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Toileting Aid

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6858 Privacy Apron

The 6858 Privacy Apron is a toileting aid made of vinyl that extends up and around the waist with a buckle or velcro closure. Side cuffs wrap around the arm of the potty chair to the wrist area. Option available for positioning hands for good posture habits. Two styles are available: permanent mount or clip on. This unit is made to fit onto the 6850 Toilet Seat Cover with Reducer Ring (see separate entry). SIZES: Small, Medium or Large. DIMENSIONS: 8.25 inches high (Small) and 10.25 inches high

Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Holder

The Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Holder is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with grasping, neurological, reaching, or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. This device has a curved handle and a rounded head. The soft, flexible head has three tulip-petal sections that pull back to allow the user to insert and grip any toilet paper or pre-moistened wipe securely. Once inserted, the toilet tissue covers the rounded head and the user does not need to touch it again. A pres

Brief Or New: Toilet Independence For The Severe Bilateral Upper Limb Amputee.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Toilet aid designed to provide toileting independence for bilateral upper limb amputees or persons with loss of upper limb function. Describes a device made of steel, polyethylene and Uvex cellulose acetate (or materials with similar properties) consisting of a wall brace, support bar, distal extremity or finger, and reinforcement bar. It is attached to the wall near the toilet and can be swung against the wall for storage. The user must be able to wra

Commode Pail

This Commode Pail is designed for use by individuals who have mobility and balance disabilities and incontinence. It has a 12-quart capacity, handle, and lid.

Freedom Wand

The Freedom Wand is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities. This sanitary, multi-purpose, multi-length portable, toilet tissue aid consists of three pieces: The head, the extension, and the handle. The head is equipped with four retractable fingers to grasp toilet tissue, a square-handled straight razor, a loofah, or ointment applicator. The slide button releases the item being held or releases tissue into the toilet. The unit can be used wi

Healthcraft Toilet Roll Holder

The Healthcraft Toilet Roll Holder is a product designed for people with arthritis to make toileting an independent task. It mounts to the P.T. Rail™ (sold separately) to reduce reaching and twisting for toilet paper. It helps prevent unnecessary bending which can be difficult for seniors or individuals with limited mobility.

Hygiene Refresher

The Hygiene Refresher is designed for individuals with limited upper body mobility or for persons who cannot twist at the waist. This product may also be used by individuals who find toilet tissue to be too rough on their skin, or for persons who cannot completely clean themselves after using the restroom, or for persons who prefer a bidet-style way of using the restroom. To use, the user fills bottle with water. Then, the user squeezes the bottle and water sprays out of the nozzle. Lightweight.

Incontovac Urinary Transfer System

The Incontovac is a urinal and urine disposal unit designed for use by individuals with urinary and functional incontinence. The Incontovac offers individuals an alternative method for safe, convenient and controlled disposal to meet their urinary needs. It provides an alternative to both external and indwelling catheterization. By eliminating urinary spillage it diminishes resultant ulcerative lesions occurring from urinary accidents. It also may diminish urinary tract infections by providing a

Potty Shield

The Potty Shield is a toileting aid designed for use by men and boys with physical disabilities. This removable device sits on the rim of the toilet and, once the seat has been lifted, converts the toilet into a urinal. The unit can be placed on or removed from the toilet as needed by the user or a caregiver. After use, unit can be sanitized with a disposable wipe or mild soap and water solution. A floor mat is included.

Selfwipe Bathroom Toilet Aid

The SelfWipe Bathroom Toilet Aid is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with arthritis or upper extremity disabilities. This device allows people with limited use of their hands and arms to function independently when using the toilet. The device has a handle at one end and a clamp at the other, and can be used and operated with one hand. When the user presses a button on top of the handle, the clamp opens. Toilet tissue is wrapped around the clamp, and when the button is released th

Short Toilet Aid (Model 6014)

The Short Toilet Aid, model 6014, is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities. Designed with small tongs with plastisol coated angled ends, this device eliminate the need to bend for the proper angle. DIMENSION: The device is 12 inches long.

Toilet Aid & Folding Toilet Aid

The Toilet Aid is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and mobility disabilities. This device has a long metal handle with a finger loop and a molded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip toilet tissue to aid in personal hygiene. The Folding Toilet Aid has the same head attached to a wide folding handle. DIMENSIONS: The Toilet Aid is 10 inches long. The Folding Toilet Aid folds to 4.75 inches. WEIGHT: 2.5 ounces.

Toilet Hygiene Wiper.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Long handled device to hold toilet paper for toilet hygiene. Describes device made of two stainless steel wires bent into 3/4 by 1 1/2 inch ovals, with the ends crimped or glued into a length of 1/4 inch copper or aluminum tubing, the bottom of which is bent into a gentle U shape. The other end can be wrapped with rubber tape. Toilet paper is placed between the two wire loops which are held together with a rubber band. Includes drawings. SKILLS REQUIRE

Toilet Paper Roll Mofifications

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPUPRPOSE: To make toilet paper use more manageable for people with arthritis, use of only one hand, or other upper extremity disabilities. This article, part of a chapter entitled "Bathroom & Washing Up" discusses ways to make managing toilet paper easier. Suggestions include squeezing the roll to make the cardboard cylinder more oval than round to prevent paper from unrolling too rapidly, re-installing the holder so the roll is vertical rather than horizontal, and attach

Toilet Tissue Aid (Model Nc28708)

The Toilet Tissue Aid, model NC28708, is a toileting aid designed to assist people with physical disabilities with tissue wiping. The aid is designed to fit body curve, and is made of a lightweight alloy with a molded plastic end. The handle includes a hand loop. DIMENSIONS: 10 inches long. The open, vertical handle and the horizontal clamp both measure 6 inches long.

Toilet Tissue Rod

The Toilet Tissue Rod is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and mobility disabilities. The angled nylon rod features a loop and a handle around which toilet tissue can be wrapped for independent personal hygiene. The Rod can be boiled for cleaning.

Toileting Aid (Model 6479)

Plastic toilet aid with spring clip for holding toilet tissue. Loop handle 9 3/4 inches long, angled spring clip is 6 1/4 inches long, release lever located above loop handle.

Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs

Toilet Paper Tongs is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with limited upper extremity mobility. The L-shaped plastic tongs secure toilet paper and extend reach to enable independent toileting hygiene. DIMENSIONS: The tongs are 13 inches long. COLOR: White.

Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel

The Whiz Freedom female urinal guide is designed for use by individuals with limited mobility to allow users to urinate in a standing, seated or lying position with no spillages or splashes and without the need to undress. This hygienic, antibacterial urine guide is discreet and easy to use. The Whiz Freedom female urine guide is made from a soft durable plastic, which means it can be folded and transported in a handbag or pocket. The guide will then spring back to its original shape when needed

Wipe Assist

Wipe Assist is a toileting aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. Resembling large tweezers or tongs, this device is composed of adjoining arms that remain in an open position until gently pressed together for the purpose of grasping toilet tissue. Once compressed, a latch feature automatically locks and holds the paper in place until a release button is pressed to disengage the soiled material. In addition to use w

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