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Toilet Seats General

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6850 Toilet Seat Cover With Reducer Ring

The 6850 Toilet Seat Cushion with Reducer Ring is a vinyl coated foam cushion that reduces the size of the toilet opening. The cleanable, portable cushion is made of 1-inch foam and have a snap-on design. SHAPE: Oval or round

6855 Soft Deflector & 6856 Personal Deflector

The 6855 Soft Deflector and the 6856 Personal Deflector are toilet seat deflectors for use with toilet seat covers. The 6855 is made to fit onto the 6850 Toilet Seat Cover with Reducer ring (see separate entry). These devices are made of vinyl-coated foam and snap into place on the front of the seat. The Personal Deflector has a waist band that holds the soft deflector in place. The Soft Deflector is available in a clamp on style or permanent mount style. SIZES: Small, Medium or Large. DIMENSION

Adjustable Rails And Backrest For Toilet

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with a variety of disabilities to use a toilet. The rails were made from discarded hospital bedheads and mounted to the existing metal wall clamps. The backrest was made from the pad of a telephone table and mounted to a piece of wood connected to two wooden clamps that fit over the rails. A T-nut on either side enables the backrest to slide backward and forward along the rails for adjustment to meet individual needs. A chest strap provides addit

Aquanaut (Model 180-00)

The Aquanaut, model 180-00, is a molded elevated toilet seat and back support designed for use by children who require extra support while toileting. This children's toilet seat supports children in a forward-leaning posture that promotes relaxation and helps them to function on the toilet. It has a contoured sitting surface which provides support for the hips and thighs and a child-sized opening which is narrower in front and wider in the back for ease in hygiene. The unit also includes a remov

Bemis Soft Toilet Seat (Models 114 & 114Cp)

The Bemis Soft Toilet Seat is a cushioned toilet seat designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other physical disabilities. Made of padded antibacterial vinyl, this elongated seat has a closed front and a cover. Model 114 has plastic hinges; model 114CP has chrome-plated hinges. COLOR: White or bone (model 114CP only).

Big John Toilet Support Stop

The Big John Toilet Support Stop is a toilet seat cushion designed for use by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities or arthritis. It is made from aluminum and is held to floor with epoxy.

Childsafe Toilet Supports (Models 4200, 4300, & 4400)

Torso supports for toilet, frame provides lateral support. Model 4200 is 8 1/2 inches wide adjusts 6 to 14 inch toilet seat to top yoke, for children. Model 4300 is 14 inches wide, adjusts 7 to 15 inches for adults. Model 4400 is 14 inches wide, and adjusts 8 to 16 inches. Fits all toilets, attaches under screws of standard seat. All steel construction. Velcro chest strap. Child size includes seat reducer ring.

Columbia Soft Flex Splash Guard (Model 4975)

The Columbia Soft Flex Splash Guard, model 4975, is an adult size toilet seat urine deflector shield. This flexible guard slips on any toilet seat, including open front seats, on any toilet. INSTALLATION: Attach from inside of toilet and snap two straps (instructions included). DIMENSIONS (HxW): 5.5 x 6 inches. COLOR: White. WARRANTY: One year full warranty against defects.

Columbia Toilet Support (Models 4700 & 4800)

The Columbia Toilet Support, models 4700 and 4800, is a high-backed toilet support designed to provide head and trunk support for children and adults with balance disabilities. The unit has a full-length, height adjustable, high-impact ABS plastic back and a harness with a safety buckle. The support bolts directly to the toilet and the children's model, model 4700, includes a seat reducer ring. Model 4800, the adult model, sits 4 inches further back on the toilet seat than model 4700. OPTIONS: A

Columbia Toilet Supports (Models 4200, 4300, & 4400)

The Columbia Toilet Supports are back supports designed to provide lateral support to the torso of children, youth, and adults with disabilities which affect their balance when seated. The supports fit all toilets and attach under the bolts of a standard seat. The units come with a chest strap and safety buckle. The Child's model includes a seat reducer ring. OPTIONS: Armrest/footrest units and padded support cushions are available for all models. DIMENSIONS: Small or child's size (model 4200) i

Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat (Models 3000 & 3000E)

The Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat, models 3000 and 3000E, is a cushioned toilet seat. The contoured seat has a heavy duty, leather grained, embossed vinyl covering over molded foam. Standard (model 3000) and elongated (3000E). styles. Standard hinge mount. Closed front with cover. WEIGHT: 4 pounds. COLOR: White or other colors. Top mount hinges and bumpers are color matched.

