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Ideal Currency Identifier

IDEAL Currency Identifier is a voice output money identification program for people who are blind or have low vision or cognitive disabilities. It is designed to be used with a smartphone or tablet that has a camera and runs the Android operating system. The app uses the device's rear-facing camera to detect currency denominations for three generations of U.S. currency notes beginning in 1993. The user places the note on a flat surface, in a horizontal position and in good lighting. It does not

Ideal Group Reader

IDEAL Group Reader is a voice output electronic book (e-book) reader that can be used by individuals who are blind or have low vision or other disabilities that make reading difficult. An application (or app) for an Android device, this program reads text aloud and highlights sections of text as they are being read. The app’s screenreading capabilities and accessible navigation features enable the user to read both ePub2 and ePub3 books. The program also allows the user to take notes using speec


WalkyTalky is an audible mobility program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This application (or app) turns a cell phone or tablet computer running the Android operating system into an accessible navigation aid. The user types in a destination, and the program launches Google Maps Navigation in the Walking directions mode. The program can also navigate to a contact if that contact's listing includes an address. The program periodically updates the status bar with

Eyes-Free Shell

Eyes-Free Shell is an audible screen navigation, voice output dialing and screen reader program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This application (or app) turns an Android device into an eyes-free communication device and provides one-touch access to applications and mini-apps built into Eyes-Free Shell. The user interacts with the touch screen to check status information, launch applications, and direct dial or message a contact. The main screen has seven widget

Talking Dialer

Talking Dialer is a cell phone screen reader and a voice output dialing program for a cell phone designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The application (or app) for an Android smartphone allows the user to dial a phone number without looking at the keypad. The user starts at 5 and slides his finger in the direction of the number he or she wants. For example, the user can go up and to the left for 1, or down and to the right for 9. The user presses the “Dial” button to


TalkBack is a screen reader program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This application (or "app") provides vocal output from Android's voice synthesizer when using native Android applications. It is part of the Android system and cannot be uninstalled, but it can be disabled in Android's "Accessibility" settings. COMPATIBILITY: For use with an Android phone or tablet computer. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Android system version varies with device.


Dyscalculator is an App intended to use by people with cognitive and learning disabilities-specifically Dyscalculia. The numbers on the Dyscalculator a presented in three different ways for better understanding: number symbol (76), worded numbers (seventy-six), and graphical (numbers can be illustrated as bars). It also swaps the digits to help the user find the correct number and arithmetic operation.     

Meister Cody - Talasia



The Commandr app for Google Now allows users to send texts without typing, open apps, search the web, and call people. With Commandr, users can expand the usability of Google Now to include things like turning on a flashlight, toggling various functions, and even add own custom commands using Tasker. The voice command is intended to help those with physical disabilities get around their device more easily and with less frustration.

Ginger Keyboard

The Ginger Keyboard is an app designed teens and adults with autism and other developmental and communication challenges. The app offers emoji, stickers, animated GIFs, themes and free in-app games, as well as advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to analyze text, learn the users writing, and provide grammar, punctuation and spelling corrections accordingly.


The Aut2Speak is an app designed for use by individuals with autism and other developmental and communication challenges ranging from autism to stroke victims. The app is a communication keyboard for those with non-verbal/pre-verbal autism who already know how to type. The features include:


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