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8720 Delta Swim System

The 8720 Delta Swim System is a float swimming aid designed to aid in progressive swimming development and may be most appropriate for individuals who can maintain postural equilibrium with controlled arm movements. The Delta is also designed to help maintain a vertical position in the water to assist with walking, running, and aerobic exercises. By utilizing the water's resistance, rehabilitation therapy can be directed at a specific area or muscle grouping. This body float is constructed of du

8723 Sectional Raft

The 8723 Sectional Raft is a float swimming aid designed for use with individuals with cognitive, upper extremity or mobility disabilities. This unit has a sectional design that supports and cradles the body for people who are not going to swim actively or who are insecure in the water. The design allows water to flow in and around the body, enabling interaction with the surroundings and reducing the fear of falling off a raft that holds the individual on top of the water. The raft has a reversi

8724 Swim Rings

The 8724 Swim Rings are multi-purpose float swimming aids. Sets of the rings may be snapped together for neck, chest, or torso support. Individual rings can be removed to reduce the amount of flotation. The rings are made of vinyl coated foam. SIZES: Small, for weights 20 to 30 pounds; Medium, for weights 30 to 80 pounds; and Large, for weights 80 to 200 pounds. DIMENSIONS: Rings are 1-inch thick with 20 inches of flotation on a 36 inch strap per set. Diameters are 2.5 (Small), 3.5 (Medium), and

8727 Dolphin Float System

The 8727 Dolphin Float System is a float swimming aid designed to compensate for uneven weight distribution in swimmers with physical or neurological disabilities. This harness style foam device has two removable side pads to minimize lateral rotation. A removable front third pad provides additional lift. OPTIONS: Stabilizer Bar for increased stability; swim rings for added head and neck support; and the crotch strap to prevent the flotation harness from riding up while swimming. SIZES: Small (f

8730 Comfort Mat

The 8730 Comfort Mat is a therapy swim mat and float swim aids that can be used at the pool edge, for entry and exit from the water, and in the water. It can also be used as a soft floor covering in the shower. The mats are constructed of moisture proof, vinyl-coated foam. DIMENSIONS(LxWxT): 25 x 40 x 1 inches. COLOR: Yellow is standard; 15 custom colors available at an extra charge.

8732 Water Ear Muffs

The 8732 Water Ear Muffs are adjustable swimming aids designed to keep ear molds, ear plugs or wax molds in place. The muffs are made of a soft foam inner lining that contours to the shape of the ear, holding the molds in place. The outer shell has straps with a buckle closure. The foam snaps out of the shell for drying. COLOR: Black shell with rainbow colored strapping.

Above-Ground Pool Lifts (Models Ag48Wp, Ag48, Ag60, & Ag72)

Aquatic Access Above-Ground Pool Lifts (Models AG48WP, AG48, AG60, and AG72) are water powered lifts designed to assist persons with disabilities to enter and exit pools constructed above ground. Suitable for pools up to 4-feet deep at the point the lift is installed, the Pool Lift allows a person to ride up 30 inches, turn over the wall of the pool, and ride down 30 inches into the water. The stainless steel cylinder mounts to a 4 by 4 foot treated post sunk 30 inches into the ground and cut to

Adapted Aquatics Programming - 2nd Edition


AdaptTap is a swimming pool lane navigation system designed for swimmers who are blind or visually impaired. It consists of a series of flexible plastic rods with balls on one end and brackets on the other that can be attached to a standard lane line. The shorter rods, when attached at regular intervals down both lane lines, can help keep the swimmer in the middle of the lane and prevent him or her from veering into the next lane. The longer rods, when attached to each end of the pool, can alert

Adult Konfidence Jacket

The Adult Konfidence Jacket is a float swimming aid designed for use by individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities in aquatic therapy. This neoprene buoyancy vest features eight removable floats. The flexible buoyancy allows users to alter their position in the water based on their requirements. This jacket is made from wetsuit grade neoprene for comfort and durability and has a chlorine-resistant soft poly interior. An adjustable crotch strap allows for different torso sizes and stops

