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Custom, Vairox, Fast Fit, Ultimate Sheer, & Relief Vascular Stockings

These therapeutic stockings are custom made and individually constructed using precise measurements every 1.5 inches for an exact fit in any style or configuration. The hosiery is available in compressions from 20 mmHg to 50 mmHg. Vairox off-the-shelf styles are for moderate to severe vascular conditions and come in 30-40 or 40-50 mmHg compression ranges. The Fast-fit line is designed for mild to moderate vascular conditions and come in 18-25 or 25-35 mmHg compression ranges. Ultimate Sheer are

Jay Standard Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay Standard Wheelchair Cushion is a gel flotation seat cushion designed to prevent and heal pressure sores and improve posture. This cushion features a urethane foam base that is contoured to reduce pressure on the ischials and the coccyx, and to encourage upright posture by discouraging leaning and slumping to one side. On top of the foam base is a Flolite pad. Flolite is a fluid that, once conformed to the user's body, remains in place rather than returning to its original shape to reduce

Ride-Lite 9000 Series

Manual drive adult wheelchair. 4 frame options. Adult model offers 14 to 18 inch seat width; 16, 17 or 18 inch seat depth; and 14 to 18 inch adjustable height back. Tall model offers a 21 3/4 inch seat height; 16 or 18 inch seat width; 18, 19 or 20 inch seat depth; and a 16 to 20 inch adjustable height backrest. Hemi model features a 15 1/2 or 17 1/2 inch seat height; 16, 18 or 20 inch seat width; and 16, 17 or 18 inch seat depth. Large model offers a 20 or 22 inch seat width; and a 16, 17 or 18

Invacare Power 9000

The Invacare Power 9000 is a powered wheelchair designed for use by adults with mobility disabilities. FRAME: Folding steel frame with aluminum cross braces in standard adult or low seat configurations. With the joystick, this chair is 21.75 to 27.75 inches wide when open in the adult model and 23.75 to 27.75 inches wide when open in the low seat model. With the joystick, both models are 14.5 inches wide folded. The adult model is 35.25 to 39.25 inches high and the low seat model is 33.25 to 37.

Rolls 2000 Lt Series

Adult manual drive wheelchair. Folding aluminum frame. Epoxy coated finish. Vinyl upholstery. 16 or 18 inch seat width. 16 inch seat depth. 18 or 20 inch seat height. Back height 14, 16 or 18 inches. 24 inch mag style rear wheels with solid or pneumatic tires. 8 inch front casters with solid, pneumatic or semi-pneumatic tires. Fixed or adjustable height armrests, full or desk length. Swing-away removable footrests. Optional elevating footrests. Wheel locks. Weight without footrests, 27 to 30 pou


The EZ-SHOWER is a portable shower designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities or who cannot leave the bed. Made of mildew-resistant vinyl, the EZ-SHOWER hangs on a bed post or IV pole by the wooden carrying handle or nylon cord and holds 2.5 gallons of water. An easy-fill spout prevents splashing snd snaps shut for watertight seal. The included flexible 4-foot hose has an on/off valve for easy water control. WARRANTY: 1-year limited warranty.


The Zippie is a child's lightweight manual wheelchair designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. FRAME: The rigid frame is offered in a range of widths from 10 to 16 inches. Rear anti-tip tubes are standard; front anti-tips are optional.A growth kit is included to expand the fame to meet the user's needs. The frame is available in 11 standard colors and 3 custom colors. SEAT: The standard seat is available in a choice of widths ranging from 10 to 16 inches. Standard seat depths ran

Half Rails (Model 6630)

Chrome plated bed rail with two steel channel cross braces. Clamped to spring of hospital bed. Slide bushings accept two vertical tubes of each rail to guide it up and down. Single plunger on bracket releases and locks rail. Can be used with bed in all positions. Length 30 inches, fits bed widths 34 to 36 1/2 inches.

Strider Regular (Model 7780)

Folding adjustable wheeled walker for adults or children. For patients 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. Pushbutton height adjustment. Adjustable height 27 to 40 inches. Adjustable handles. 5 inch front casters. Options: platform attachment, horizontal or vertical handles, carrying basket, carrying pouch. Folds for storage. No tools required for adjustments. Black. Weight 8 pounds.

Strider Middler (Model 7781)

Adjustable walker for patients 3 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. Pushbutton height adjustment. Adjustable height 22 to 37 inches. Adjustable handles. 5 inch front casters. Options: platform attachment, horizontal or vertical handles. Folds for storage. No tools required for adjustments. Blue. Weight 6 1/2 pounds.

Strider Tyke (Model 7782)

Child walker for patients 2 feet 2 inches to 3 feet 6 inches. Pushbutton height adjustment. Adjustable height 11 1/2 to 21 inches. Adjustable handles. 5 inch front casters. Options: platform attachment, horizontal or vertical handles, carrying basket, carrying pouch. Folds for storage. No tools required for adjustments. Red. Weight 4 1/2 pounds.

