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Standing Frame

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Adapted Squirrel Stander

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a child with cerebral palsy and a chronic lung disease to stand. This stander has a plywood base and radiata pine uprights and a fabric back. The base is adjustable so the frame tilts up to 10 degrees backward. The standard is equipped with a wooden tay with a small lip and Velcro strips in the center to hold toys in place. The tray can be attached as needed at any height using Cowdrey shelf brackets. The fabric back is made of Brezeway, fabric used for outd

Child's Standing Frame For Shower

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To enable a child with spina bifida to stand in the shower. The standing frame is square-shaped with one end open. The child supports herself on the sides or the closed end of the frame. The frame is constructed of one-inch PVC tubing with rubber suction cups on the bottom of each of the four legs. There is additional bracing across the top of the closed side. DIMENSIONS: The frame's approximate height is 65 centimeters (cm). TITLE: Sara Walks! JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF

Easystand Evolv Adult Glider

The EasyStand Evolv Adult Glider is a standing frame designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy. This sit-to-stand hydraulic standing aid fits individuals from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall. The pivot points of the stander mimic the body's natural pivot points to maximize over-center stretch and minimize shear in the buttocks and back. Additional supports (hip supports, lateral supports, head support) remain in place from sittin

Easystand Evolv Youth Glider

The EasyStand Evolv Youth Glider is a standing aid designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy. This modular stander has a hydraulic lift mechanism and fits individuals from 4 foot to 5 foot 6 inches tall. The pivot points of the stander mimic the body's natural pivot points to provide a maximum over-center stretch for various body types while minimizing shear in the buttocks and back. Additional supports (hip supports, lateral su

Easystand Magician Comfy Seat

The EasyStand Magician Comfy Seat is a child's mobile standing frame designed for use by children with lower extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities. This standing system includes a wheeled frame with an upholstered seat that can be positioned for sitting, anterior tilt, or standing. Head and back supports maintain the child's position. Adjustments can be made to seat depth, kneepads, and footrests to accomodate growth or to enable different children to use the frame in a multi-user se

Gazelle By R82

The Gazelle is a prone stander designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. Available in three sizes, this stander may also be used for postural drainage and as a tilting table with a variety of adjustments between 15 and 90 degrees. It features a Y-shaped base with four locking wheels, foot-pedal angle adjustment and a degree meter, height- and width-adjustable footrests, rear support, padded chest support, and padded knee supports. The leg rests are independently adjustable with ea

Hand Stand

The Hand Stand is a standing frame designed to offer independence and therapeutic utilization for persons with mobility disabilities. The system features a retractable seat harness, adjustable foot straps and knee supports forming a three-point leverage that allows the user to select a comfortable standing or sitting position. The harness attaches and detaches like a seatbelt, and a finger-tip release is designed to provide a controlled return a sitting position. With front dolly wheels, this st


The Hippi pediatric stander is designed to offer hip support for children who require assistance to stand independently due to neurological and mobility disabilities. It is ideal for children who do not require upper trunk support. The Hippi encourage interaction with other children as the frame fits under most tables. A double hip strap is supplied as a standard feature.


The Independent is an adjustable vertical stander designed for children from 18 months old to young adult who require moderate levels of support when weight bearing while in supported standing. The Independent supports users at the feet, knees, hips and trunk. The height, width and angle can be adjusted independently for a customized fit. It is designed to promote increased comfort and support by providing soft, padded thoracic and pelvic bands as well as padded knee cups. The Independent comes

Kaye Partial Weight-Bearing Walking Frame (Model Sw1)

The Kaye Partial Weight-Bearing Walking Frame, model SW1, is a child's walker or standing frame designed for use by children who have a wide range of disabilities due to neuropathy, including postural control, interlimb coordination, and steady state and reactive balance. The Kaye Walking Frame supports the user in the upright, walking, or partial weight-bearing position using a combination of an overhead suspension frame, a manual winch, a harness, removable handlebars, and swivel casters with

Lazy Squirrel Standing Frame With Headrest

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted Lazy Squirrel Standing Frame with a headrest for a child with lissencephaly. Lissencephaly is a rare brain malformation that results in the child being unable to stand or hold himself upright. As a result of this condition, the child spent a lot of time sitting or lying down. The child needed a headrest to cradle his head while he stands in the frame. Two TAD volunteers worked on an adapted design based on the original La

