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Typing Accessories

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Aid For Inserting Paper Into Typewriter.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aid to insert paper into typewriter for those with minimal hand function. Paper insert attachment is for the end of a mouthstick or for use with a quad cuff typing stick. A piece of low temperature thermal plastic 3 inches by 1 inch is beveled on one of the short ends. Two holes are punched just off center in the middle and the plastic is heated and folded in half lengthwise. A dowel is inserted through the holes and the plastic forms a clip like devic

Communication Aid For Use With One's Foot.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Shoe attachment with pointer to use with a keyboard for communication. Device developed for a paralyzed person with the use of one foot. It consists of a plexiglass form shaped like the sole of a shoe with a 3 inch tongue through which a rubber tipped pointer is inserted. The device is held on the foot with a strap around the heel. With the user's heel rested the ground, the pointer is used to access a keyboard. COMMENTS: Developed at Rehabilitation En

Computer Keyboard Aid

The Computer Keyboard Aid is a typing stick designed for use by individuals with limited hand function. Designed to help those who cannot access a keyboard with their fingers, this device can be used on typewriters, adding machines, calculators, and telephones. The device comprises a pointer with a round rubber tip for depressing the keys and a hand loop that secures with Velcro. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches (19 centimeters) long. WEIGHT: 1 pound.

Custom Keyguards

Custom Keyguards are designed to enable people with upper extremity disabilities to use a standard computer keyboard but are unable to keep their hand elevated above it or who use a headwand or mouthstick. Keyguards support the hands and allow them to slide across the keyboard without pressing any keys. Desired keys are depressed through the corresponding keyhole. The keyguards also prevents the user from inadvertently pressing more than one key at a time. Latching mechanisms are provided for ke

Easel Base Document Holder (Model Dheb04)

The Easel Base Docuent Holder, model DHEB04, is a copy stand designed to reduce eye, back and neck strain for individuals who spend a lot of time typing. This copy holder is lightweight, uses minimal workspace and stores flat when not in use. The easel articulates to create stable base and it comes with non-slip feet to protect the work surface and prevent unwanted movement. A moveable paper grip with built in digital clock holds the document securely in place as it rest on the deep paper ledge.

First Keys

First Keys is a language tutorial program and computer keyboarding instruction program designed for children with learning or cognitive disabilities. It links the development of keyboard awareness to early literacy skills. It is suitable for young children or older pupils with learning difficulties. Users develop keyboard skills through picture matching, letter recognition, word building, and spelling exercises. The location of keys is taught by matching letters with pictures and speech. The pro

Five Finger Typist

The Five Finger Typist is a typing instruction program designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand. Suitable for right- or left-handed typists, the program is designed to enable users to place their fingers on the home row of the keyboard and mimic the animated on-screen hand movements through a series of exercises. This program enables users to work at their own pace by beginning with simple exercises and gradually learning more keystrokes. The program also tracks typing accuracy

Heavy Duty Flex Arm Document Holder (Model Dhfa08)

The Heavy Duty Flex Arm Document Holder, model DHFA08, is a copy holder designed to reduce eye, back and neck strain for individuals who spend a lot of time typing. This copy holder has a clamp that attaches to the edge of any work surface. The arm pivots 360 degrees and can be swung out of the way when not in use. A moveable paper grip with built in digital clock holds the document securely in place as it rest on the deep paper ledge. A transparent line guide mounts on either side and adjusts t


Helpikeys is designed for use by individuals with low vision and cognitive and learning disabilities. Helpikeys is a programmable membrane keyboard which replaces a traditional keyboard and mouse. It comes with five standard overlays which are recognized by the keyboard when inserted under the protective membrane. As a programmable alternative keyboard, Helpikeys can be changed by using one of these five standard overlays, or by using the Helpikeys Layout Builder software (included) that allows

Herzog System Of Keyboarding

The Herzog System of Keyboarding is a typing instruction program designed for use by individuals with developmental or physical disabilities. This system is designed for teaching keyboarding skills without using the "home row" method. It uses HUB KEY Sensors for correctly positioning the hands. With this system, students from 7 to 70 can learn to type in just hours. The system is especially beneficial to learners with disabilities. Instructor's manual and 2 levels of materials are included.

Iris Pen Express

The IrisPen is a text recognition pen scanner designed for individuals who learn through visual learning, but also helpful to those with learning disabilities who need information reinforcement. The IrisPen instantly enters text, numbers, and grayscale images into your computer simply by scanning them. The pen can be used with printed information from books, newspapers, magazines, letters, and more. The device can recognize up to 1000 characters per second for ease of copying information.