AfterSwim Ear Water Removal - Pack of 20

The AfterSwim Ear Water Removal - Pack of 20 is for users with disabilities to dry their ear canal after aqua therapy to prevent Swimmer's Ear (Otitis Externa) and to maintain clean ears. Features a flaired tip design that eliminates risk of over-insertion. It is designed to never come into contact with ear drum. AfterSwim only needs to be inserted far enough into the ear to break the surface level of the water. The wicking action of the AfterSwim will remove the water on its own. One AfterSwim

Aqua Ramp

The Aqua Ramp is a portable swimming pool ramp designed to provide swimming pool access for wheelchair users and others who have difficulty using a ladder or steps. This lightweight aluminum ramp has non-skid surfaces, and it is wide enough for most aquatic wheelchairs. It automatically adjusts with movable floor systems. The ramp includes a lower platform. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 12 x 3 feet; lower platform is 3 feet long. WEIGHT: 250 pounds. WARRANTY: 5 year structural warranty.

Child's Konfidence Jacket

The Child's Konfidence Jacket is a float swimming aid designed for use by children with physical or cognitive disabilities in aquatic therapy or while learning to swim. This neoprene buoyancy vest features eight removable floats. The flexible buoyancy allows users to alter their position in the water based on their requirements. This jacket promotes correct swimming position and helps children achieve a face forward position. This jacket is made from wetsuit-grade neoprene for comfort and durabi

FloaterPaddle (Foam Model)

The FloaterPaddle (Foam Model) is a multifunctional swimming aid designed to help individuals with lower back and/or leg injuries rehabilitate their upper body strength. Individuals can use the FloaterPaddle as a flotation device, swim paddle, or kick board as they engage in swim training, recreational swimming, water exercise, or rehabilitation. The FloaterPaddle widens the surface area of the users’ forearms which can help increase their thrust and allow them to move through the water more eff

Kes-Vir Girls Designer Waterfall Swimsuit

Kes-vir(™) Designer Waterfal Swmisuit is designed for girls with limited arm and leg movement as well as low muscle tone. The swimsuit opens up flat and wraps over the body with ties, Velcro and fasteners for larger sizes for fastening. It has a waterproof wrap-over diaper liner integrated within the swimsuit to contain any bowel movements (not designed to keep in urine). The integrated diaper liner is designed to prevent clogging of pool filters. It is made out of a chlorine resistant fabric wi

Mjm Multi-Purpose Chair (Model 131-18-24W)

The MJM Multi-Purpose Chair, model 131-18-24W, is a multi-purpose shower and commode wheelchair designed for use by individuals with mobility, balance, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This chair can be used as a shower chair, commode chair, transfer chair, or aquatic pool chair. FRAME (WxHxL): 29 x 40 x 33 inches. The frame is no-rust white PVC plastic with an anti-tip design. SEAT (WxD): 18 x 18 inches. The seat is an open-front plastic commode seat. Seat height is 21 inches

Netti Combi-Aqua Incontinence Swimwear

The Netti Combi-Aqua Incontinence Swimwear are incontinence swimming pants for use by adults with incontinence. The Netti Combi-Aqua is composed of two components - the inner fixation pant made of polyurethane coated with polyester, and the outer stretch pant made of 80% tactile microfiber and 20% Lycra. The inner fixation pant is completely waterproof, and its patented, leak-proof waist and leg bands keep water out. It does not have a built-in pad, and it can be used in combination with a pad o

Samsung's Blind Cap

Samsung’s Blind Cap is a swimming cap specifically designed to alert swimmers who are blind or visually impaired of the approaching pool wall. This wearable navigation aid works in conjunction with the Blind Cap mobile app, which can be downloaded on a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch or any Android phone (not included), and synchronized to the Blind Cap via Bluetooth. It also requires the assistance of a sighted individual (coach) who can track the swimmer’s progress down the pool lane. If the swimme

Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights

The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights use of resistive aquatic therapy is effective for strengthening the upper body and offers less risk of muscle strain than land-based exercise. The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weight is manufactured from non-allergenic chlorine resistant vinyl that dries quickly as to avoid wetting other items when packed. Designed with air valves that provide easy filling access, the weights can be filled by mouth or with an air pump. Weights are sold in cases of ten (10).

