skid bottom, and it is available with

Sacro Ease Standard (Models Br, Brsm & Brn)

The Sacro Ease Standard, models BR, BRSM and BRN, is a back support cushion are designed for office chairs and auto and truck bucket seats with existing firm bottoms. This product features a seat bottom and backrest with adjustable lumbar pad on a foldable steel frame with rubber strap supports and a non-skid bottom. The Sacro Ease Standard provides support under the hips and behind the lumbar spine. The units are designed to fit to the individual and not the seat, thus the unit can be moved fro

Sammons Preston Closed-Cell Carve-It Foam (A50763)

The Sammons Preston Closed-Cell Carve-It Foam is foam material designed for creating custom supports to reduce pressure, decrease edema, manage contractures, and reduce pain through better positioning. This foamm can be cut with an electric knife to be used to create sidelying wedges, knee separators, arm troughs, pelvic blocks, heel protectors, cervical supports, and more. DIMENSIONS: Available in blocks of 24 x 36 x 2 inches.

Sammons Preston Open-Cell Carve-It Foam

Sammons Preston Open-Cell Carve-It Foam is foam material designed for creating custom supports to reduce pressure, decrease edema, manage contractures, and reduce pain through better positioning. This firm-density, fire-retardant foam can be cut with an electric knife and can be used to create sidelying wedges, knee separators, arm troughs, pelvic blocks, heel protectors, cervical supports, and more. DIMENSIONS: Available in blocks of 5 x 16 x 16 inches, 7 x 23 x 23 inches, or 14 x 23 x 23 inche

Scottie Seating Systems

Modular seating components ($246 to $3) for custom built seating systems for wheelchairs. Allows adjustments necessitated by growth or neuromuscular control changes. Insert ($511 to $297) is compatible with variety of wheelchair frames and can be easily removed without tools for transport. Quick release swingaway abduction pommel. Velcro restraint strap. Basic insert sizes: child, narrow adult, adult, large adult. Accessories: headrest bracket, lateral support, hip support, vest, body straps, s

Seat2Go (Models Crs 2000 & 3000)

Seat2Go is a floor sitter and positioning seat designed for use by children with balance, neurological, or severe physical disabilities. This soft support has a contoured seat that prevents the child from sliding forward and improves seating posture. It can be used on the floor, in a chair, or as a stroller insert. Features include a 95-degree seat to back angle, double strap trunk support and belt, and fastening straps to secure the seat to any other chair and that store in the back pocket when

Seating Support

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted seating support for a child with dystonic cerebral palsy. When sitting in a chair, the child pushes his pelvis forward and becomes uncomfortable, and the child concentrates more on sitting than on his books, crafts, and other activities. The family attempted to remedy the seating issue by adding a two-piece insert, the commercially available “tomato seat;" however, this device did not secure properly to the chair. The child

Signature-Fit Custom Cushion

The Signature-Fit Custom Cushion is a foam in place seating systems designed for use in wheelchairs by people with physical disabilities. The Signature-Fit system uses a portable simulator to capture the contours of the body, correcting anatomical deformities when possible and accommodating others. It measures the contours of the seat and back and transfers this information to a computer. The system enables multiple modifications to be made to the cushion measurements. Pressure relief can be pro


Seating simulator for evaluation of persons needing a custom seating system. Can be used to help determine functional seating for modular, molded or mixed systems. Seat to back angle, seat tilt, depth and width of seat, back height, footrests, legrests and armrests can be positioned and corrected as needed to achieve optimal position. .


Polyurethane energy absorbing elastomer. Safe for prolonged skin contact. Sold in sheets but company will manufacture it in variety of shapes and sizes. Standard size: 12 by 12 inches or 24 by 24 inches, thickness available from 1/10 to 1 1/2 inches. Also sold in various insole products and in various sizes.

Square Modular Seating System

The Square Modular Seating System (model 30-1060) is a youth positioning chair for neurologically impaired children. The brightly colored chair is made of foam and covered with a urine proof, stain and odor resistant, non- toxic material that is cleanable with a damp cloth. An 8-piece shape set is available to assure a secure fit. The additional shape set (model 30-1061, $225) consists of 4 rectangles, two triangles, one ring, and one disc. DIMENSIONS: Seating module measures 20 x 20 x 11 inches

Stroller Insert.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: A solid seat insert for the over-sized strollers with fabric seats. A wooden solid seat and back are built to rest on the metal rails of the stroller. It's covered with foam and an abductor block is attached to the front of the seat. The back can be flat or have angled side as scapular bars. Trunk supports and side blocks can be added if needed. Cover with vinyl. Includes pictures and drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Adrienne Bergen TITLE

Sunmate Orthopedic Foam

SunMate Orthopedic Foam is foam material of high density open cell elastomeric foam of 5 pound/cubic foot density, with high impact absorption qualities. This foam contours slowly to give uniform pressure distribution and soft springback and is available in extra soft, soft, medium soft, medium, medium firm, firm, and hard densities. DIMENSIONS: Sold in sheets of 16 x 37 inches, 32 x 37 inches, or 37 x 82 inches in a choice of .25, .5, .75, 1, 2, 3, or 4 inches thick.

