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Carrie Potty Seat (Models Pc 2771P & Pc 2771J)

The Carrie Potty Seat is a child commode designed to be positioned over a toilet or used as a free-standing unit. The shape of the commode maintains the user's legs in slight flexion and abduction to encourage bowel and bladder functions. Lateral supports and a tray help provide trunk stability. A built-in anti-thrust seat maintains pelvic positioning. The seat is made of Tumble Forms' high-density foam and covered with a flexible coating, making the Potty Seat washable, seamless, impervious to

Special Tomato Mps Car Seat

The Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat Car Seat Version is a child's car seat designed for use by children and youth with physical disabilities. The seat has adjustable seat, head, and back cushions and offers a choice of regular or extended size seat cushions, allowing the seat width and depth to be adjusted to accommodate the child's growth. Other features include a seat shell, a latch strap and tether strap for in-vehicle use, and safety attachment straps for use outside of a vehicle. 

Gator Reverse Walker, The

The Gator Reverse Walker is a child's or junior walker designed for children with walking and balance disabilities. This walker features a folding powder-coated steel adjustable growth frame. and adjustable handgrips and arm troughs. The adjustable grips and troughs enable the unit to provide individual arm orientation for exact handgrip width adjustment. This reverse walker is also equipped with front swivel casters, caster pin locks, padded grips, and a rear frame bumper. DIMENSIONS: The handl

Tumble Forms Carrie Seat (Models 4641L, 4641M, 4641S, & 4641Sa)

The Tumble Forms Carrie Seat, models 4641L, 4641M, 4641S & 4641SA, are positioning seating systems designed for insertion in mobility systems such as strollers, wheelchairs, or in vehicles. They may also be used at home or in school. The seats come with an adjustable footrest, headrest, and tray. Standard features include an anti-thrust seat to stabilize the pelvis; a seat back which articulates 20 degrees to accommodate abnormal trunk tone; an adjustable footrest to maintain hip, knee, and

Special Tomato Height Right Chair

Special Tomato Height Right Chair is a seating system developed for children and teens with mild to moderate physical involvement. The chair is designed to grow with the child (6 months up to 250lb) and offers secure positioning support with a sleek, modern design . It can be used at home, school, therapy, or daycare center. is an easy to care for adaptive seating solution that offers a height and depth adjustable seat and footplate to allow growth for the child.

Special Tomato MPS Convaid Push Chair Base, Model 79200000

Special Tomato MPS (Multi-Positioning Seat) Convaid Push Chair Base is an umbrella style stroller that offers positioning for children. The MPS push chair is designed for use with standard tie-down systems for bus or van transport. This push chair base accommodates both the small and large size MPS seat. The Special Tomato MPS Convaid Push Chair Base allows your child a safe and comfortable ride to and from school Hip-Flex adjustment provides 30 degrees of pivot. Hip-Flex includes 15 degrees hip

Special Tomato Large MPS Car Seat, Model 79040305

Special Tomato Large Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) Car Seat provides proper seating support for children. It has been crash tested and is safe for use in the car. It has a soft, lightweight, and durable seating surface with cushions that allow for customized support. The cushion moves up and down on a hook and loop track allowing for children's growth and provides proper alignment of the child's pelvis.

Special Tomato Small MPS Push Chair

Special Tomato Small MPS Push Chair combines the multi-positioning seat with footrest and the transportable push chair base. This umbrella style stroller offers positioning for the child. This kit includes soft, lightweight, and durable seating surface with cushions that allow for customized support. The chair is designed for use with standard tie-down systems for bus or van transport. The push chair base accommodates both the small and large size MPS seat, allowing the child to grow into the sy

Special Tomato Small Multi-Positioning Seat with Footrest, Model 79030305

Special Tomato Small Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) with footrest offers support to the user's sitting experience while sitting in almost any chair. This MPS seat provides a soft, lightweight, and durable seating surface with cushions that allow for customized support. The cushions move up and down on a hook and loop track allowing for growth of the user. It is great for use at school, at home, at therapy, or while dining out. The attachment strap allows you to use the MPS seat with any chair

