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Shampoo Dispenser

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Ableware 764302000 Easy Shampoo Basin by Maddak

The Easy Shampoo Basin is a tool for caregivers to assist with washing patients' hair. The simple, easy-to-use, inflatable tray comfortably supports and cushions the head, neck, and shoulders during the shampooing process. The unique double-tube design prevents splashing and spilling. Users will also appreciate the drain hose that conveniently removes soap suds and water for easy clean-up.

Container Aids

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with Friedrich's ataxia to dispense various items that come in spray containers requiring a button to be depressed with the index finger. Purchasing spray bottles with trigger levers, which can be filed with body spray, hairspray, conditioner, etc. for easier application. MATERIALS: Trigger spray bottles. AUTHOR: Labbe, A. TITLE: Quest Extra: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: Quest. WEB SITE: http://www.mda.org/publications/quest/extra/qe14-5

Deluxe Shampoo Cape

The Deluxe Shampoo Cape is designed for people with mobility disabilities. The Comfort-Design neck protects skin and clothing while hair is being washed, cut, dyed, or styled. The cape is made of a stretch fabric that is water, chemical, stain, and wrinkle resistant. Hook-and-loop closure at the neckline ensures that the neck stays dry and clean. The reversible cape can be worn on either side and can be worn with the opening in the front of back depending on the shampoo method.

Diy Talking Shampoo Or Conditioner Bottle

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself auditory alert for a shampoo or conditioner bottle for the elderly and/or individuals with visual impairments. The bottle plays an auditory message (e.g., "shampoo" or "conditioner") when the lid is opened. The message is intended to help someone differentiate or identify bath products when in the shower or bathing. Step 1: Record a message onto a recordable greeting card. Open and close the card to check that the message h

DIY Talking Shampoo/Conditioner Bottle for the Elderly/Visually-Impaired

Talking Shampoo/Conditioner Bottle for the Elderly/Visually-Impaired is an auditory alert to a shampoo/conditioner bottle. This is intended as an assistive device for the elderly, the visually-impaired, the mentally-impaired, or anyone who would like their shampoo/conditioner bottle to say something when the lid is opened. 

Shampoo-Aide Shampoo Tray-Wire Extender

The Shampoo-Aide Shampoo Tray-Wire Extender makes shampooing more comfortable and less messy. Provides comfort for any seated individual because of its complete adjustability to fit various body types. It rests comfortably on the shoulders, eliminating the discomfort of leaning over a sink or lying back in a shampoo bowl. The trays raised edges channel water into the sink keeping the floor dry. Fits most kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks or shampoo bowls. The hinged center allows for hei

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