Key Words: Special Needs Version

Key Words: Special Needs Version is a typing instruction program designed to introduce and enhance keyboarding skills for children with developmental or physical disabilities. Key Words teaches students to learn to type using fun phrases, written by a children's poet. Exercises replicate patterns that occur most often and naturally, using simplified letter and word patterns in small passages. Short activities, a scrolling interface and fun language, and color graphics hold students' attention. T

Keyboard Covers (Model 1440)

Keyboard Covers model 1440, is a keyguard designed to block out unnecessary keys for individuals with physical disabilities. Designed for use with computer programs which require only one or a few keys to be pressed, these flexible covers attach to the keyboard with Velcro and enable unneeded to be blocked from use by adhering the included rubber bumpers. The covers can also be used to designate keys to be used. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple IIe computers.

Keyboard Guard.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Keyboard guard to assist persons with limited finger control. A removable grid is constructed from 1/16 inch diameter brass rod with soldered joints. It can be made for calculators, typewriters or push button phones. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Welding. AUTHOR: Ken Hagman, Opportunities, Inc., 925 Jefferson Street, Fort Atkinson, WI, 414-563- 6691. TITLE: Tools, Equipment and Machinery Adapted for the Vocational Education and Employment of Handi

Keyboard With Keyguard

The Keyboard with Keyguard is a modified keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Available in a standard Windows keyboard with Windows keys, a 101-key mini keyboard, or an extended Macintosh keyboard, the keyboard comes with a pre-attached unbreakable Lexan keyguard with smoothly-finished holes properly aligned with each key to eliminate unwanted keystrokes. COMPATIBILITY: Models are available for use with IBM and compatible computers with AT/PS2 connection or

Keyboarding By Ability

Keyboarding by Ability is a typing instruction program designed to teach keyboarding skills at employable speeds using a touch system to people who have use of only one hand or who have use of 3 or less fingers on one hand. This program utilizes a unique progressive learning system (which includes visual cues and human voice), allowing the student to learn by building upon his or her progress. Each lesson is presented in an easy step-by-step format. The first lesson shows a full visually-cued ke

Keyboarding For Individual Achievement

Keyboarding for Individual Achievement is a typing instruction program for people with learning and reading disabilities (including dyslexia), blindness or low vision. This program teaches keyboarding skills through a visually- and audibly-cued, split screen, alphabetical approach that has been tested to meet the needs of children and adults with various learning style needs. There are three editions available - Students with Learning Disabilities; Students with Dyslexia; and Students with Visua

Keyguard For Computer Laptops

The Keyguard for Computer Laptops is designed for use by children and adults with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities. The durable break-resistant acrylic keyguard features smoothly finished keyholes aligned with each key and is available with or without a removable cover for the touchpad to limit accidental mouse access.

Keyguard For Dana / Neo

The Keyguard for Dana/Neo is a keyguard designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities or cerebral palsy. This unit fits the keyboard of the Dana or Neo word processor (see entries) from Renaissance Learning, Inc., and allows students to rest their hands and helps prevent unwanted key presses.

Keyguard For Keysusee Large Print Kerboard

The Keyguard for KeysUSee Large Print Keyboard is a keyboard designed for those individuals with disabilities that affect upper body mobility, gross or fine motor ability, and/or a person’s ability to use their hands (Parkinson's). This product is only for use with the KeysUSee keyboard. Increases typing speed and accuracy. Frame/handrest prevents accidental keystrokes. Made of thick clear acrylic. Easy to attach and remove with Velcro strips.


The Keygards are designed for use with Apple and Apple II computer keyboards. This item fits directly on the keyboard and aids in stabilizing the fingers or a typing stick during typing. COMPATIBILITY: Models are available for Apple, Apple Keyboard "N," and Apple II keyboards (sold separately).

Keyguards For Augmentative Communication Devices

The Keyguards for Augmentative Communication Devices are a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals who have communication disabilities and fine motor or other upper extremity disabilities. Made of clear acrylic, these guards are available for a variety of communication devices and can include such features as a removable window and multi-shaped key holes.

Keyguards For Computer Keyboards

Keyguards for Computer Keyboards are designed for use by children and adults with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities. The durable break-resistant acrylic keyguards are available for IBM and Macintosh computers and feature smoothly finished holes aligned with each key. Keyguards mount with Dual Lock (see separate entry) or Velcro and eliminate unwanted keystrokes. DIMENSIONS: The acrylic is 0.25 inch thick.

