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Special Amplification Device

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1001 Infiniti Programmable

The 1001 INFINITI Programmable is a hearing aid and special amplification device designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and is appropriate for flat, sloping, or precipitous hearing loss. Peak output is 132 decibels, and the frequency range is 200 to 6300 Herz. This behind-the- ear instrument is programmable on the PMC or INFINITI programmer, and is programmable for gain, Automatic Gain Control (AGC-I), NH, and NL. INFINITI instruments are programmed on the user's ear, allowing f

Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid is an I Phone and I pad application designed for individuals who have difficulty hearing. Device’s microphone records the conversation. To get rid of the ambient sound, frequencies out of the human voice range are filtered out. User listens to the result over the headphones, the device’s speakers, bluetooth or airplay devices. A three-band stereo equalizer is included to adjust the outcome to users preference within the human voice frequency range.

Infiniti Lifesound Series Programmable

The INFINITI LifeSound Series are hearing aids and special amplification devices designed to assist people with hearing loss. These instruments are available in in-the-canal half-shell and in-the-ear models. Both models have programmable gain, RPC, N-H, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC-I), and are programmable on the PMC and INFINITI programmers. Each is pre- programmed with an optimal full-on-gain response for the user's individual hearing loss. Parameters can be modified by the fitter using th

Maxit Classic

The MaxIT Classic is a hearing aid accessory designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. This lightweight wireless device utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to provide hands-free communication and cell phone access for the hearing aid wearer via the hearing aid’s telecoil switch (t switch). The Loopset is worn around the neck in the same manner as a necklace. Depending on the phone make and model of phone, the Loopset may make it possible to play and listen to mp3 tracks stored

Maxit Pulse

The Maxit Pulse is a hearing aid accessory designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. This wireless inductive loopset utilizes Bluetooth technology to enable users to enjoy clear telephone conversations without external noise interference. This loopset supports A2DP connections which allows the user to have wireless communication with their Bluetooth-enabled (version 1.2/2.0) mobile phone. The user also can listen to sounds from any device equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo output socke

Oval Window Portable Info-Loop Induction System With External Clip Mic

The Induction Loop System with External Clip Mic is a communication device designed for those individuals with t-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. This product works best in one-on-one situations, i.e. customer service counters, information booths, meetings, vehicles, and personal use. Includes Alternative Current adapter/charger and choice of omni-directional microphone with 10ft cord OR counter-top microphone. Nominal range is 4-5 feet from the front of the uni

Panasonic Who1

Hearing aid styled similar to a fountain pen, designed to provide necessary amplification to people who have hesitated in wearing the standard styles of hearing aids. Universal ear tips, cord, standard receiver, battery and carrying case included. High power, high gain pocket instrument with attractive wood grain finish. Top mounted unidirectional microphone. Two trimmer controls for output and tone. Fold out pedestal allows use as an auditory trainer of a desk top personal amplifier. Weight 1.4

Phonak Hand-Held Microphone Kit

The Phonak Hand-Held Microphone Kit was designed for one-on-one communication in school or at home. Couples to hearing aid via direct audio input (DAI). It has omni-directional and directional microphone settings. Speaker can use neck loop or garment fastener instead of holding microphone. Available in monaural arrangement and binaural arrangement. Comes with 5 ft. cord.

Phonak Microlink

The Phonak MicroLink is a hearing aid accessory designed for use by children and adults with hearing disabilities. This wireless FM system provides additional amplification for individuals who use hearing aids, providing greater clarity in social situations and meetings, while conversing in an automobile, while talking on the telephone, or while watching television. Compatible with computer-programmable hearing aids, the system comprises a transmitter that picks up the speaker's voice or other a

Phonak Super Directional Conference Microphone

The Phonak Super Directional Conference Microphone is designed for use on table-top surfaces during meetings. It can also be hand-held for one-on-one communication situations. Couples to hearing aid via direct audio input (DAI). Hearing aid microphone pick-up can be adjusted by using on/off switch. LED battery indicator flashes after microphone is opened to indicate that battery is good. Available in monaural arrangement (Model SDM) and binaural arrangement (Model SDM-B). Comes with 5 ft. cord.


The PiCS is a hearing aid and special amplification device designed to assist people with hearing loss. The system uses high-tech micro electronics to allow the instrument to meet the specific needs of each user. All instrument functions are remote-controllable through the Digital- Handy-Control. Both fitting parameters and user functions are programmable using the universal programming unit (PMC) or a personal computer. In-the- canal, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear models are available.

Sennheiser Set830 Wireless Infrared Stereo Adaptive Listening System

The Set 830 from Sennheiser is a quality TV amplifying system that provides users with the comfort and ease of listening to the TV at a chosen volume. The Sennheiser Set 830 directly connects to a TV, Hi-fi system or radio and guarantees quality sound performance. All sound output can be customized to the listener's level of hearing.

Spectra 22 Speech Processor

The Spectra 22 is a speech processor designed to enhance listening capabilities in noisy environments for persons with hearing disabilities. With a lightweight polycarbonate composition, it consists of a free-fitting, conforming electrode array with 22 programmable electrodes designed to optimize fine pitch percepts in the cochlea; a speech processor composed with a high resolution, filter bank that divides a sound signal into 20 frequency bands intended to deliver distinctive information; a rec

Telephone Adapter Kit (Model Ta-100)

The Telephone Adapter Kit, model TA-100, is a special amplification device designed to provide additional amplification on the telephone for individuals who are hard of hearing. It provides binaural listening and enhances the frequency response. This product is to be used with a Comtek Receiver, model PR-72b, with option 2 (see separate entry). WARRANTY: One year limited.

Triton 3000

The Triton 3000 is a behind the ear hearing aid and special amplification device designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss who are difficult to fit. It is appropriate for flat, precipitous, and sloping hearing loss. This instrument has three channel compression and is digitally programmable through connection to the universal programming unit (PMC). The instrument also has three independent amplifier channels using switch capacitors, and adjustable crossover frequencies. Independe

Triton 3004I

The Triton 3004i is a hearing aid and special amplification device designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and who are in varied environmental situations. It is appropriate for reverse flat, sloping, and precipitous hearing loss. This in-the-ear instrument is programmable through the PMC system, and is programmable for gain and independent Automatic Gain Control (AGC-I) threshold on 3 independent channels. The instrument employs switched capacitors filter technology and has 2 adju

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