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Analog Switch Pad

The Analog Switch Pad is a touch activated buttonswitch designed to control battery operated toys, environmental controls and computer access interfaces. The force adjustable electronic switch features a large activation area that is soft and compliant to the touch. Force sensitivity can be adjusted by a small dial from approximately one ounce to 32 ounces activation pressure, applied over an area ranging from the size of a fingertip to the size of the entire switch surface. A small LED lamp glo

Universal Adaptive Switch

The Universal Adaptive Switch (UAS) is a multi input switch selector designed to combine features of many popular switches in one unit for individuals who depend on the use of single switches. It can adapt to an individual user's changing needs or accomodate the varied needs of multiple users in group setting. It is a low voltage DC switch with remote control capability and three modes: momentary mode for scanning controls and computer interfaces; latching mode for turning devices on and off; an


Multi-SCAN is a single switch activity center designed for individuals who have alearning disability and are limited to the use of a single switch. It features the four educational DINO-GAMES (see separate entry) in one complete package. On top of that there are five fraphic libraries appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities. The catagories include Animals, Cosmetology, Independent Living, Sports and Vocations. Multi-SCAN allows you to select a graphic library, choose games and set a s

Posture Monitor

The Posture Monitor is a biofeedback device designed to support individuals who have a limited physical control and difficulty maintaining appropriate posture due to neurological deficits. Its purpose is to promote attention given to maintaining proper trunk alignment by individuals seated in wheelchairs, thus encouraging a seated position that offers greater functionality; enhances learning, self esteem, and mobility; and improves physiological factors such as respiration, circulation and diges


The SS-ACCESS! is a single switch keyboard modification program designed for individuals with little or no hand mobility or strength. Simply plug the interface cable into the PC's serial port, plug the switch into the interface, run the support software and run the single switch software. A user-defined keyboard character is sent to the single switch application each time the user presses the switch. The package includes the switch interface, the support software, SS-DEMO game and an easy to fol


WinSCAN is a single switch control interface designed to provide independent control access to programs for individuals who are single switch users. This product allows the user to navigate through Windows, choose program icons and run application programs and games. WinSCAN works by superimposing a scanning control display window in front of an application program. The display contains words or icons to represent the functions needed to navigate and operate the software. The display can be posi


DINO-GAMES are academic tutorial programs designed for individuals with a learning disability. DINO-DOT is a collection of sot-to-sot games which enhance number concepts, counting, sequencing skills, and spacial perception. Games can be selected using patterns of three, six, nine or twelve dots. The mode of play, difficulty level, auditory feedback and scan speed can be controlled manually. DINO-FIND is a game of concentration that stimulates memory and pattern recognition and provides scanning


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