Keyguards For Popular Software And Adaptive Keyboards

Keyguards for Popular Software and Adaptive Keyboards are designed for use by children with fine motor and other upper extremity disabilities. Available for adaptive keyboards such as Intellikeys and the Discover:Board (see separate entries) and software access packages as Bailey's Book House, Millie's Math House, Sammy's Science House, Thinkin' Things Collection I, and Living Books (see separate entries), the keyguards are made of clear acrylic and enable users to avoid unintentional keystrokes

Kid Keys

Kid Keys is a voice output program designed to introduce and enhance keyboarding and reading skills for students with developmental and physical disabilities. Three activities combine voice, music, graphics, animation and sound to help students progress from learning key positions to typing smoothly and accurately. Students develop letter and word recognition, learn letters and words through the use of speech technology, and develop sequencing skills while taking the first steps in computer lite

Kid's Typing

Kid's Typing is a typing instruction program designed to instruct students in proper typing skills for children with developmental or physical disabilities. Spooky, the ghost, guides students through the program and creates new lessons based on students' accuracy and speed. He starts with simple exercises that teach the locations of the keys and advances students through exercises and games that concentrate on problem areas. The faster students type, the more fun Spooky creates, keeping accuracy

Luxo Copyholder With Extension Arm (Models Mh-801 & Mh-805)

The Luxo Copyholder with Extension Arm, models MH-801 and MH-805, is designed with an adjustable arm to provide an ergonomic work station. The copy holder consists of a plate/easel on an extension arm that clamps to the table. The plate is constructed of durable plastic with a matte surface to reduce glare. A linefinder opens 90 degrees. A parallel motion feature keeps the plate in position wihen the arm is moved. DIMENSIONS (HxW): Easel is 10 x 12 inches. Arm is 33 inches (MH-801) or 36 inches

Morse Code Typing Aid.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Morse code entry provides a faster method of typing for some persons with disabilities. Morse code to driver code converter utilizes three switches, which can be any type of switch an individual can operate. Two switches are used for dots and dashes and one switch is an end of character switch. Closure of the switches causes the clock generator to generate a standard clock pulse. audio feedback is provides by a tone generator. Speed can be adjusted. SK

Page Turner / Keyboard Aid

The Page Turner / Keyboard Aid is a combination hand held page turner and typing stick designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This device consists of a clear, tapered, curved wand attached to a strong plastic hand clip. The foam rubber tip on the wand can be used to turn book or magazine pages or to strike keys on a keyboard; the curve of the wand features a foam rubber pad for use in turning lards sheets. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 10 x 1.25 inches.

Pc Talking Typing Tutor

The PC Talking Typing Tutor is a typing instruction program designed for students who are blind or have low vision or who have different learning styles. This interactive tutorial program teaches students to touch type on a computer keyboard. It is self-voicing and has a large print display. Users can change the voice, speaking rate, and pitch of voice output, and the font style, font size, and foreground and background colors of the display. The program provides voice feedback so students can e

Portable Workstation Table + Fan

This Portable workstation is designed for adults who carry their work with them. It can fold up to fit inside most laptop carrying bags. It is ergonomic and functional. Meant to unfold to an ideal height and prevent against neck/back aches. Has a built in fan which keeps the workstation cool. Its features include dual cooling fans, adjustable legs, an angled resting spot, a cup holder, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) extension cord. Built of heavy duty plastic. Includes instruction manual. Pen/penc

Quickfind Document Holder - Desk Top (Model 6160Nc)

The QuickFind Document Holder - Desk Top, model 6160NC, is a document stand designed to hold papers at a computer work station or at a table in a shared location. This unit holds frequently used documents, instructions, or other documents in polypropylene pages for quick reference. The polypropylene pages reduce glare and protect the documents. The unit's compact footprint requires minimal desk space and the angle adjusts for the best viewing position. The unit comes with a starter set of 10 pol

Read, Write & Type

Read, Write & Type is a software tutorial program designed to teach reading and writing for children who have a learning disability. Designed for children aged 6-8 years, it builds early phonics and reading skill while children learn to write and type on the computer. It does this by teaching children to type by linking speech sounds with specific finger motions. The program introduces 40 speech sounds of the English language in a sequence carefully designed to allow children to quickly prog

Slip-On Typing / Keyboard Aid

The Slip-on Typing/Keyboard Aid is a typing aid designed for use by people with limited grasp who cannot access a keyboard with their fingers. The device features a loop that slips over the hand and tightens with a Velcro strap. The pointer end has a rounded rubber tip for striking the keys. Models are available for right- or left-hand use. SIZES: One size fits all.

Snap-On Keyguards

Snap-On Keyguards are keyguards designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities. Designed for use with Key Largo or Discover:Board (sold separately; see entries), these clear, snap-on guards are available in 128-key, 64-key, or 32-key configurations (sold separately). The guards enable the user to keep his/her fingers positioned over the appropriate keys while making a selection and to rest his or her hands on the keyboard during use.