Support Chair Adaptation Of The Koala Corner Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized, stable seating and positioning device for a child with cerebral palsy. This device was adapted from a previous adaptation “The Koala.” The Koala is a pedestal seat with a winged back, and is generally used with a seat cushion and pelvic belt. It comes with a large adjustable-height table, which has lipped edges to stop objects from falling off, and latches into position behind the back edges of the seat. The version used by the child with cere

Swimming Noodle Pieces To Prevent Injury

---- “DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a light weight, easy to carry foam noodle pieces to protect a child with myoclonic jerks from injuring his- or herself during shopping trips. Using a swimming pool noodle; cut the noodle into sections which can cover the metal areas of the shopping cart. These pieces are easy to construct, light weight, and easy to carry while protecting the child from injuring themselves in the shopping cart. MATERIALS: Swimming pool noodle. TOOLS: Cuttin


T-Foam is a foam material designed to eliminate pressure points and absorb shock and vibration. This material is used to make flotations pads, mattresses, cushions, and padding (see separate entries). T-Foam flows to give fluid-like fit and support under body presure and heat so that pressure is evenly distributed. This material becomes firmer when subject to sudden impact and absorbs up to 90 percent of sudden impacts and vibration. When released after conforming to an impression, T-Foam return

Teddy Tucker Infant Seat Liner

Teddy Tuckers Infant Seat Liner is a cushion support designed to work in most any type of infant seat. It is also designed to help support and cuddle the baby's total body and to protect it from hot or cold surfaces. This infant product is machine washable and is available in the following type of designer cushions: Teddy bear, panda, duck, lamb or clown. WARRANTY: If merchandise is received in damaged condition, a claim must be reported within five days from date of receipt of shipment.

Temper Foam Sheets

Temper Foam Sheets are foam material designed for a variety of othotic, prosthetic, and rehabilitative applications. This lightweight foam flows under pressure to a fluid-like support that distributes weight evenly to reduce pressure points.It also softens under pressure, temperature increase, and/or humidity and transfers moisture away from the body. Highly resilient, the foam slowly returns to its original form after compression, thus reducing back pressure. The foam available in soft, medium,

Thomashilfen Easys Stroller

The Thomashilfen EASyS Stroller is a child's stroller with a positioning seating system designed for use by children with neurological, mobility or severe physical disabilities. The stroller consists of a lightweight folding A-Chassis frame and the EASyS modular seating system. This stroller includes the Balance Safety System (BSS) to reduces the risk of the stroller tipping over by automatically sliding the seat forward when reclining the backrest, which shifts the center of gravity to a more s

Tricycle Back Support

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation for a child with difficulties in supporting herself in the standing or sitting position; which allows her to ride her tricycle while providing firm support to hold her upright and her feet in place. The back support is built from 1/16 inch by 1 ½ inch metal strapping welded to the vertical tube just under the sat and shaped to provide a vertical “post” just behind her back. The vertical portion is in two parts with a se

Tumble Forms 2 Conform Seat and Back Foam Cushion (Model 4327)

The Tumble Forms 2 Conform Seat and Back Foam Cushion, model 4327, is a contoured seat and back cushion designed to provide extra support for wheelchair users. The durable urethane foam cushion conforms to the natural body shape, and features a strap to prevent slipping. It is latex-free, and has a removable, washable polyester cover.

Tumble Forms Carrie Seat (Models 4641L, 4641M, 4641S, & 4641Sa)

The Tumble Forms Carrie Seat, models 4641L, 4641M, 4641S & 4641SA, are positioning seating systems designed for insertion in mobility systems such as strollers, wheelchairs, or in vehicles. They may also be used at home or in school. The seats come with an adjustable footrest, headrest, and tray. Standard features include an anti-thrust seat to stabilize the pelvis; a seat back which articulates 20 degrees to accommodate abnormal trunk tone; an adjustable footrest to maintain hip, knee, and

Vac U Mat

Vac-U-Mat is a molded cushion that can be used in bed or in a wheelchair. The mat is vinyl laminated to 70 denier nylon, with a vinyl coated polyester scrim bottom. Filled with polystyrene beads. when vacuum is applied the beads become rigid but conform to the body position for total support. Can be used with optional waist, shoulder harness and leg restraints.