Tumble Forms Rolls (Models 2794A Thru 2794J)

The Tumble Forms Rolls are therapy rolls, models 2794A thru 2794J, are designed for use in rolling or rocking movements, positioning, and coordination training for people with physical or neurological disabilities. These bolsters have a solid core to prevent bottoming out (except the 4 inch size). The rolls have the seamless, urine resistant, and washable Tumble Forms coating. DIMENSIONS (H x L): Model 2794A is 4 x 24 inches; model 2794B is 6 x 24 inches; model 2794C is 10 x 36 inches; model 27

Buffalo Tilt Table

The Buffalo Tilt Table is designed for therapeutic use with children and adults with mobility disabilities. This table can be used for prone or supine standing, as a tilt table for therapy, or for postural drainage. This unit features a steel frame with vinyl powdercoat finish, a solid wood body support covered in vinyl, trunk and head extensions, lateral supports, a back support, pommel, knee and heel supports, a tray, and a motorized assist, and casters for mobility.


The Rabbit is a mobile standing aid designed for use by children ages 1 to 18 with mobility disabilities. Equipped with wheelchair-style wheels, this unit includes an adjustable support frame, adjustable body supports, and adjustable knee supports. A tool kit for making the adjustments also is included. Other standard features include a pommel, chest strap, foot holders, heel supports, and a play box to enable children to store and transport belongings. The unit disassembles for storage and tran

Bathmaster Sonaris 2

The Bathmaster Sonaris 2 is designed to assist users with limited mobility and balance and their caregivers during transfers in and out of the bathtub. This version has a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit

The Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit is designed for use by children with physical disabilities. The sitter kit offers proper seating positioning for children with mild to moderate physical involvement. It features a rigid base that provides stability and lifts the soft-touch sitter slightly off the floor. The close to the floor position brings children with special needs to the level of their peers while playing or during circle activities.

Tumble Forms Deluxe Square Module Seating System (Models 2797 & 2795P)

The Deluxe Square Module Seating System, models 2797 and 2795P, are floor sitters designed to support and position children with neurological disabilities. The complete seating system (2797) includes the seat and the following geometric positioning shapes: 2 long and 2 short rectangles, 2 triangles, 1 ring, and 1 disk. The positioning shapes only (minus the base seat) are available separately (2795P). The modules are vinyl covered foam with rounded edges. The child sits in the chair with his/her

Sammons Preston Tugs Pediatric Prone Stander (Model 4617A)

The Sammons Preston Tugs Pediatric Prone Stander, model 4617A, is a prone and supine stander designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This stander is designed to keep children 25 to 48 inches tall in a prone position. Features include a fully vertical adjustable mainboard, knee board and footboard. Other features include a hand crank that provides quick and easy angle adjustments and nonslip, removable support pads that move to any position along the length of the board. Interna


The Panther is a child's tilt-in-space wheelchair designed for children with mobility disabilities. FRAME: Polyester-coated steel frame collapses for transport and storage. The frame is available in three sizes and in a choice of bright raspberry, deep blue, or silver. Rear anti-tippers are standard. Size 1 (WxHxL) is 59 x 87 to 111 x 84 centimeters; size 2 is 62 x 87 to 111 x 92; and size 3 is 67 x 87 to 111 x 100 centimeters. SEAT: Solid seat and back with tilt in space and a low shear reclini

Pre-School Prone Stander (Model 106) & Child's Prone Stander (Model 104)

The Pre-School Prone Stander, model 106, and the Child's Prone Stander, model 104, are prone boards with casters designed for use by children with neurological or balance disabilities. These standers are designed to be supported against a sturdy table or counter. The units are adjustable to vary the angle from horizontal and adjustable table/counter rests allow positioning at different distances supporting surfaces. The units latch to the supporting surface with cord, hook, and eye screws for s

Prone Standers With Desk (Models 102, 103, & 107)