Standard And Custom Keyguards For Intellikeys

The Standard and Custom Keyguards are keyguards designed to be used with IntelliKeys (see separate entry) for children with physical disabilities. The keyguards are designed to help the user make accurate choices by preventing unintentional keystrokes and providing stability for the user. The Standard Keyguards are made of clear acrylic and are available for each of the standard Intellikeys overlays ( Alphabet, Numbers, Arrows, Basic Writing, Apple QWERTY, and IBM QWERTY). To use the keyguard, t

Stickybear Typing

Stickybear Typing is a typing instruction program designed for children from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade who have cognitive or learning disabilities. The program allows students to sharpen typing skills and achieve keyboard mastery with three multi-level activities. The Stickybear Keypress activity, for young players and beginners, allows typing practice from the simplest drills in home key position to complex exercises that require the full keyboard. The Stickybear Thump activity build

Stylus For Children

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To create a stylus with common household materials for children with limited fine motor control to access touch tablets. Instructions provided for making a stylus at www.arearrangedlife.com/adapting/ipad-stylus. AUTHOR: Miriam aRearrangedLife.


SWITCHSKINS is a keyguard and protective cover designed to protect various electronic devices from getting soiled for individuals with physical disabilities. They are pre-molded, hygienic protective membranes that cover crevices and joints where saliva, germs, food, dirt and moisture can accumulate. They not only keep the devices clean and functioning longer, but also protect the caregiver and client from transferable germs and viruses. SWITCHSKINS can be created for a number of devices such as

Talking Typer For Windows (Models D-03430-00 & D-03430-Ed)

Talking Typer for Windows is a voice output computer keyboarding and typing instruction program designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. This training software speaks and displays lessons on-screen, including drills, practice, and typing games. Lessons can be adjusted to the student's skill level and level of vision. The software can be used by individual students or by multiple students in a networked training environment. The program includes features for teachers, such a

Talking Typing Teacher

Talking Typing Teacher is a typing instruction program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Typing lessons, practice drills, and typing speed tests are displayed on screen while being read out loud. Every lesson or practice session is read with pre-recorded digitized human speech, making it unnecessary for users to understand synthetic speech. Digitized human speech is used for all menus, lessons, and help. Synthetic text-to-speech is used only to read the student's

Tilt 'n Turn Crt Stand With Copy Easel

The Tilt 'n Turn CRT Stand with Copy Easel, model R7431, is a monitor stand designed to reduce glare, minimize eye strain, and eliminate neck craning. The stand fits any CRT with foot separations up to 12 x 12 inches. A built- in tension spring allows full range of adjustment while in use. Anti-skid pads on the top and bottom provide stability and protection. The stand tilts up or down 12.5 degrees, and rotates 360 degrees. DIMENSIONS: Copy easel is 9.5 x 12.5 inches; stand is 14 x 14.5 x 4.5 in

Touch-N-Type Stick (Model 32300)

The Touch-N-Type Stick, Model 32300, is a typing stick designed for use by people with limited manual dexterity who type using a stick or pointer. The stick had an adjustable length flex comfort handle and a plastisol tip. DIMENSIONS: 12 inches long. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product against defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Typewriting For Blind Students: Teacher Kit (Model 1-08880-00) & Student Kit (Model 1-08970-00)

Typewriting for Blind Students is a recorded typing instruction program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This instructional program is recorded on four-track cassettes that run at 15/16 inches per second (ips). The lessons teach typewriter keyboard fingering and help students develop speed and accuracy. The Student Kit, model 00-08970-00, has lessons designed for students working at their own rate, while the Teacher Kit, model 1-08880-00, also has lessons designe

Vision Vu Easel (Models 14Dc, 14Dc-Bb, 14Dc-Gr, 14Dc-Lm, 14Dc-St, & 14Dc-Tg)

The Vision Vu Easel is an adjustable height easel and copy stand designed to hold papers at a computer work station. The easel adjusts in angle and height, and drops below the desktop for keyboard systems. A clip and line guide are included. DIMENSIONS: 14 inches wide. COLOR: Clear (model 14DC), blueberry blue (model 14DC-BB), grape (model 14DC-GR), lime green (model 14DC-LM), strawberry red (model 14DC-ST), or tangerine (model 14DC-TG).

Vuryte (Model R7862)

The VuRyte, model R7862, is a copy holder designed to ergonomically position typing or data entry copy directly in front of the computer operator in line with the monitor screen. This reduces the motion required by the neck and eyes to perform daily data entry and keying functions, thereby reducing stress and muscle pain and increasing efficiency. The holder adapts to fit any workstation. The height may be adjusted to align the copy with the monitor for minimum head motion. Keeping the data at t

Weighted Base Document Holder (Model Dhwb06)

The Weighted Base Document Holder, model DHWB06, is a copy stand designed to reduce eye, back and neck strain for individuals who spend a lot of time typing. It has an adjustable viewing angle which allows the user to tilt the document holder forward or backward and swivel it left and right to suit his or her needs. A moveable paper grip with built in digital clock holds the document securely in place as it rest on the deep paper ledge. A transparent line guide mounts on eitherside and adjusts t


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