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Chester Creek Learning Traditional Qwery Key Board

 ChesterKeys provides an adjustable Bluetooth keyboard with all controls, ports, microphone, and camera easily accessible. The keys feature extra-large font for increased visibility and include all the function keys; an I pad it is needed  as well as   Home, Volume, Search, Internet, and more. The soft faux leather case closes securely with a magnetic clasp. The iPad will rest  within the built-in, collapsible stand that can be angled for optimal viewing. The rechargeable battery provides 120-ho

H-78 Big Blue-Tooth Keyboard And Largekeys Keyboard

The H-78 ‘BIG Blue’-Tooth Keyboard and LARGEKeys Keyboard are large key, large print keyboards designed for use by individuals with motor skill or cognitive disabilities. The ‘BIG Blue’-Tooth Keyboard connects to a tablet, Macintosh, or PC that is Bluetooth-enabled via Bluetooth; and the LARGEKey Keyboard is connected to computer via USB. The user can angle the keyboard at 45 or other angles with a keyboard stand (sold separately). This keyboard is available with key rows of red, blue, yellow an

Kinderboard (Model Kb)

KinderBoard is a large key, large print keyboard designed for use by children with motor skill disabilities. This keyboard has oversized keys color-coded to teach by character set. The keys are color-coded by consonants, vowels, numbers, and punctuation marks to help pre-school children learn character sets. The keyboard also has two USB 2.0 side ports and oval function (F) keys. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible personal computers or Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows


The LessonBoard is a training keyboard designed for children and adults with cognitive or learning disabilities. This standard-size computer keyboard is color-coded by finger to show correct finger placement. This keyboard includes three months of free software. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible computers or Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, or Vista 0r MAC OS 10.1.5 or higherand a USB port (a PS/2 adapter is included for older systems). DIMENSIONS:

The Chester Creek LessonBoard™ Computer Keyboard

The Chester Creek LessonBoard™ Computer Keyboard is a standard-sized keyboard designed for individuals with a physical disability who lack gross and fine motor skills to help them improve finger placement when typing, to help reduce the chance of forming bad keyboarding habits, and improve precision and speed while typing. The keys are color-coded by finger. The keyboard can also help to prepare children for a technological society.

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