Roho Cushion Covers

Cushion covers made of two way stretch blended material. Machine washable. Sized to fit all Roho cushions as specified. Available in maroon, gray, and black with Roho logo, or plain black. .

Roho Pack It

Lightweight neoprene rubber air cushion made of Mini Max cells, which are 1 1/4 inch high flexible air cells. Standard size is 16 inches by 9 1/2 inches, but can be customized to fit any size requirements. Encased in removeable two way stretch cover with elastic strap. Weighs approximately 1 1/4 pounds. 18 month warranty. Can be used for scapular, sacral, lumbar support, in shower or bathtub, automobile, airplane. Designed for lightweight travel use.

Toilet Seat And Commode Seat Dry Floatation Cushion

Toilet seat Dry Floatation Cushion consists of 2 separate pieces that can adjust to any toilet size. Straps are built into cushion to attach to toilet seat. Contoured air cell sizes, with 2 inch cells on the outside and 1 inch cells on the inside to provide greater seated stability. Weighs approximately 1 1/4 pounds. Commode seat Dry Floatation Cushion is designed to fit commode wheelchair and is custom sized to seat's specifications. Standard size is 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/ 4 inches. Weighs appr

Roho Mini Max Cushion

Neoprene rubber air cushion with 1 1/4 inch high flexible air cells attached to a common base. Standard sizes are 15 inches by 15 inches, 16 inches by 16 inches, and 16 inches by 18 inches. Custom sizes available. Available with rigid plastic contoured base and removeable two way stretch cover. Weighs approximately 24 ounces.18 month warranty.

Roho Contour Base

Molded ABS plastic base with front pommel to encourage leg abduction, 7 degree slope from front for anti-thrust effect, 13 degree side to side slopes to center hips, to be placed under any Roho Dry Floatation Cushion. Weighs approximately 1 pound. Available in 3 standard sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 16 inches by 16 inches, 16 inches by 18 inches. Custom sizes available. 18 month warranty.

Roho Enhancer Dry Floatation Cushion

Neoprene rubber air cushion with two valves and individual air cells varying from 1 inch to 4 inches in height, distributed in pattern to provide contoured support and increased seated stability. Pressure can be varied separately between cells under thighs and ischia and cells between and around legs and buttocks. Available in 4 standard sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 15 inches by 16 3/4 inches, 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/ 4 inches, and 18 1/2 inches by 16 3/4 inches. Custom sizes available. Removeab

Roho Quadtro Cushion

Four separate neoprene rubber air cushion sections joined together by hose connector system allowing separate inflation adjustments. Available in high profile, with 4 inch high cells, in 3 sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 15 inches by 16 3/4 inches, and 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/4 inches; or low profile, with 2 inch high cells, in 4 sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 15 inches by 16 3/4 inches, 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/ 4 inches, and 16 3/4 inches by 18 1/2 inches. Custom sizes and compartments available. Re

Roho Heel Pad

Neoprene rubber air cells arranged in 3 cell heights in unit which wraps around heel or elbow and is secured with velcro straps. Inflation pressure adjusted with small squeeze bulb so that pressure under heel or elbow is completely relieved. Weighs approximately 1/3 pound. 18 month warranty.

Roho Wheelchair Recliner

Neoprene rubber air cushion with back and seating surfaces connected for use in reclining wheelchair. Sections constructed independently according to user specifications, which include standard or custom cushion designs, varying cell heights, multiple valves, or other custom techniques.

Quickie Gp And Quickie Gpv

The Quickie GP and Quickie GPV are lightweight adult manual wheelchairs for sport and daily use. FRAME: One-piece rigid frame with a 70-degree front frame bend. The standard frame is 10 inches high in the front and 9 inches high in the rear. Optional short, tall, and custom frames are also available. The standard frame is available in 14- or 16-inch widths; 12-, 13-, 17-, 18-, 19-, and 20-inch widths are available at an extra charge. This chair is available in 11 standard and 6 optional colors

Quickie P300

The Quickie P300 is a powered wheelchair designed for adult users. FRAME: The overall frame width ranges from 24 5/8 inches to 28.25 inches depending upon the seat width and caster size. The regular frame is 33 inches long and the long frame is 35 inches long without footrests. The frame is constructed of tri-cell reinforced rectangular tubing and is available in a choice of 11 standard colors and 3 optional colors. The frame constructions allows components and accessories to be bolted directl


The Breezy is a manual drive, lightweight wheelchair built for adults. FRAME: Folding frame in a choice of chrome, silver texture, or blue finishes. Push handles are standard and anti-tip tubes are optional. SEAT: A padded seat is standard. A non-padded seat is available at no cost. Standard seats are available in 14-, 16-, or 18-inch widths; the standard seat depth is 16 inches. A 20-inch wide or 18-inch deep seat is available at an extra charge. The seat height depends upon thw wheels and cast