Derby P-Guard

The Derby P-Guard, model 60341, is toilet seat deflector designed for use by men and boys with balance, lower extremity, mobility, or other physical disabilities. Designed for males who sit to use the toilet, the flexible P-Guard cup deflects urine down into the toilet while the attached flap prevents spillage under the toilet seat. This device can be attached to porcelain toilets with self-adhesive pads (included), or it can be attached to any toilet seat with screws. Jointed links allow for va

Family Toilet Seat (Model F726200000)

The Family Toilet Seat, model F726200000, is a combination child's and adult toilet seat designed for use with children with mobility or balance disabilities. Made of durable, flexible plastic and designed to fit most standard toilets, this seat features a child's toilet seat with a smaller opening fitthed between the standard adult seat and the attached lid. When not in use, the chil's seat can be flipped up to rest inside the recess of the lid. Rubber bumpers on the under side of the bottom se

Flamingo, The

The Flamingo is a child's bath and toilet seat designed for use by children with severe physical disabilities or mobility disabilities. Available in three sizes and designed for children from two to thirteen years of age, the unit consists of a height-adjustable wheeled frame and a removable, multi-use padded seat covered in waterproof upholstery. When removed from the frame, the seat can be used as a toilet seat or bath seat, Removable lateral sections provide additional support if needed. The

Flow Guide

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a man with motor neuron disease to urinate in privacy. Designed for use with a commode chair, this device consists of a vertical length of 50-millimeter PVC pipe with a PVC elbow at the top. A flexible, waterproof gooseneck made of Locline (used for applying coolant when machining metals), extends from the back of the PVC elbow. At the bottom of the gooseneck is a stainless steel tube which fits into a corresponding tube attached to the bottom front of the c

Gerry 2 Stage Toilet Seat

The Gerry 2 Stage Toilet Seat is a child's toilet seat for children two to seven years old with physical, mobility, or neurological disabilities. This seat fits over a potty seat or a standard toilet and features leg supports with two large loop handles at the top for the child to hold for balance. The seat folds for transport or storage. DIMENSIONS (DxW): The seat is 12 x 9 inches. The distance between the seat and footrest is 7 inches. The height from the floor to the toilet seat adjusts from

Guardian - Padded Transfer Bench/Shower Chair

The Guardian - Padded Transfer Bench/Shower Chair is a medical device designed for those with limited mobility to use while bathing. Provides comfort and extra security with suction cup feet for a secure grip to the tub floor. Commode seat is height adjustable so it accommodates most tubs. Features a backrest that adjusts for both left and right facing tubs.

High-Back Toilet Support (Models 6227, 6228 & 6229)

The High-Back Toilet Support, models 6227, 6228, and 6229 are height-adjustable back supports for toilets designed to provide trunk and head support for children and adults with physical disabilities while toileting. The chrome-plated steel and high-impact ABS plastic unit includes the back support, an adjustable harness, and toilet seat reducer ring. The contoured back provides trunk and head support for children and junior adults. Model 6227, the Child Support, is designed for children from sc

Maddaguard Splash Guard

The MaddaGuard Splash Guard is a toilet seat deflector designed for use by men and boys with physical disabilities. Constructed of durable lightweight plastic, the splash guard is intended to direct urine flow down into the toilet. It can be washed with soap and water or soaked if necessary. The urine shield fits most regular and elevated toilet seats. COLOR: White.