The Prone Standers with Desk, models 102, 103 and 107, are designed for use by children and adults with mobility and neurological disabilities. Models 102 and 103 are designed for children 18 months to 11 years of age, up to 58 inches tall; Model 107 is designed for users from years of age to adult, or from 48 to 71 inches tall. FRAME: Wooden with an extended base for near vertical positioning, adjustable angle varies 40 to 80 degrees from horizontal. The base has 4-inch swivel locking casters (

Therapy Mats (Models 804Yb, 805Yb, & 806Yb)

Therapy Mats are folding mats for activities requiring a firm, cushioned surface. The mats are made of plastic foam covered with non-absorbent, washable nylon- reinforced vinyl. Wide Velcro strips are attached to the ends for joining two or more mats together. DIMENSIONS: Model 804YB is 4 x 8 feet, model 805YB is 5 x 10 feet, and model 806YB is 6 x 12 feet. The mats fold in 2-foot panels for transport and storage.

Vertical Stander

The Vertical Stander is a prone standing frame for children from 18 months through 12 years who need support at the hips and pelvis to maintain standing alignment. FEATURES: The frame has a solid pelvic stabilizer for anterior, posterior and lateral positioning; a removable lower cushion for knee extension; removable adjustable foot supports for additional alignment of feet and ankles; a posterior pelvic pad that swings away and locks in place with a safety latch; removable lateral cushions; and

High-Low Chair

The High-Low Chair is a positioning chair designed for use by children up to 45 inches tall with mobility or neurological disabilities. A pneumatic cylinder allows the chair height to be adjusted with a single lever or the seat and frome can be detached from the wheeled star-shaped pedestal base for use as a floor sitter. The colorful support seat is padded and covered in wipe-clean polymer-coated fabric. To hold the child comfortably in mid-line, the chair is equipped with a quilted cotton-line

Tumble Forms Cricket Walker (Models 1745L & 1745S)

The Tumble Forms Cricket Walker is a nonfolding child adjustable wheeled walker with a seat. These prone training walkers accommodate children 2 to 8 years of age, help stimulate walking movements, and serve as a link to more advanced walking aids. The walkers feature a ring-style support/hand grip which can be converted to a U shape, two sets of double front wheels and two single rear wheels, and a range of grwoth adjustments. OPTIONS: Saddle and trunk support. DIMENSIONS: Model 1745S (Small Cr

Columbia Medical Therapedic Chlid Car Seat

The Columbia Medical Special Needs Car Seat is available for children who have outgrown regular car seats. It will fit children from 20-102 pounds and up to 60 inches tall. The seat is designed for those who cannot sit upright unassisted.

Strider Super 16 No-Pedal Balance Bike

The STRIDER SS-1 Super 16 No-Pedal Balance Bike is designed for older children to aid in improving their balance. The bike is meant to assist those with Down Syndrome, Autism, low muscle tone, poor balance, Arthrogryposis or Cerebral Palsy. The STRIDER does not have a chain or pedals so those with limited range of motion in their legs still have the chance to propel the bike with whatever movement they have available in their legs. Also, the handle bars can be turned around backwards permanently

Freedom Climber

The Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber provides therapeutic recreation for children 5 years of age and under. The Freedom Climber is designed to help children develop gross motor skills. The activity net can be used in a therapy center, school, or at home. It can be set up in various ways to work on balance, strength, coordination and motor planning.

Birillo Gait Trainer Walker Size 1

The Birillo Size 1 is a gait trainer / walker specifically designed to give a child with special needs the ability to move freely and safely around the home, school, daycare, and therapy environments.


