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AccessMaths is a geometrical drawing program designed to provide a range of input options for students with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. The program can be operated using the keyboard, mouse, track ball, or Concept Keyboard. The program approaches drawing tasks using geometrical principles. The user defines reference points on the screen, such as the ends of lines or the center points of arcs, and the program automatically draws the shape. The program's drawing tools allow the swi


Prophet is a word prediction program designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This program allows users to type long words with as few as two key strokes. It supports speech output and switch input through Switch Access for Windows (SAW). This word prediction program automatically learns any new words typed and updates its on-screen word lists to reflect the user's writing style and frequency of word use. As the user types the first one or two letters of a word, the pro

Multimedia Plocka

Multimedia Plocka is an educational program with cause and effect, matching and sorting, sequencing, numbers, language, and games activities, designed for use by children with cognitive, learning, communication, upper extremity, and fine motor disabilities. In this multimedia program, learning is enhanced with graphics, sound, and video. The program uses the principle of objects and targets. On-screen shapes, pictures, or text are scanned and selected with switches or the keyboard. Once selected

Number Navigator

Number Navigator is a math skills training program designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities. This mathematical software enables children to record their arithmetic and algebra exercises and homework via the button bar, keyboard, or switches without having to resort to the complexities of a spreadsheet. Numbers are entered into grid locations on the screen, using the keyboard or switches with SAW (Switch Access for Windows) Selection Sets. The pupil then na


NumberPack is a math skills training program designed for children with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities. This software program contains three simulated pieces of classroom equipment: a teaching clock, an abacus, and a number line. These simulations are keyboard-operated stand-alone units with their own printing functions. The clock is a re-creation of a classroom teaching clock with a number of additional features. The clock can be moved forwards or backwards in a number of adjustabl


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