Leckey Freestander

The Leckey Freestander is a standing aid designed for use by children with mobility and neurological disabilities. This stander permits vertical positioning and features an extra-wide rear frame for wheelchair transfers, four locking swivel casters, a low base board, and multi-adjustable supports to provide positioning of the chest, hips, knees, and feet. A pelvic band combined with a pelvic plate also provides additional hip support, and the footplates are independently height- and angle-adjust

Leckey Pronestander

The Leckey Pronestander is a standing aid designed for use by children and adults with mobility disabilities. This stander permits prone positioning. Standard features include a multi-position chestplate and flexible lateral supports that allow for growth, finite positioning, and trunk control; a pelvic band that encourages mid-line symmetry and weight distribution; height- and laterally-adjustable knee blocks; curved rigid hip supports; and a height- and angle-adjustable tray with a molded rim

Maddak Standing Frame, Small (Model H70425)

The Maddak Standing Frame, Small, model H70425, is a standing platform designed for small children with severe physical limitations. The standing frame permits many types of play activities as well as table work, while providing the child with the benefits of lower extremity weight bearing. The frame may be especially beneficial for children with cerbral palsy or other disorders affting gross motor development. This supporting device will adapt to individual children from about 1 to 7 years old

Merry Stand By Me

The Merry Stand By Me is a standing aid designed for use by individuals with neurological, mobility, or lower extremity disabilities. This device enables a person who uses a wheelchair to pull the wheelchair into the stationary framework, lock the brakes on the wheelchair and then practice sit to stand within the framework. The device is designed to assist in returning to functional mobility. Made of 16- gauge steel, the unit has a powder-coated enamel finish. The bottom gripped base is designe

Merry Stand By Me Cart

The Merry Stand By Me Cart is a carrying cart for a standing frame designed for use by individuals with mobility, walking and standing disabilities who use the Merry Stand By Me (see separate entry) standing frame. Designed to add portability to the Merry Stand By Me, this carrying cart can hold and transport the standing frame once it is taken apart. The cart is constructed with black tubular steel, and it has two pairs of brackets, one on each side, as well as four castor wheels. COLOR: Black

Mobility Assistance Device

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a mobility assistance device that targets eased standing, sitting, and walking in individuals with disabilities and older adults. Anurag Purwar, PhD, research associate professor at the Department of Medical Engineering at Stony Brook University has developed a mobility solution engineered to assist individuals with disabilities and older adults in sitting, standing, and walking. Using his machine design background, Dr. Purwar developed a

Mulholland Rocket Stander

The Mulholland Rocket Stander is a prone/supine/upright stander for preschool children with neurological and physical disabilities weighing up to 50 lbs. The stander is designed to promote eye contact during peer interaction. It has a quick-folding frame for storage. With its standard features, the stander offers support for children with mild to more severe levels of physical disability. Adjustments can be made to the chest, hip, knee and foot supports to accommodate children of varying sizes a

Parallel Poles With Base (Model P10)

The Parallel Poles with Base, model P10 is an adjustable standing frame with a large base designed for children one to ten years old with neurological, balance, or lower extremity disabilities. Useful for children who are just beginning to pull to stand or move in a standing position, but who do not have the balance or endurance to do so independently, the removable, aluminum bars may be used to gain arm extension with abduction and grasp in learning to get up and down from sitting to standing,

Pediatric Delta Power Stand Basic & Pediatric Delta Power Stand Mobile

The Pediatric Delta Power Stand Basic and the Pediatric Delta Power Stand Mobile are standing frames designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. Both models accommodate individuals from 35.46 inches tall to 61.46 inches tall. The Basic model is a statioary frame The mobile model features a belt-drive system to provide the user with independent mobility while standing. Both models feature a steel frame, a knee pad, a tray, and a solid seat. The Mobile unit also includes an adjustable

Portable Outdoor Stander

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To provide a do-it-yourself standing device to be used outdoors by an individual with mobility disabilities who is able to stand, once assisted to the standing position and desired to choose various outdoor locations around the property to stand. The portable outdoor stander frame is welded 3/16 inch angle iron and tapered from bottom to top for stability. The stand is made rigid with 3/8 inch ply. Two offset wheels allow the unit to be tipped and eas

Prone Standing Frame.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Frame to help a child who can not stand alone to experience the standing position. Describes construction of a standing frame made of wood or chipboard, measured to fit the child, with padding optional. Can include side panels to keep the child upright. COMMENTS: Instructins include this message: "Please consult a therapist before using this for any child as there are spec ific therapeutic reasons for using this frame. It is unsuitable for some childre


Rigistand is an adjustable stander for children with neuromuscular and physical mobility involvement. Standing not only provides alternative positioning for those who use wheelchairs or other seating systems, but also plays an important part in development and rehabilitation.