The Yogibo ZippaRoll is filled with uniformly sized polystyrene beads that work hand-in-hand with the special lycra-cotton blend cover. This combination of bead and fabric allows the Yogibo ZippaRoll to conform to the contours of a user's body. The Yogibo ZippaRoll also unzips to a flat pillow in seconds. In this form, the ZippaRoll can also be used as a cushion, back support or pillow. It can also be used as a positioning support between your knees or to use as a cushioned head rest. DIMENSIONS

Sammons Preston Versa Form Positioning Pillows (Models 2820, 2822, 2821 & 2823)

Sammons Preston Versa Form Positioning Pillows, models 2820, 2821, 2822, and 2823, are body positioner pillows designed to provide support and proper positioning for children and adults with physical disabilities. These pillows are filled with styrene beads which conform to the shape of the user. When air is extracted using a vacuum pump, Versa Form molds to the body shape, creating firm support. When a valve is released, allowing air into the pillow Versa form regains its flexibility and is rea

Tumble Forms Carrie Collar (Model 2774C)

The Tumble Forms Carrie Collar, model 2774C, is a head and neck support designed to support the jawline and occipital region to help improve head control, neck flexion, and midline positioning for children who have physical disabilities. The collar may be used alone or with other seating systems. The horseshoe-shaped collar slips over the head, extends to the chest, and fastens in the front with a quick-release hook-and-loop fastener. The collar features the Tumble Forms waterproof coating.

Carrie Activity Base (Model Pc 4641C)

The Carrie Activity Base, model PC 4641C, is designed to elevate and add mobility to the Carrie Seat for peer interaction and activities. The base is designed for use with the Elementary and Pre-School Carrie Seats (see separate entry). Rear wheels allow for moving the seat around the immediate area.

Special Tomato Jogger Stroller

The Special Tomato Jogger is an easy folding, lightweight, all terrain stroller pushchair for children, up to 110 pounds, with mild to moderate physical involvement or special needs. The jogger comes standard with a functional rear suspension to promote a smooth ride over most surfaces. The swivel front tire makes it possible to maneuver through indoor spaces. For straight line strolling and rougher terrain, the front wheel can be locked inline.

Build N' Balance Set

The Build N' Balance Set is designed to help children work on improving their balance, motor planning and coordination skill development. It comes complete with 10 interchangeable components to create multiple obstacle courses. Users can create inclines, declines, high surfaces (up to 9.5") and low surfaces (as low as 4") for children to navigate. The set includes: Build N' Balance Yellow Tops, Build N' Balance Red Tops and a Build N' Balance Blue Planks. DIMENSIONS: Build N' Balance Yellow Tops

Balance Kit #6: Obstacle Course

The BALANCE KIT #6 is designed to help children improve their balance, motor planning, coordination and problem-solving skills. Three separate components can be combined together in different ways to create various obstacle courses. Include the children in designing the courses to work on problem-solving and cognitive (thinking) skills. The Balance Kit #6 comes with the following: Build N' Balance Red Tops: Set of three 9.5" high plastic with rubber feet to prevent slipping and easy stacking sto

River Kit #1: Obstacle Course

The River Kit #1 Obstacle Course is designed to help children improve their balance, motor planning and coordination. It comes with several components to create an obstacle course simulating a river and the surrounding environment. Children can navigate different heights, widths and colors to challenge their balance and use their cognitive skills (thinking skills) at the same time for an increased challenge. The pieces of the River Kit are easy to put together, making it easy to incorporate chil

Bathmaster Sonaris

Bathmaster Sonaris is designed to assist users with limited mobility and balance as well as their caregivers during transfers in and out of the bathtub. The Bathmaster Sonaris is operated by a rechargeable battery and can perform an average of 18 lifts per charge. There is an audible beep and a blinking light to alert you when the battery needs to be recharged. The operator buttons on the hand controller are simple and large to make it easy for anyone to operate. The seat and back snap together

Deluxe Turtle Therapy System (Models 2882 & 2883S )

The Deluxe Turtle Therapy System, model 2882. and 2883S is a complete system designed for vestibular stimulation and sensory integration therapy. The system, model 2882, consists of the Turtle dome, a padded scooter, T-stool leg attachment, net swing with rope and ascender, therapy record booklet, and complete Turtle Methods Manual. All components of the systems fit into the Turtle dome for storage. Model 2883S includes the padded scooter and T-stool leg attachment only.


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