Peach Pillow & Peach Blossom

The Peach Pillow and Peach Blossom are cervical pillows designed for provide orthopedic support to relieve pain associated with upper back and neck problems, arthritis, or tension headaches. These pillows have built-in rolls to provide support under the user's neck. Both are made with poly foam and holofil. The Peach Blossom Pillow is the same internally as the Peach Pillow except that the rolls are wrapped with memory foam. SIZES: Queen or Travel. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 16 x 23 inches. WARRANTY: 1-y

Varilite Seating System Adult Regular

Seat cushion with a molded base. Includes Varilite self-inflating foam cushion and urethane bladder, with a washable knit cover. The opening of valve determines the level of support and the shape of the cushion through inflation and deflation. Weight is 2.9 pounds. Two sizes. Adult: base 17.5 by 16.25 inches. Narrow Adult: base 15.5 by 16.25 inches.

Jay Active Cushion

The Jay Active Cushion is a gel and foam flotation seat cushion with adductor wedges designed to prevent leaning, slouching and pressure sores, and to encourage correct posture. The cushion has a contoured foam base with a Flolite pad. Flotlite is a liquid that conforms to the user's body and does not return to its original shape; this feature protects the skin from pressure sores. The fluid is encased by three top and two bottom layers of urethane with a center seam that prevents the Flolite fr

Jay Protector Cushion

The Jay Protector Cushion is a gel and foam seat cushion designed to temporarily (up to 4 hours) protect the skin against pressure sores in any situation - in the shower, during recreation activities away from a wheelchair, while working on the floor, etc. The cushion has a sling design with waist and leg attachments that maintains the cushion in place during transfers. The cushion has a concealed molded foam base that absorbs impact and assists in stable sitting. On top of the foam core is a Fl

Jay Back Cushion

The Jay Back is a foam and gel back support cushion designed to protect against scoliosis, kyphosis, instability, back pain, and skin breakdown. The cushion consists of an impact resistant ABS plastic shell with a middle layer of molded, contoured foam, and a Flolite spinal insert to prevent pressure problems on the spine. Flolite is a gel-like liquid that will conform to the user's body, but resists returning to its original position to prevent pressure on bony prominences. The water-resistant

Jay Adjustable Solid Seat

The Jay Adjustable Solid Seat is a solid seat insert designed to improve posture by providing a firm, fully-adjustable base of support. The seat is adjustable in height, width, depth, and angle to allow an immediate fit and future change, when needed. The seat is made of rib-reinforced urethane and has an anti-slide surface so that cushions will not shift. The seat insert is designed to fit all wheelchairs; the universal cross-bar cut-out allows dropping the seat depth on virtually all wheelchai

Columbia Reclining Bath Chair (Models 8500, 8600, & 8700)

The Columbia Reclining Bath Chair is a bath seat for children and adults designed to tilt to several angles from nearly upright to reclining. The seat includes a pelvic safety belt and torso alignment belt, both with buckle. The mesh seat is fungus- and bacteria-resistant. OPTIONS: Extension legs, casters, and a head pad are available for all models. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Model 8500 is 28 x 17 inches and accommodates children up to 40 inches tall; model 8600 is 32 x 17 inches and accommodates child

Columbia Toilet Support (Models 4700 & 4800)

The Columbia Toilet Support, models 4700 and 4800, is a high-backed toilet support designed to provide head and trunk support for children and adults with balance disabilities. The unit has a full-length, height adjustable, high-impact ABS plastic back and a harness with a safety buckle. The support bolts directly to the toilet and the children's model, model 4700, includes a seat reducer ring. Model 4800, the adult model, sits 4 inches further back on the toilet seat than model 4700. OPTIONS: A

Roho Low Profile Dry Floatation Cushion

Roho Low Profile air flotation seat cushion designed for active individuals in potential ulcer risk situation who need a more stable cushion with easy transfer capabilities. Standard sizes: 16 3/4 by 18 1/ 2 by 2 inches, 16 3/4 by 16 3/4 by 2 inches, 15 by 15 by 2 inches, and 15 by 16 3/4 by 2 inches. Balloon structure same as standard Roho seat cushion, but shorter balloons.