The P-Guard is a urine deflector that blocks the gap between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. Designed for potty-training toddlers and for individuals who have difficulty controlling their urine stream, the P-Guard will help keep urine in the bowl and off clothing and the bathroom floor. Due to its sleek, innovative design, the P-Guard looks like it is part of the toilet seat, and it is completely hidden when the toilet seat is down. The P-Guard snaps into place and can be removed for cleani

Padded Toilet Seat Cushion

The Padded Toilet Seat Cushion is a toilet seat cushion designed for use by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities or arthritis. This toilet seat cushion's exterior is made of washable plastic leatherette. It attaches securely to the toilet with four Velcro straps, and it features a cut-out front for personal cleaning. DIMENSIONS: The cushion's height is 4 inches. COLOR: White.

Padded Toilet Seat Cushion (Models 557450 & 557451)

The Padded Toilet Seat Cushion is a toilet seat cushion designed for use by individuals with arthritis. The cushion is made of high-density foam and provides two or four inches of elevation. The cushion is secured to the toilet seat with four hook-and-loop straps. It has a soft Sure-Check vinyl cover providing antibacterial protection, and a cut-out front for personal cleaning. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 2 (model 557450) or 4 (model 557451) x 16.5 x 14 inches.

Padded Toilet Seat Reducer Ring (Models 4960 & 4965)

The Padded Toilet Seat Reducer Ring is a child's toilet seat designed especially for slender or young children who may require extended toileting time. This non-slip, padded seat features a small hole and a large padded splash guard/abductor. The ring fits all toilet seats, both in home and institutional settings. DIMENSIONS (WxD): 14 x 15.5 inches. Model 4960 has an 8 x 7 inch hole and model 4965 has a 6 x 5 inch hole. COLOR: White. WARRANTY: One year full warranty against defects.

Pediatric Positioning Commodes (Models 5200 To 5800)

The Columbia Positioning Commodes are adjustable height commodes with back supports for children or small adults designed to be a freestanding unit or used over any toilet. The chair features a height adjustable footrest, seat height and depth adjustment, back tilt adjustment, and a pelvic strap. The non-slip, padded toilet seat reducer ring, included with the small model, features a small hole, especially designed for slender or young children, with a large padded splash abductor. A smaller hol

Reversible Toilet Transfer Seat

The Reversible Toilet Transfer Seat is a bathroom safety product designed for individuals with limited mobility disabilities to assist them with getting on and off the toilet. Those individuals do not need an elevation seat or grab bars. Dual use toilet seat. Includes installation bolts. Gripping slots aid in muscle contractions. Dual use toilet seat Includes installation bolts. Gripping slots aid in muscle contractions.

Shower/Commode Deluxe Chair

The Shower/Commode Deluxe Chairs designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. The commode chair is designed with a curved back that allows patient comfort and easier chair maneuvering chair is easy to clean and maintain. This device is reinforced with key stress points casters for extra safety health care grade PVC pipe and fittings won't rust or stain.

Soft Seat Insert

The Soft Seat Insert is a cushioned child's toilet seat designed for use by children with balance disabilities. This seat fits inside the standard toilet seat to reduce the diameter of the opening and handles on each side aid in proper, secure positioning for children with poor seated balance.

Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat

The Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat is designed for children, the elderly, or those with cognitive disabilities who may wish to have a familiar seat when toileting. The surface of the Portable Potty Seat is contoured to provide comfort. The seat is made with Special Tomato Soft-Touch material which is impermeable to fluids, making it clean and hygienic. NOTE: There is a vent hole in the back of the Potty Seat ring. Do not submerge. Material can be easily hand wiped clean with warm water and a

Super Deluxe Shower/ Commode Chair (Model 340)

The Super Deluxe Shower/ Commode Chair, model 340 is a shower commode designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. This commode chair features four interlocking seat supports, wide wheel base, standard safety belt (user removable), 7.5 quart pail that can be removed while the user is seated, and a hinged seat for cleaning. OPTIONS: Snap-on retractable, removable footrest; privacy skirt, open front toilet seat, removable padded transfer cushion, 4-inch twin-whee

