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Astrotemp (Model 7B)

The AstroTemp, model 7B, is an electronic digital thermometer designed to beeps when the highest temperature is reached. WEIGHT: 13 ounces.

Aud A Mometer (Models 1129, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, & 1134)

Audible thermometer. Stainless steel probe on end of flexible cable. Probe is placed on object being measured. Tone is balanced to zero (no sound) by turning knob and taking reading on a raised dot scale. Accuracy ranges from 0.1 degree to 1 degree with greatest accuracy on the shortest scale. Available in Centigrade or Fahrenheit scales for clinics, darkroom, labs, weather. Special ranges can be custom fabricated.

Braille Clinical Thermometer (Model 172955)

Metal tactile thermometer. Fahrenheit reading, range 94 to 108 degrees. Scale has raised dots and pointer. Push button on side of scale to lock pointer so thermometer can be read by touch. Sterilize with denatured alcohol.

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer (Model 4520)

The Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer, model IRT 4520, is a tympanic thermometer designed for home use. This digital thermometer measures body temperature within seconds. When measurement is complete, a light goes on and the thermometer beeps. Results are shown on a liquid crystal display (LCD). Temperatures can be measured in a range of 34 to 42.2 degrees Centigrade or 93.2 to 108.0 degrees Fahrenheit. Other features include a soft, flexible tip; auto turn-off after one minute; and an 8-temperat

Digi-Temp (Model 1572)

The Digi-temp, model 1572, is a voice output large print thermometer designed for use with the manufacturer's Talking Sphygmomanometer (see separate entry). The digital thermometer features an extra- large display and is equipped with a cable that allows it to be plugged into the sphygmomanometer speech module. WARRANTY: Customer satisfaction is guaranteed: the unit may be returned in its original condition for a full refund within 30 days. A limited 3-year warranty applies thereafter. Repairs o

Fever Scout

Fever Scout is a soft, wearable smart thermometer patch that can be used for children with disabilities or anyone who wants to continuously monitor body temperature. Fever Scout is worn under the armpit and will continuously measure temperature and wirelessly sends information to the smartphone through an app. It is rechargeable and reusable, and updates every minute. Users can get alerts when fevers spike, and can easily share information with a physician. Users can document symptoms, medicatio

Gentle Temp Thermometer

The Gentle Temp Thermometer is a digital tympanic thermometer designed for use with children and adults who have difficulty using traditional oral or rectal thermometers. The lightweight, slim-design thermometer operates on one touch and provides the temperature in three seconds in Fahrenheit or Centigrade; the thermometer also converts to rectal equivalent. Five separate readings are averaged for accuracy. This thermometer also features audio alert when the temperature registers, a large digita

Ls&s Talking Indoor/outdoor Thermometer

The Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Users touch a button to hear the indoor and outdoor temperature spoken. Reading can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. LCD visual display can show either indoor or outdoor temperature. Has an alarm feature to signal if temperature goes above or below a set range.

Multi Functioning Thermometer

The Multi Functioning Thermometer is a talking thermometer that can be used by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Uses infrared technology to take a quick read from forehead, ear or the room. Features LED fever alarm indicator, large backlit screen, date and time display, can be set to talk or quiet mode, 30-reading memory storage and reads Fahrenheit and Celsius. SIZE: 5 inches long 1 1/2 inches wide. BATTERIES: Includes 2 AAA batteries. COLOR: Black with white.

Redi-Temp Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitor (Models 5010-H & 8001)

The Redi-Temp Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitor is a digital thermometer that can be applied to skin on the forehead, temple, behind the ear, or over the heart. It has no glass or mercury and can remain in place for several days with no discomfort or side effects. Temperatures are displayed in large bright green characters on a liquid crystal display. The thermometer is available in strips (model 8001) or in an oval shape (model 5010-H) that optimizes contact with blood vessels in the forehead.

Spanish Speaking Clinical Thermometer

The Spanish Speaking Clinical Thermometer is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Supplies an audio announcement of body temperature in Spanish and on the LED display. For oral, rectal or underarm use. Accuracy: (0.2°F, 0.1°C).

Stat-Temp Ii (Models 1150, 1151, 3010, & 3020)

The Stat-Temp II is a liquid crystal fever strip. This small, circular temperature monitor has a ThermalSense metal backing designed to enable it to continuously monitor temperature quickly and accurately. The disc's design permits uniform contact with the surface of the skin and can be placed almost anywhere on the body including the forehead, temple, behind the ears, over the heart, along limbs for objective determination of a regional block, or on skin flap surgery locations. The device conta

Talking Digital Clinical Thermometer (Model He8842)

The Talking Digital Clinical Thermometer, model HE8842, is a voice output digital thermometer designed for use by persons who are blind or have low vision. This thermometer automatically announces the body termperature when the measurement is done. Measurements may be made orally, rectally, or underarm. Measurements have an accuracy of 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.1 degrees Celsius. Other features include a liquid crystal display (LCD), memory recall of the last measured temperature, and automati

Talking Digital Thermometer

The Talking Digital Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for measurement of body temperature by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It also features a visual display and last-temperature memory. POWER: Uses batteries (included). OPTIONS: Thin disposable probe covers in packs of 100.

Talking Thermometer

The Talking Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for use by individuals with visual disabilities. This thermometer features voice-readout of the temperature and a large digital display. Temperatures may be taken under the arm, orally, or rectally and readings are accurate within .2 of a degree. Standard features also include memory recall of the last reading and automatic shut-off after seven minutes. POWER: Uses two 1.5-volt button batteries.

Talking Thermometer

The Talking Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for use by individuals who are blind or who have low vision. This oral digital thermometer features audio announcement and a digital display. The thermometer recalls the last measured temperature. The thermometer is equipped with talk and power buttons. POWER: Uses batteries (included).

Temp•Qwik Forehead Thermometer (Model 70032)

The Apex Temp•Qwik Forehead Thermometer, model 70032, is a reusable fever strip for gauging a person's temperature. This re-usable thermometer displays the temperature in 15 seconds. The strip has an adhesive back to adhere to the forehead of the individual for constant monitoring without disturbing him or her. OPTIONS: Custom imprinting. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 1-1/8 x 3-5/8 inches.

The Aid

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a walking aid that provides physical support, navigation, and serves as a health monitoring device for individuals who are elderly or individuals with disabilities. Created by Egle Ugintaite from Lithuania, “the aid,” is a cane that provides mobile navigation and health management services. In addition to ambulation support, this high-tech cane also monitors the user’s pulse, blood pressure, and temperature through sensors located in the wr


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