Jay Combi Posture Seating System

The Jay Combi Posture Seating System consists of two foam cushions, one contoured, dual density seat cushion and one lumbar support back cushion, designed to reduce sitting fatigue, lower back pain, and slumping while promoting correct posture. COMBI SEAT CUSHION: The Combi seat is molded from two different kinds of foam. Inside is a contoured foam core that is firm, for support. Outside, a second layer of soft foam is added for comfort. The foundation resists compression from leaning to help pr

Sacro Ease Standard (Models Br, Brsm & Brn)

The Sacro Ease Standard, models BR, BRSM and BRN, is a back support cushion are designed for office chairs and auto and truck bucket seats with existing firm bottoms. This product features a seat bottom and backrest with adjustable lumbar pad on a foldable steel frame with rubber strap supports and a non-skid bottom. The Sacro Ease Standard provides support under the hips and behind the lumbar spine. The units are designed to fit to the individual and not the seat, thus the unit can be moved fro

Sacro Ease Sports Portable

The Sacro-Ease Sports Portable is a seat and back support designed for use at spectator sports events. The seat support may be used with or without the existing backrest. The seat closes to be carried like a briefcase. The seat support is manufactured with .5 inch of polyfoam on top of a bendable carbon steel frame with rubber supports. The upholstery is water-resistant fabric. The back support has a built-in lumbar support pad. The Sports Portable has a non-skid bottom, and it is available with

Sacro Ease (Models Rcrx, Rscrx, Rncrx, Brc-Rx, Brsc-Rxm & Brnc-Rx)

The Sacro-Ease, models RCRX, RSCRX, RNCRX, BRC-RX, BRSC-RXM and BRNC-RX, are seat supports designed to relieve pressure in cases of hermorrhoids, injury to or surgery on the coccyx or anal area and post-pregnancy. The RCRX, RSCRX, RNCRX models are only seat cushions only that have a cutout at the center rear of the seat. These cushions have 1 inch of high density foam with a steel frame. The BRC-RX, BRSC-RXM and BRNC-RX feature a backrest with an adjustable lumbar support cushion mounted with th

Urocare Bedside Drainage Bag (Model 4200)

Night drainage bag designed for night drainage and bedside use. 2000 cc capacity with hanger strap. 50 inch long tube, latex bottom outlet and thumb clamp. Packaged individually. Sterile.

Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lift (Model C Hla)

Hydraulic jack patient lifter, U shape base adjusts in width for narrow doorways or halls, 24 to 34 inches. Guide bars to assist with steering. 400 pounds maximum capacity. Weight 68 pounds.

Urocare Fabric Leg Straps (Models 6342 Thru 6348) & Kits (Models 6349 Thru 6351)

Fabric leg bag straps for Urocare reusable latex leg bags, 2 inches wide with velcro fasteners attach bsg to strap and straps to leg above and below knee. Sport bag straps: 6342 and 6343, upper and lower leg straps: 6344 to 6348 and leg strap kits 6349 to 6351. Washable. Adjustable.

Quickie 2

The Quickie 2 is a manual drive, ultralight adult wheelchair. FRAME: Folding anodized aluminum frame with a choice of straight or rounded rear side frame. The frame widths range from 11 to 20 inches in regular, long, hemi, and hemi long configurations. Anti-tip tubes are optional. The frame is available in 11 standard colors and 3 custom colors. SEAT: The standard seat is available in 12- or 16-inch depths. Optional seat depths include 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 17 inches. Seat widths are .5 inch n

Columbia Wrap-Around Bath Support (Models 7200, 7300, & 7700)

The Columbia Bath Support is a child bath seat designed to hold a child in a normal sitting position to provide trunk stabilization and to free the hands of the individual helping to bathe the child. It may also be used in other seating applications and in supervised wading pools. The support has a secure, contoured trunk yoke. The chair frame rests on the bottom of the tub and has a soft coating to protect the tub's finish. The seat features a rustproof frame, a rip-proof mesh seat, and stainle

Bardia Foley Catheters

The Bardia Foley Catheters are internal, sterile catheters designed for use by persons with incontinence. Available in silicone, silicone coated latex or teflon coated latex. They come 12 per box.

Uro-Safe Disposable Leg Bags

Light-weight vinyl, disposable (semi-reusable) leg bag. Packaged individually, sterile, two styles and capacities: Large, 32 ounces, or Medium, 18 ounces and available with a white opaque back. Each is available with a choice of a thumb tube clamp or a twist drain valve.

Tyke Wheeled Walker (Model 7751) & Little Tyke (Model 7752)

Walker for child just beginning to walk. Has welded front footpieces and rubber tipped rear foot pieces. Has both standard horizontal handles as well as vertical handles to fit stability and grasping needs of child. Vertical hand position also provides opportunity for posture correction. Nonfolding for increase strength. Noise free silencers for all footpieces. Lightweight aluminum construction. Dimensions: model 7751, 3.7 pounds, 16 to 21 inches in height, 16 inch base width, 19.25 inches base

Invarail (Model 6625)

Chrome plated telescoping side rails for hospital bed with flat channel cross braces. Adjustable width for universal attachment to any hospital bed spring 34 to 36 1/2 inches. Rails telescope from 74 to 47 inches in length. Easy to install.