Sofao - Ferriol Matrat

Sofao is an adaptive swimming flotation chair/sit-swimming solution manoeuvred by a volunteer guide that enables severely mobility-challenged children or adults (muscular dystrophy, sufferers, multiple sclerosis, quadriplegics) to swim and bathe in swimming pools and in the sea.

Sportime Yeller Closed-Cell Foam Kickboard

The Sportime Yeller Closed-Cell Foam Kickboard is aquatic aid designed to strenghten specific muscle groups in the lower extremities and promote coordination activities for persons with physical or cognitive disabilities. The floating boards are made with polyethylene and covered with micro-cell foam. OPTIONS: The boards can be ordered with handgrip cut-outs. DIMENSIONS: (Length x Width x Thickness) - the traditional board is 19 x 14 x 1 5/16 inches; the handgrip board is 21 x 11.5 x 1.25 inches

Stabilizer Bar (Models 8729 & 8729-3)

The Stabilizer Bar is a swimming and float swimming aid designed for use with lower, upper extremity, or mobility disabilities. This unit is designed to help maintain balance and equilibrium during water walking/gait exercises, to help with rest in the water when placed under the arms, or to help with kicking workouts. This device consists of a plastic bar with foam rings that can be attached at both ends in differing numbers according to the proficiency of the user. SIZES: Model 8729 is standa

Theratogs Wunzi System

The TeraTogs Wunzi System is a sensory-motor weighted vest designed to guide and shape a baby's postural alignment or for use by newborns with excessive trunk instability or for use by babies/newborns with cerebal palsy, Hypotonia, or any disability that causes misalignment of the joints and an underdeveloped of the musculoskeletal system. It is meant to improve respiration and vocalization. It is best to use when the babies are young.

Traveler Ii Xrc500 Ada Compliant Pool Lift

The Traveler II XRC500 ADA Compliant Pool Lift is a pool lift designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, mobility disabilities, or severe physical disabilities. This electrically powered pool lift can be used with in-ground and above ground swimming pools. The Traveler II can be installed in a 1.9-inch anchor in the pool deck (not included) or it can used with the Mobile Anchor Transport Evolution (MATE) (not included) if the user needs a portable lift. It is coated with Spectra Sh

Wet Vest Original

The Wet Vest is a wet suit vest designed to allow exercise in deep water for individuals with physical disabilities. The lightweight, snug fitting vest fits much like a bathing suit and is worn while the user is submerged to neck level in deep water. It allows an individual to run and exercise in the water while staying afloat. SIZES: Available in x-small, small, medium, large, extra large. COLORL: Available in Pink and Blue.

XeroSox Waterproof Cast Cover

The XeroSox Waterproof Cast Cover is a cast or bandage cover designed for persons with a leg or arm injury that use a cast. This product allows the cast to get wet. The vacuum seal can be checked at any time by seeing a dimple in the pump. The cast cover can be used for postoperative physical therapy after surgery as it helps to prevent swelling and stiffness. Cast can be used to cover prosthetics. The built in pump allows the user to see if the vacuum seal is still intact. Has a non-skid surfac

Youth Konfidence Jacket

The Youth Konfidence Jacket is a float swimming aid designed for use by youth ages 8 to 14 years with physical or cognitive disabilities in aquatic therapy or while learning to swim. This neoprene buoyancy vest features eight removable floats. The flexible buoyancy allows users to alter their position in the water based on their requirements. This jacket promotes correct swimming position and helps children achieve a face forward position. This jacket is made from wetsuit-grade neoprene for comf


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