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Mulholland Gait Master

Mulholland Gait Master is suitable for adults and children who have difficulty walking or standing. It is designed to support pelvic movement while the user is walking, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Mulholland Gait Master will fit through standard doors, and the bumper wheels help avoid marks on walls and paintwork. Standard features include the following: Gas springs to assist in raising the upper frame, coil springs to support the upper frame which moves up/down with gait, ant


Tinywalk is designed to encourage children ages 7 months-3 years of age with mobility disabilities learning to take their first steps. TinyWalk is a weight-relieving gait trainer, which gives dynamic support throughout the rise and fall of the pelvis during ambulation. As the child steps forward, the active spring system of the walker allows the pelvis to move down into the “heel strike” and “toe off” portion of gait, and then assists with elevation to allow for proper “swing-through.” It offers


Gaitmaster is a dynamic weight-relieving walker designed for children 5 to 18+ years of age. It assists with weight bearing and maintaining an upright posture. There are built in compression springs that provide optimum weight relief. Gas spring allows easy change of height for transfer. The lockable lift lever raises the walker to the best working height. Controls are designed to give the possibility of independent transfer.


Mowego is a gait trainer designed for individuals with limited functional mobility associated with cerebral palsy, stroke, or ataxia. It promotes a secure and supported posture to promote movement. It is designed to allow the user to move and explore their environment while building confidence and body strength.


Parapion is an upright stander designed for use by children with limited lower extremity strength and coordination associated with neurological involvement such as cerebral palsy, ataxia, and hypontia. It offers trunk and pelvic supports for security and stability.


Vosego is designed for use by children who have limited control of upper and lower extremity strength and coordination as a result of neurological involvement associated with cerebral palsy, ataxia, and low muscle tone. The Vosego offers lateral supports, trunk, and lower limb straps for posture. It also includes adjustable seat height, footrest, backrest ,and seat angle adjustments.

Hand Grips

Hand Grips are designed for use children who have limited grasping and fine motor strength and coordination. The strap in the upper section is tightened to gently pull and hold the hand into a fist shape, adjusting to hold items in the palm. It can be used to assist with grasping with tricycle handlebars, walking frames, gripping toys, and holding hands.


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