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Confidence Garment Incontinence Support

This confidence garment is a pair of underwear designed for individuals who have incontinence. It absorbs up to 5 ounces. Is machine washable and will not lose their absorbency. Anti microbial fibers to eliminate bacteria that causes odor. Made of cotton and polyester.

Conni Waterproof Bed Protector

This Conni waterproof bed protector is designed for the elderly and/or any individual who has incontinence, difficulty walking to the restroom or who has a history of wetting the bed. The waterproof bed protector is absorbent and breathable to allow for a restful night's sleep.

Create A Morning Chart

Create A Morning Chart is a do it yourself product designed for children with sensory processing disorder to give them visual and written prompts. This helps if a child has trouble with transition and initiation. It improves focus and attention as well as prevents meltdowns.

Foot Flusher

The Foot Flusher is designed for use by individuals with limited use of their upper extremities or limited coordination and balance of their lower extremity while flushing the toilet. Step 1: Gather Materials. Materials: 2 Paper Towel Rolls. 1 Wire Hanger. 1 Kiwi Express Shoe Shiner (or similar). 1 Package of 3M (I used the "Utensil Hooks" but technically any one of these Command Strip products will work - more on that later). 1-5 Rubber Bands. Some tape or glue.

Healthcraft Toilet Roll Holder

The Healthcraft Toilet Roll Holder is a product designed for people with arthritis to make toileting an independent task. It mounts to the P.T. Rail™ (sold separately) to reduce reaching and twisting for toilet paper. It helps prevent unnecessary bending which can be difficult for seniors or individuals with limited mobility.

Hygiene Refresher

The Hygiene Refresher is designed for individuals with limited upper body mobility or for persons who cannot twist at the waist. This product may also be used by individuals who find toilet tissue to be too rough on their skin, or for persons who cannot completely clean themselves after using the restroom, or for persons who prefer a bidet-style way of using the restroom. To use, the user fills bottle with water. Then, the user squeezes the bottle and water sprays out of the nozzle. Lightweight.

Johnny On The Spot Step

Johnny On The Spot is a stable, secure spot for standing (or resting the feet while sitting) while toileting. The product is designed for children with disabilities who might feel uncomfortable toileting.

Kozie G-Tube Pads

The Kozie G-Tube Pads are designed for children to be worn around the G-tube to help absorb leaks from formula and stomach fluids. The pads are designed to be used in place of gauze and tape. The pads are washable and can be used over and over. They are made of three thick layers to absorb, wick away moisture, and repel fluid. Features include: 

Portable Bidet

This Portable Bidet is designed for the elderly, disabled or those individuals who have a mobility disability that makes it challenging to neatly use the restroom. This small device attaches to a water bottle and produces a stream of water that can be focused to the desired wash area. Lightweight. Clean with soap and water. Made of plastic.

Portable Potty

This Portable potty is designed for use by kids, adults, or the elderly who have a difficult time getting up to go to the bathroom or to be used in long car rides. It has a female adapter that comes with it. MATERIALS:polyurethane material.

Re-Lax Toilet Footrest

The Re-Lax Toilet Footrest is a toilet footrest designed for use by individuals with balance or lower extremity disabilities or short stature. This plastic unit has foot pads and supports the legs while toileting. It helps position the body in a squat, supporting abdominal walls and more complete bowel evacuation. DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): 19.5 x 14 x 8 inches, assembled. COLOR: White.

Rifton Hygiene Support Station

The Rifton Support Station brings dignity and convenience to hygiene care for people with disabilities. With the Support Station, even partially weight-bearing individuals can undergo hygiene care or a diaper change in an upright position making the process more dignified, improving access to clothing and skin, and eliminating heavy lifting on the part of the caregiver.

Self-Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid

The Self-Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid is designed for use by individuals with difficulty bending or limited use of their hands and arms to function independently when using the toilet. Toilet tissue is placed around the angled clamp on the lower portion of the device. After use the user can discard the tissue by pressing the release button on the end of the handle.

Southpaw Xl Adult Changing Tables

The Southpaw XL Changing Tables are designed for use by caregivers, therapists or family members who experience the back strain and pain that accompanies lifting and transferring clients. The table is powered by an electric motor that lowers the frame 18 inches from the floor (sloping the feet towards the ground), enabling the client to self transfer or use minimal assistance. The safety rails are then locked in the upright position and the frame is then raised to a maximum 37 inches high. This

Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat

The Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat is designed for children, the elderly, or those with cognitive disabilities who may wish to have a familiar seat when toileting. The surface of the Portable Potty Seat is contoured to provide comfort. The seat is made with Special Tomato Soft-Touch material which is impermeable to fluids, making it clean and hygienic. NOTE: There is a vent hole in the back of the Potty Seat ring. Do not submerge. Material can be easily hand wiped clean with warm water and a

Super Grip Suction Handle

The Super Grip Suction Handle is a bathroom bar designed to help users get in or out of the shower or tub. The bathtub bars are made of steel, are white, and enamel-coated. The crank-looking device attaches to the tub wall in order to help persons with mobility issues get in/out of the bathtub. This product has rubber pads to prevent damage to the tub walls.

Toilet And Support Rails

The Premier Care ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Toilet is designed for individuals who have mobility and balance challenges or severe physical disabilities. Is over 3 inches higher than regular toilets and has an elongated bowl which accommodates more body types and prevents messes. This toilet’s height exceeds ADA Standards’ minimum. Has a SOFTCLOSE seat and lid closes behind user, slowly and automatically after a slight push. Economically-friendly: uses less water.

Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or other Developmental Issues

Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or other Developmental Issues is instructional material in a book form designed for children with Autism to toilet train and take away fear of toileting and to help keep the process as positive as possible for all involved, so children don't feel upset or ashamed about going to the bathroom. This book deals with the specific issues involved in toilet training children with autism and offers a detailed roadmap for success, based on over twenty years of

Trans-Sit Toilet Transfer Board

The Trans-sit Toilet Transfer Board is a toilet transfer board designed for use by individuals wh use wheelchairs. This transfer aid is designed to attach to the toilet and bridge to the wheelchair to offer a safe method of transfering on and off the toilet. Made of high- density polyethylene plastic for ease of cleaning, the Trans-sit board secures to the rim of the toilet with rim stops (one on the inside of the toilet and one on the outside of the toilet). This feature prevents the shifting


WINGMAN is a universally designed toilet seat that has extended platforms (“wings”) on both sides of the seat to provide additional support to those who need assistance lowering and/or raising themselves from the toilet. This device, which can be installed in homes and public restrooms, is universally designed to meet the needs of many individuals, including those with arthritis, muscle or joint pain, people who use wheelchairs, individuals with a temporary disability, those experiencing episodi

Wipe Assist

Wipe Assist is a product designed for individuals who have limited upper body mobility and find it difficult to adequately wipe themselves or for persons that cannot turn their torso and/or reach around in order to fully wipe themselves. Made especially for individuals with grasping, neurological, reaching, or upper extremity disabilities. The device is designed to hold toilet paper 16 inches out from where the user can reach. Wipe Assist allows users to wipe independently and without assistance

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