3-Inch Wheeled Footpiece (Models 7729 & 7731)

Three inch nonswivelling wheels to replace front legs of Guardian Safe T Fold walker. Model 7731 for adult and youth sizes. Model 7729 for child and toddler sizes.

Quickie 2Hp

The Quickie 2HP is a manual drive, high-performance ultralight adult wheelchair. FRAME: Folding anodized aluminum frame with a choice of a 60- or 70-degree fixed front frame and rounded or straight rear frame. The frame widths range from 11 to 20 inches in kids, regular, long, or short configurations. Anti-tip tubes and impact guards are optional. The frame is available in 11 standard colors and 6 custom colors. SEAT: The standard seat is available in 12- or 16-inch depths. Optional seat depths

Quickie Gp Swing-Away

The Quickie GP Swing-away is a lightweight adult manual wheelchair for sport and daily use. FRAME: One-piece rigid frame. The standard frame is available in 14- or 16-inch widths; 12-, 13-, 17-, 18-, 19-, and 20-inch widths are available at an extra charge. This chair is available in 11 standard and 3 optional colors with black chair parts. Rear anti-tip tubes are optional. SEAT: The seat is .5-inch narrower than the frame. A 14- or 16-inch deep seat is standard. Optional 15-, 17-, or 18-inch

Carrying Pouch (Model 7719)

Zippered carrying pouch attaches to the top of the walker frame with velcro straps. Three side pockets and a large central storage area. Washable fabric.

Carrying Basket (Model 7715)

Large vinyl coated wire basket attaches with hooks to the top of the walker frame. Easy to remove or install.

Locking Raised Toilet Seat (Models 6486A & 6486R)

The Locking Raised Toilet Seat, models 6486A and 6486R, is a molded elevated toilet seat designed for use by individuals who have difficulty sitting down or getting up from the toilet. By adding to the seat height, it reduces bending by the user. A front clamping mechanism locks securely to the toilet and prevents shifting. The seat has a wide, contoured seating surface made of heavy duty plastic. DIMENSIONS (WxD): 20.75 x 16.5 inches. Adds 4.5 inches to the height of the toilet seat. CAPACITY:

Grandtour Rolling Walker (Model 7955Pg)

Wheeled walker has eight inch front casters, and rear wheels with brakes. Crossbrace is high to avoid hitting legs while walking. The soft handgrips are of DuPont Hypalon foam. Pewter grey finish; 25 inches wide; 27 inches deep; 32 to 38 inch adjustable height. Folded depth is 5 inches. Optional carrying basket and carrying pouch. Weight 13 pounds. Lifetime limited warranty.

Touchless Clean-Cath Catheter System

Catheter system for male or female designed for clean or sterile intermittent catheterization. May be used in sitting position. Available in home or institutional packages. Self lubrication covers catheter surfaces. Closed system for urine collection.

Lumex Adjustable Height Versaframe Toilet Safety Rail (Model 6460A)

The Lumex Adjustable Height Versaframe Toilet Safety Rail, model 6460A, is an adjustable height toilet frame designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The contoured waterfall armrests provide a comfortable gripping surface. The anodized aluminum frame secures to most toilets. OPTIONS: Rails for safety frame (6460R). DIMENSIONS: Arm height adjusts from 28 to 32 inches. Arm width adjusts from 18 to 21 inches. CAPACITY: 250 pounds. WARRANTY: Lifetime limited warranty.

Uro-Con & Uro-Cath

Two types of external catheters: Uro-Con (Texas-Style, three piece construction) and Uro-Cath (one piece molded Latex). Both are packaged individually in boxes of 50, are available in millimeter sizes of 20mm to 35mm (40mm available only with Uro-Cath) and are attachable with Urocare's Urofoam (single or double sided adhesive foam strips), Constay (elasticated fabric tape) or Uro-Bond 5000 (brush-on silicone skin adhesive).

Multi-Position Open Padded Raised Toilet Seat (Model 6497A)

The Multi-Position Open Padded Raised Toilet Seat, model 6497A, is a molded elevated toilet seat designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity and mobility disabilities. The thick, heat-sealed padded seat is angle and height adjustable, and it can be rotated from front to either side or rear mounting for maximum access. The seat is open in front to facilitate perineal cleaning. It comes with four heavy-duty VersaGuard coated locking brackets to fit most toilets. OPTIONS: Extra-wi

Trapeze With Floor Base (Model 7714)

Floor base for fixed trapeze bars provides free standing support for bar. Octagonal steel tubing. Offset fixed trapeze unit. Base length 40 inches, height 38 inches, width 32 inches or 4 inches folded, weight 24 pounds.

Easy Adjust Overbed Table (Model 6411)

Chrome plated square tubular leg and base, 4 casters. Spring tension height adjustment with positive corner lock, 27 to 44 high. Table surface, 15 by 30 inches. Tilts either direction, plunger release lock, 5 positions.