Varilite Cheat Sheets

Varilite Cheat Sheets are sheets of foam material designed for customized wheelchair seating for use by individuals with balance disabilities, lower extremity disabilities, mobility disabilities, and spinal cord injury. The Sheets are made of closed-cell foam with adhesive backing, and can be used for for building contours, changing pressure loading patterns, and improving the overall fit and function of a seating system. Sheets bond instantly and may be cut to exact size using only scissors or


Velfoam is foam strap padding that can be used as a splint or strap liner, protective padding, or cushioning media. Velfoam is breathable, hypo- allergenic, odor-free, and backed with knitted loop fabric. Velfoam attaches with Velcro hook tape or Velcoin hook self-stick fastener. This padding is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS: 6 inches wide; sold in 5- yard box. COLOR: White.

Velfoam ##2

Velfoam ##2 is Velcro foam strap padding designed for persons with physical disabilities. The cushion-soft material can be used for pading, straps or body support. The polyfoam strip is faced on both sides with Velcro loop and is ready to use with hook material. The material is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS (LxWxT): 5 yards x 2 inches x 0.25 inch.

Velfoam 2

Velfoam 2 is foam strap padding with hook and loop fasteners for padding, straps, or body support belts. The 1/4-inch thick polyfoam strip is faced on both sides with Velcro loop, ready to use with hook material. Velfoam is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS: Sold in two widths: 2 or 6 inches; 5 yard boxes. COLOR: Beige.

Vibroacoustic Cushion

The Vibroacoustic Cushion is a pillow that includes a vibroacoustic stereo designed for individuals with sensory disabilities to allow them to get the proprioceptive input they crave. Vibroacoustic input is proven to induce relaxation, body awareness, soothe tense muscles, and allow stretching and strengthening of joints and muscles. The amount of vibration is completely adjustable with the choice of music and the base selection.

Vidget 3-in-1 Flexible Seating System

The Vidget 3-in-1 Flexible Seating System™ is a patented 3-in-1 seat that’s designed to let kids quietly squirm as they sit. This can be used by fidgeting children or children with autism, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, or sensory processing disorder ages 18 months and up. Even as they move side-to-side and front-to-back, the Vidget won’t tip over. This active learning seat challenges balance and core strength. It helps young children, students, and adults release energy for improved

Wheelnest Seating System

The WheelNest Seating System is a portable system for prolonged, balanced seating in wheelchairs, cars, office or other chairs that has a molded seat, solid seat and solid back inserts, and gel flotation seat cushion. WheelNest provides a balanced underseating as well as lumbar back support; helps maintain proper lordosis (curvature of the spine), correct hip position and proper spine alignment; and helps prevent decubitus ulcers. BACK SUPPORT: The back support is made of padded, contoured layer

Winnipeg Modular Seating System

Modular seating system. ABS plastic seat and back modules can be attached together to form a simple wheelchair insert or fitted to special interface hardware. Two back styles: standard with contouring at waist, and MD back with preformed lumbar support cushion. Two seat styles: pommel seat and transfer seat without pommel. Sizes range from 10 to 15 inches seat width by 12 to 19 inches seat depth by 19 to 23 inches back height. Additional components include headrest, lateral trunk support, tray,


The Zippie is a child's lightweight manual wheelchair designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. FRAME: The rigid frame is offered in a range of widths from 10 to 16 inches. Rear anti-tip tubes are standard; front anti-tips are optional.A growth kit is included to expand the fame to meet the user's needs. The frame is available in 11 standard colors and 3 custom colors. SEAT: The standard seat is available in a choice of widths ranging from 10 to 16 inches. Standard seat depths ran

Zippie Iris

Zippie IRIS is designed for children 4 to 16 years of age who require the benefit of tilt and a caregiver’s assistance with mobility. The Zippie IRIS rotation-in-space wheelchair is a lightweight tilt-in space wheelchair. It offers 55 degrees of Rotation-in-Space Technology. The IRIS is able to grow as the child grows. Adjust the depth and center-of-gravity without replacing any parts. Additional special features include a 40 degree or 55 degree tilt range option to accommodate various posi

Zippie Ts

The Zippie TS is a child's lightweight manual tilt in space wheelchair. FRAME: The rigid frame is offered in a range of widths from 10 to 16 inches. Rear anti-tip tubes are standard; front anti-tips are optional. The frame is available in 11 standard colors and 3 custom colors. SEAT: The standard seat is available in a choice of widths ranging from 10 to 16 inches. Standard seat depths range from 10 to 16 inches. Custom depths are available at an extra charge. Seat height depends upon the wheel


The standard Zoomi is a youth positioning chair designed for use for children with mobility and neurological disabilities. Designed to promote good feet-on-the-floor posture, it can be used in the classroom and home. Both the seat and footrest can be easily adjusted to the appropriate height and depth, allowing the chair to accommodate the user's needs as they grow. Standard Zoomi chair comes complete with flat seat, backrest and pelvic strap. OPTIONS: Mobile skis, slotted footboard, transfer st


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