Toilet Access Platform And Rail

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a toilet access platform and rail for a child with Multicystic Leukoencephalopathy and poor motor skills. The frame was made from round steel tube painted white, the frame goes right over the toilet to support a plywood backrest and side rails which the child uses both to access the toilet and keep his balance on the seat. There is also a wide plywood platform in front of the toilet with non-slip strips attached. All the timber is fin

Toilet And Support Rails

The Premier Care ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Toilet is designed for individuals who have mobility and balance challenges or severe physical disabilities. Is over 3 inches higher than regular toilets and has an elongated bowl which accommodates more body types and prevents messes. This toilet’s height exceeds ADA Standards’ minimum. Has a SOFTCLOSE seat and lid closes behind user, slowly and automatically after a slight push. Economically-friendly: uses less water.

Toilet Seat And Commode Seat Dry Floatation Cushion

Toilet seat Dry Floatation Cushion consists of 2 separate pieces that can adjust to any toilet size. Straps are built into cushion to attach to toilet seat. Contoured air cell sizes, with 2 inch cells on the outside and 1 inch cells on the inside to provide greater seated stability. Weighs approximately 1 1/4 pounds. Commode seat Dry Floatation Cushion is designed to fit commode wheelchair and is custom sized to seat's specifications. Standard size is 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/ 4 inches. Weighs appr

Toilet Seat Cushion (Model 6805)

The Toilet Seat Cushion, model 6805, is made of 2-inch thick foam with a white Naugahyde cover. The cushion fastens to standard closed or open front toilet seat with 4 adjustable Velcro straps.

Toilet Seat For Hemi-Pelvectomy Patients.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Toilet seat to enable persons with a hemipelvectomy to use the toilet independently. Describes a seat for a toilet located in an alcove so the seat can be attached to one wall and be pulled down over the toilet to rest on a bar on the opposite wall. The seat is made of 5/8 inch plywood, 15 inches deep with a D shaped hole, padded with foam (extra on the side of the amputation, for support) and covered with washable vinyl tacked on with carpet tacks. In

Toilet Trainer (Model T3)

The Toilet Trainer, model T3, is an adjustable child's toilet seat designed for children from two to eleven years old with mobility or neurological disabilities. The seat has an adjustable tubular aluminum frame that can be used over standard or elongated toilets. The seat also features lateral and anterior trunk supports, a swing-away anterior chest cushion that locks with a safety latch for access and positioning, and a height-adjustable footrest. OPTIONS: Extension legs to accommodate highe

Ultimate Adjustable Toilet Seat

The Ultimate Adjustable Toilet Seat is an adjustable toilet seat designed for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities or obese individuals. Made of hygienic polypropylene, this toilet seat adjusts to individual need, shape, weight, and sitting positions. It attaches to a round or elongated toilet bowl using the standard hinges. The to pieces that form the front of the seat swing outward up to 6 inches to the left and right to accommodate wider bottoms. Grips under the seat

USPA 6800 Bidet Seat

The USPA 6800 Bidet Seat is an electronic bidet toilet seat designed for individuals with upper extremity disabilities who have difficulty cleaning themselves after toileting. This toileting aid features dual self-cleaning spray nozzles for posterior and feminine cleaning, a warm air dryer, a deodorizer, an adjustable heated seat, and an Intensive Impulse Pulsation enema wash for constipation relief. The user can adjust and operate these functions using the wireless remote control with LCD windo

Winnipeg Toilet Seat

Childs toilet seat, molded ABS plastic seat attached to a stainless steel tubular frame providing posterior and lateral support. Combination pommel/urine deflector. Polyurethane foam backrest is mounted to the frame on adjustable brackets. An aluminum bar which is permanently mounted to the toilet which anchors the frame and allows the seat to be removed or attached easily. Available in two armrest heights (4 1/2 inches and 6 1/2 inches), and two cutout sizes (8 by 5 and 6 1/2 by 4 inches) to ac


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