Premium Forearm Safe T Crutch (Models 5160, 5161, 5162, & 5163)

Pushbutton adjustable aluminum shaft with vinyl coated forearm cuffs. Cuffs have front or side opening as required. Contoured rubber handgrips. Rubber safety tip. Height adjustable cuff to handgrip and handgrip to floor. Handgrip to floor height tall adult 35 to 41 inches. Adult 30 to 36 inches. Youth 25 to 31 inches. Child 19 to 27 inches. Total silencing system for rattle free use.

Platform Crutch Attachment For Walkers (Model 7702)

Padded forearm trough mounted on aluminum upright. Vertical vinyl handgrip can be positioned fore and aft to accommodate forearm length. Aluminum upright clamps on to upper and lower horizontal side bars of walker. Height adjustable. Velcro closure restraining strap for forearm.

Pediatric Positioning Commodes (Models 5200 To 5800)

The Columbia Positioning Commodes are adjustable height commodes with back supports for children or small adults designed to be a freestanding unit or used over any toilet. The chair features a height adjustable footrest, seat height and depth adjustment, back tilt adjustment, and a pelvic strap. The non-slip, padded toilet seat reducer ring, included with the small model, features a small hole, especially designed for slender or young children, with a large padded splash abductor. A smaller hol

Male Urinal Kit (Model 4400)

Male urinal kit contains 1 male urinal suspensory garment (fits wiasit sizes 26 to 38 inches), 1 male urinal sheath (may be trimed from 20 mm to 40 mm), 1 straight-thru adapter with thumb clamp, 1 standard bottom drain valve and 1 male urinal to latex leg bag adapter. May be connected directly to any reusable or disposable leg bag.

Utility Strap, Foley Catheter Strap, & Uro-Strap (Models 6300, 6300C, & 6400)

Utility Strap 6300: 1 1/4 inches wide by 24 inches long with 1 velcro fasener. Lightweight strap. Catheter strap 6300C: 1 1/4 inches wide by 24 inches long with 2 velcro fasteners for holding foley catheters in place. Uro-Strap Male external catheter strap 6400: 3/4 inch wide by 4 3/4 inches with velcro closure. Washable and adjsutable.

Urolux (Models 700202, 700204, & 700216)

Urolux appliance cleanser is specifically formulated to break down crystal build ups and clean all urinary appliances. Urolux is a highly concentrated formula avaialbe in 2, 4 and 16 ounce sizes.

Uro-Bond (Models 5000 & 5010)

Uro-Bond 5000 is a brush-on silicone skin adhesive ideally suited for securing male external catheters, urostomy and colostomy appliances. Available in 4 ounce glass jar with a brush attached to the under side of the lid and a tamper proof seal. Uro-Bond 5010 is a thinner for Uro-Bond 5000 and is available in a 5 ounce glass jar with a tamper proof seal.

Tub-Guard Bathtub Safety Rail (Models 69263A & 69663A)

The Tub-Guard Bathtub Safety Rail, models 69263A and 69663A, is a grab bar for bathtub designed to assist people with balance or mobility disabilities to enter and exit the tub. The device has a molded plastic body and a textured surface to reduce hand slippage. A lever-operated clamp and rubber pads at tub attachment points prevent movement or scratching the tub surface. SIZES: Standard (model 69263A) and Tall (69663A). DIMENSIONS: Height is 12 inches (standard) or 16.5 inches (tall); fits tub

Varilite Backrest & Varilite Split Backrest

The Varilite BackRest and Split BackRest are inflatable back support cushions designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, and others who need back support. The cushions offer lower lumbar support and promote spinal extension during wheelchair use, extended car rides, air travel, and in office chairs. Support encourages upright sitting posture and decrease muscle fatigue. Cushions have a mesh cover with reticulated foam that wicks moisture away from the skin. A

Ez-Access Rollup Ramp

The EZ-Access Rollup Ramp is a portable ramp designed for persons with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs and scooters. Designed to bridge gaps over one step or a curb, the ramp features a durable, non-skid driving surface. The detachable side rails add support and act as a guide for maximum safety. Made of rust-resistant lightweight aluminum, the ramp rolls up for storage in the included nylon bag. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 36 x 30 inches. When rolled for storage, the ramp has a diameter to 6 in

Full Electric Bed (Model 5410)

The Full Electric Bed is a motorized bed designed to offer the user six adjusting bed positions. Operated by a push button control, this bed is constructed with a single shaft, hi/low drive system. It also an emergengy hand crank. POWER: Hi/Low Motor - 60 rpm, camset: 48 revolutions (+)(-)2. DIMENSIONS: 88 x 36 inches (l x w). Height - 15.25 to 23.25 inches.