Rocket Stander

The Rocket Stander is a mobile standing aid designed to allow postural drainage for children who have a physical disability. The stander provides precise postural support and variable angle adjustability in standing. It also converts to allow for postural drainage and folds for storage. OPTIONS: A variety of component options are available. SIZE: Available in two sizes.

Sammons Preston Big And Little Hug Vertical Stander (Models 4620 & 4630)

The Big Hug and Little Hug Vertical Stander are standing frames designed to offer support for children with mobility disabilities. They feature height adjustable chest and pelvic straps in addition to adjustable knee pad height and foot restraints. Designed with a reversible superstructure, it allows a child to be fitted in from the front or rear. The stand is detachable from the baseboard for storage and transportation. DIMENSIONS: Big Hug,(model 4630) accommodates children 43 to 53 inches in h

Special Kreations Support Podium (Model K10Sp)

Standing frame for children measuring 30 to 36 inches from floor to mid- chest while standing. Adjustable back support, 30 to 44 inches from floor. Adjustable height tray, 30 to 36 inches. Adjustable height knee pads, 12 to 18 inches. Adjustable trunk pads, 6 to 13 inches wide. Tray 18 by 25 inches. Fabricated of birch plywood and hard maple. Stain and mildew resistant pads with vinyl covers in blue or brown. Pads snap off for easy cleaning. Warranty available. .

Squirrel Stander Adapted For Use At Easel

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a children at an early intervention center to stand at an easel. This stander has a plywood base and radiata pine uprights and a fabric back. The base is adjustable so the frame tilts up to 10 degrees backward. The fabric back is made of Brezeway, fabric used for outdoor furniture, for strength, ventilation, and softness. A torso strap and a strap to stabilize each leg are also made of Breezeway doubled over and fastened with Velcro in the back of the frame.

Stand Aid Junior

The Stand Aid Junior is a standing frame designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This stander accommodates individuals between 35 and 46 inches tall and holds the user's feet in a fixed position while providing support at the chest, hips, and knees. The unit has a steel frame and four locking swivel wheels. CAPACITY: 150 pounds.

Stand-Rite Standing Frame

The Stand-Rite standing frame is a standing frame designed for use by individuals with mobility or lower extremity disabilities. The outer frame is one piece 1.25-inch steel tubing with 90-degree radius turns for smooth edges and strength. The frame is powder coated and textured for a good grip, if needed. The vertical inner supports are of one-inch steel tubing. Standard equipment includes vinyl-covered foam supports, foot guides, ankle stretching ramps, work/support table, nd lower leg strap.

Standing Frame

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To provide a low-cost standing frame for a woman with mobility disabilities. Just above the feet of each leg of a discarded, but usable, walker with no wheels, drill one hole, front to back. Pass a long bolt through the resulting holes on each leg. Place the walker on a piece of plywood, slightly wider than the walker, and approximately 18 inches deeper. Place the front of the walker two inches from one end of the plywood. Use a pipe straps to attach each bolt to the ply

Standing Frame

Tubular steel frame and plywood panels with wheels at rear and pegs with rubber crutch tips on front, allowing standing frame to be tipped back and wheeled from one place to another. Wooden footrest attaches to bottom of frame with molded plastic shoeholders. Wooden back board measures 28 inches high by 18 inches wide, with adjustment of height by reattaching board in alternative bolt holes. Adjustable height and depth foam knee support is clamped to vertical slot in back board. Foam- lined leat

Standing Frame Conversion Kits (Models 1.7 & 1.7A)

The Standing Frame Conversion Kits, models 1.7 and 1.7A, change the 1A model standing frame to the 1B model and the 1AT model into the 1BT model, respectively. (See separate entries for these standing frame models.) This enables the 1 to 5 year old versions to fit 4 to 7 year old children. Both kits include two 19-inch aluminum uprights, two 21-inch wooden supports, and a longer hip belt. WEIGHTS: Model 1.7 weighs approximately 5 pounds, Model 1.7A approximately 10 pounds. DELIVERY TIME: This is

Standing Frame Modifications

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To repair a stander for an individual with cerebral palsy. Two of the four locking casters on the stander had broken and the tires had hardened with age, putting the unit in danger of moving as it was placed in a horizontal position for transfers. The existing casters were replaced with new ones. In addition, the nuts for the quarter-inch tri-screws used to adjust the unit had worn out. The nuts were drilled out of the frame and tapped out to accept larger tri-screws,


