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Surface Anchor

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Dual-Lock is a surface anchor designed to mount switches and other devices to mounting plates or any other surface. When pressed together, this adhesive-backed strip provides a tough, secure bond. DIMENSIONS(W x L): 2 inches x 1 foot. WARRANTY: A manufacturer's warranty is available on this product.

Lockblocks Fasteners

Lockblocks Fasteners are surface anchors designed to mount tubular accessories such as flashlights, canes, and airpumps to any tube on wheelchairs, walkers, bed rails, etc. The mounts are flexible plastic with hook-and-loop strapping systems. Lockblocks Cross Channel mounts hold items perpendicular to the tube or rail with two straps, while Lockblocks Parallel Channel mounts hold items parallel to the rail with one strap. These fasteners are available in a variety of strap lengths and weights.

Sensitrac Flat Pad

The Sensitrac Flat Pad is a suction pad mounting system designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or neurological disabilities, upper extremity disabilities, or fine motor disabilities. This micro pad can be used to hold ABLENet switches, buttons, touch pads and small communication devices up to 6 inches wide with flat bottoms. It can also be used to stop devices from moving when a user with uncontrolled movement hits the device. The pad consists of a hard plastic cover with Velcro


The Staybowlizer is a silicone bowl stabilizer designed for those with visual impairments, upper extremity amputees, or those who need additional help keeping cooking bowls secure. The device has three functions which include cradling and suctioning the bowl, as well as acting as a double boiler. The Staybowlizer is dishwasher-safe and comes in five different choices.


UltraStik is a surface anchor designed to anchor switches and other items to flat surfaces. This adhesive is reusable, extra tough and sticky, and easy to see. Stickiness can be restored with soap and water. UltraStik is available in packages of three custom cut circles (one to fit a Jelly Bean Switch and two for the Specs switch; see separate entries), a package of two custom-cut circles for the Jelly Bean Switch), or one rectangle to enable he user to cut adhesive to individual needs. DIMENSIO

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