Semi Electric Bed (Model 5310)

The Semi Electric Bed is a motorized bed designed to offer the user four adjusting positions for the head and knees. The bed is permanently attached but can be folded away. A hi/low crank adjusts the bed's height. POWER: Motors - 85 rpm. DIMENSIONS: 88 x 36 inches (l x w); Height - 15(7/8) to 24(5/8) inches.

Manual Crank Bed (Model 5307)

The Manual Crank Bed is an adjustable bed designed with a two crank assembly that operates the head and foot sections. The hi/low crank system is constructed to insert into the head/foot ends to raise and lower the bed; the crank folds away for storage. DIMENSIONS (L xW): 88 x 36 inches. The overall bed height adjusts from 16 to 24.25 inches, the head end adjusts from 28 7/8 to 37.25 inches high, and the foot adjusts from 26.25 to 37 7/8 inches high.

Jay Active Back (Models 520, 522, 525, 527 & 528)

The Jay Active Back, models 520/522/525/527 & 528, is a back support cushion designed to provide comfort and stability for chair users. This contoured support cushion is composed of lightweight materials and features adjustable height and back angles designed to help relieve back pain. It also includes an "Air Exchange" cover designed to reduce perspiration and heat buildup. With a rigid back shell, this support cushion is not intended to bow or stretch. DIMENSIONS: All models feature adjust

Hugo 1000

The Hugo 1000 is an adult wheelchair. FRAME: Chrome plated / carbon steel; folding; 22.5 to 25.5 inches (overall width - open); 10.5 to 11.5 inches (overall width - closed). SEAT: 16.5 to 18 inches (width); 16 inches (depth); 21 inches (height); 16 inches (back height). ARMRESTS: Detachable. BRAKES: Manual. CASTERS: 8-inch molded caster wheels. FOOTRESTS: Detachable. WEIGHT: 37 to 42 pounds. OPTIONS: Choice of five arm styles available at extra cost. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor al

Rolls 4000 Series

The Rolls 4000 Series is an adult wheelchair. FRAME: Chrome plated / carbon steel reinforced frame; folding; rear anti-tippers are optional; 22.5 to 29.5 inches (overall width - open); 11.5 to 15.5 inches (overall width - closed); available in standard, wide, transport and recliner models. SEAT: 16 to 22 inches (width); 16 or 17 inches (depth); 20 inches (height); 16 or 33 inches (back height); solid folding seat is optional. ARMRESTS: Removable and swingback. BRAKES: Manual. WHEELS: Composite,

Bardia Urinary Drainage Bags (Models 802001 & 802002)

The Bardia Urinary Drainage Bags are designed for use by persons with incontinence. These sterile bags feature an anti-reflux chamber, a sample port and 2000cc capacity. Model 802001 is designed with a living hinge hanger, and model 802002 features an adjustable hook and loop hanger.

Bardia Foley Catherter Insertion Trays (Models 802010 & 802030)

The Bardia Foley Catheter Insertion Trays are designed for use by persons with incontinence. This sterile, sequentially packed product consists of the following: Underpad, gloves, 5 grams lubricant, inflation syringe filled with sterile water, 3 antibacterial swab sticks and a graduated peel top tray. Model 802010 features a 10cc syringe. Model 802030 features a 30cc syringe.

Protective Barrier Film (Models 740013 & 740014)

Protective Barrier Film is a skin care product designed to interface between the skin and the adhesive. It is made to enhance the holding power of adhesives by drying to form a clear, breathable barrier. Model 740013 is available in a box of 50 individual wipes. Model 74014 is available in a 5.5 ounce aerosol can.

Incontinence Protective Barrier Film (Model 740016)

The Incontinence Protective Barrier Film is designed for use by persons with incontinence. Available in a 5.5 ounce aerosol can, it offers "low sting" protection to excoriated skin. This product is also waterproof but allows the skin to breath in order to promote more rapid healing.

Barrier And Adhesive Remover (Model 740020)

Barrier and Adhesive Remover is designed to remove barrier films, wafer barriers and adhesive and tape residues from the skin. It is not made to de-fat the skin and is available in a box of 50 wipes.

Skin Care Cream (Model 740201)

Skin Care Cream is designed to help soothe irritated and chapped skin. It features fractionated lanolin and vitamin E to moisturize and soften the skin. This product can be used under adhesives and is available in a 3 ounce tube.

Skin Care Starter Kit (Model 740300)

The Skin Care Starter Kit is designed to promote a routine regimen of prevention and therapy for individuals experiencing epidermal difficulties. The kit consists of a 3 ounce tube of Bard Skin Cream, an 8 ounce pump spray of Bard Skin Care Cleanser, and a 2.7 ounce tube of Bard Moisture Barrier ointment.

Moisture Barrier Ointment (Model 740202)

Moisture Barrier Ointment is a skin care product designed to establish a moisture barrier to protect incontinent skin. It is formulated with casein and vitamin E to soothe any excoriated skin. This ointment is also helpful in skin folds. Available in a 2.7 ounce tube.

