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Seizure Monitor

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Medpage (Models Mp2 & Mp5)

Medpage is a seizure monitor designed to alert caregivers to the onset of a seizure during sleep in people with seizures. Both models use a sensor placed under the mattress of the bed. When a tonic/clonic (grand mal) seizure occurs, the resulting limb movements are detected by the sensor. An additional sensor monitors oral sounds. Each sensor has an adjustable sensitivity level. A delay control can be adjusted from five to fifteen seconds to prevent the monitor from responding to normal movemen

Smart Belt

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of seizure monitoring and response transducer for individuals with seizure disorders to alert their assigned caretaker for assistance. As part of their senior design project, Rice University students Ethan Leng, Mihir Mongia, Charles Park, and Tiffany Varughese created the Seizure Monitoring and Response Transducer (SMART) Belt to combat the complications of seizures by alerting caregivers to seizure activity. The students worked with Andr

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