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a mechanical stander and adjustable walker for a young child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is a neuromuscular disease which results in weakness and limited mobility in the limbs, particularly the legs. Because of this weakness, the child was forced to spend most of his time in a sitting or lying position. The STRIDER project resulted in an adjustable device that supported the child in a standing position and allowed him to walk

Supine Standing Frame

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted standing frame for a child with migrating partial epilepsy in infancy (MPEI) to allow for therapeutic standing. The child had outgrown her Lazy Squirrel Frame that she used for home and at pre-school. The new adaptation allows the child to stand up and hold her own weight upright which is good for her muscles and enables her to engage more actively with others. The adjustable padded supports and straps on the frame support


Supro is a supine stander that has been designed for children from 2 years to young adult who need to develop and maintain their ability to weight bear through their lower extremities. It offers full posterior body contact and is suitable for users with little or no head control. The Supro provides the option of supine, prone and vertical standing in one frame. Its design gives an angle range of 90° allowing it to achieve a horizontal and vertical position. By removing the head support, re-fixin

Symmetry & Symmetry Youth

Symmetry and Symmetry Youth are standing frames designed for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This frame supports full upright standing posture. It has a solid padded sliding seat and an adjustable sliding back, with lift arms that pull the system up and forward. The system maintains the position of the seat on the users' body while the user is standing or returning to the seated position. The seat is smooth on the front edge so the user gettin


The Totstander is a standing aid designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This stander encourages children 26 to 33 inches tall to develop weight bearing and postural positioning skills. Standard features include a wooden base, a chest strap, knee supports, and foot sandals. The foot sandals are designed to hold a child's feet securely on the stander, and the knee supports for adduction and abduction are individually height-, depth-, and angle-adjustable. DIMENSIONS: The base is

Toucan Standing Frame

The Toucan Standing Frame is designed to support children in both upright and prone positions. The distance between the left and the right part of the frame allows for efficient transfer to a wheelchair or static seating system.

Uprights By R82

The Uprights by R82 are standing frames designed for use by children and adults with mobility disabilities. Each unit includes two torso support straps with Velcro closure, fully adjustable knee pads, heel bar, and height-adjustable uprights. The Uprights are available in two sizes, each with or without casters. OPTIONS: Foot dividers, foot straps, kneeling pad, and wood or PVC plastic trays. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Size 1 is 23 to 35 inches x 14 inches between uprights; size 2 is 29 to 42 inches x 1

User-Friendly Standing Aid Frame (Models K0109-A, K109-B, & K109-C)

The User-Friendly Standing Aid Frame, model K0109, is a standing aid designed for use by children with lower extremity or neurological disabilities. These units are made of hardwood and steel with colorful, breathable fabrics. They feature a swing-away rear entry and provide adjustable support at the feet, knees, hips, and buttocks. OPTIONS: White Melamine table; clear Lexan table; upper trunk support; kneeling pads; heel/ankle strap; small or large head/back support; hip lateral support; abdomn


Varyflex is a pediatric stander designed for children with limited mobility due to cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and neurological disorders. It comes with a chest and hip straps for positing. The Varyflex standing frame is positioned on moveable platform with wheels.

Vertical Stander

The Vertical Stander is a prone standing frame for children from 18 months through 12 years who need support at the hips and pelvis to maintain standing alignment. FEATURES: The frame has a solid pelvic stabilizer for anterior, posterior and lateral positioning; a removable lower cushion for knee extension; removable adjustable foot supports for additional alignment of feet and ankles; a posterior pelvic pad that swings away and locks in place with a safety latch; removable lateral cushions; and


The Vose is a pediatric stander designed for taller children with limited mobility due to cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and neurological disorders. It comes with a double chest and hip straps for positing. The Vose standing frame is positioned on moveable platform with castors.


Wentworth is a vertical stander designed for users from 18 months to early teens who require low to moderate levels of support while weight bearing. The Wentworth’s design allows it to be used as a hip stander suitable for targeting therapy for the development of specific areas such as trunk and shoulder girdle stability and head control. SIZES: 1 and 2. DIMENSIONS: Size 1: Thoracic support [top] to foot plate height 27.5-39.5", Pelvic Support [top] to foot plate height 15.75-31.5", Knee suppor

Whirl Terzo

Whirl Terzo is a stander suitable for children from 12 months of age to young adult who require support while standing. It is designed to promote independence and encourage inclusion to help the user interact with their peers. The Whirl Terzo can be used in the home and school environments. It comes complete with anterior, pelvic and knee supports, cocoon sandals and activity tray. In addition, the Whirl Terzo is equipped with a 10° tilt to assist in achieving an optimum standing position. POWER

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