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Voice Output Test Program

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Accessible Testing System

Accessible Testing System (ATS) is a voice output test program designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, or fine motor disabilities. This testing software features computer generated speech, with a choice of voices for test content and software functions; high resolution magnification up to 16 times original size; adjustable background and text colors; on-screen highlighting by word, sentence, and section; synchronized text and

Califone 2964AV Monaural Headset

The Califone 2964AV Monaural Headset is designed for those individuals with deafness and who are hard of hearing to use in listening centers and during Englsh as a Second Language and English Language Development activities. Versatile classroom headphone. Included case stores twelve headphones and is ideal for itinerant teachers.


ClozePro is a voice output, large print, and switch adapted testing program designed for use by students who need test-taking accomodations, including students with cognitive or learning disabilities, physical disabilities, blindness or low vision. This assessment tool enables a teacher in lower or upper elementary or secondary school to build a cloze activity from any text in any subject area. For standardized test preparation and alternate assessments, it provides the teacher with detailed inf

Kurzweil 3000 For Windows

Kurzweil 3000 for Windows is an optical character recognition (OCR) and test program with voice output designed for use by individuals with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. This OCR software scans documents and reads scanned or electronic text aloud using synthetic speech. Documents are shown on screen with words highlighted as they are spoken. This combined auditory and visual presentation of information helps increase reading accuracy, speed, and comprehension for struggling readers.


Lexiflow is a voice output electronic book player program designed for use by publishers of books and student assessments. This program enables publishers to create talking Flash eBooks and assessments that are accessible to students who require read-aloud support. Pages are converted from PDF to talking Adobe Flash for playback using the free Adobe Flash Player. Books are displayed in an exact representation of the printed content on PC or Mac in any industry standard Internet browser. In addit


TestTalker is a voice output test program designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision, or by their teachers. This software program can help students with test taking, worksheet completion, and with study materials. It can also help people complete forms electronically. It provides a computerized version of a test, worksheet, or other form that can talk. Tests are presented bimodally, with words highlighted on screen as they are spoken aloud. As an accommodation tool, this progr


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