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Water Ski

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Competition Sit-Ski

The Competition Sit-Ski is a water ski designed for use by individuals with neurological or cognitive disabilities, lower extremity amputation or disabilities, or spinal cord injury. This mono sit-ski can run the outer course at 24 miles per hour or faster. The user is held securely by a Custom Sit-Ski Cage mounted to the ski (see separate entry). OPTIONS: Foot plates, ropes, handles, ski bags, equipment bags, fins. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 86 x 11 inches. WEIGHT: 7 pounds.

Quickie Kan Ski Super Comp

The Quickie Kan Ski Super Comp is a water ski for persons with mobility disabilities (paraplegia, quadriplegia, spina bifida, or lower extremity amputation), persons with cerebral palsy, or other individuals interested in water sit-skiing. This sit water ski was designed for advanced skiers in high performance or competition skiing. This model has a competition rear bevel, concave bottom and a pro jet fin. MATERIALS: The Super Comp is made of foam core, wet-wrapped graphite fiberglass; footplate

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