Skin Care Cleanser (Model 740203)

Skin Care Cleanser is intended to deodorize the skin and emulsifie organic waste. Available in a pump spray.

Single Use Utility Catheter (Models 277708, 277710, 277712, 277714, 277716, 277718 & 277720)

The Single Use Utility Catheter is an internal, sterile catheter that can be used as a Robinson or Nelaton catheter. Available in a box of 12, it features a red rubber and radiopaque design.

Intermittent Catheters (Models 01594 & 277514)

Intermittent Catheters are internal catheters--sterile and disposable. Model 01594 is designed for females; it's plastic and 6 inches long. Comes in a box of 50. Model 277514 is a Util-Cath plastic urethral catheter, featuring a drain bag and leg bag with a connection funnel. Available in a box of 12.

Dispoz-A-Bag Disposable Leg Bag (Models 150101, 150102, 150103, 4A4173 & 4A4174)

The Dispoz-A-Bag Disposable Leg Bag is designed for persons with incontinence. Composed of an odor-proof, heavy gauge material, it includes an anti-reflux valve to reduce risk of backflow. The bagĀ are made from heavy duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance. Each leg bag contains an anti reflux valve. These leg bags are resusable, sterile and may be connected to McGuire style urinal, Bardic Uro Sheath and most other urinary appliances.

Uro Sheaths (Models 1502S, 1502M & 1502L)

Uro Sheaths are external catheters designed for use for persons with incontinence. They are reusable and feature a pre-rolled vinyl sheath with a bulb to prevent kinking. This product also includes an adjustable latex securing strap. Available 12 per box. Model 1502S: Small - 1.25 inch in diameter. Model 1502M: Medium - 1.5 inch in diameter. Model 1502L: Large - 1 (5/8) inch in diameter.

Disposable Male External Catheters (Models 150551, 150552 & 150553)

The Disposable Male External Catheters are designed for use by persons with incontinence. Made with a 100% latex sheath, they are pre-rolled for easy application and feature a bulb tip for kink prevention. This product also includes a double-sided adhesive strip and a Bard Protective Barrier Film. 120 per case. Model 150551: Pediatric/Geriatric. Model 150552: Medium. Model 150553: Standard.

Adhesive Strips (Models 6590 & 150525)

Adhesive Strips are catheter supplies designed for use with bulk pack male external catheters. Available 10 per box. Model 6590: Crixiline adhesive strip - 6 x 7/8 inch. Model 150525: Two-sided adhesive strip - 6 x 3/4 inch.

Deluxe Fabric Leg Straps (Model 150507)

The Deluxe Fabric Leg Straps are designed for use by persons with incontinence who use leg bags. Constructed for custom fit by trimming, they feature a velcro-style closure and are stretchable. The washable strap fits all Bard leg bags. DIMENSIONS: 24 inches long.

Latex Leg Bag Strap (Model 150707)

The Latex Leg Bag Strap, model 150707, is designed to assist persons with incontinence who use leg bags. This strap features an adjustable button closure. DIMENSIONS: 22 inches long.

Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bags

The Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bag is designed to be an economical alternative to underpads and diapers for persons with incontinence. Made with a seamless contruction, this leg bag features a removable anti-reflux valve designed to prevent back-flow and bladder distension and interchangeable drain valves. Three latex leg straps are also included. SIZES: Extra large (holds 44 ouces), large (holds 32 ounces), long-slim (holds 26 ounces), sport-right (holds 10 ounces), and short-slim (holds 18 oun

Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips (Models 5100 & 5200)

Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips are hypo-allergenic and urine resistant. Model 5100 is single-sided. Model 5200 is double-sided.. Come 50 strips per box. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor all manufacturer guarantees.

Constay Multi-Purpose Elasticated Adhesive Fabric Strips (Model 5001)

Constay Muti-Purpose Elasticated Adhesive Fabric Strips may be used to secure catheters and ostomy appliances. Hypo-allergenic and urine resistant. Comes in a 9 foot un-stretched roll. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor all manufacturer guarantees.

Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads (Model 5600)

Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads are designed to dissolve and remove unwanted adhesive residue from urinary and ostomy appliances and skin. They have a fresh citrus scent and are free of harsh solvents, lab tested, non-toxic and for external use only. The pads are sold in a package of 50 sachettes per box.

Urocare Itchender (Model 702008)

The Urocare Itchender is designed to offer temporary relief from itching. It is formulated for use on all degrees of sensitive skin and even works on animals. Available in an 8 ounce spray bottle. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor all manufacturer guarantees.

Uro-Wash Medicated Hygiene Skin Cleanser (Model 701008)

Uro-Wash Medicated Hygiene Skin Cleanser is designed to clean and deodorize skin. It is intended to clean away vomit, urine, diarrhea and fecal matter. Available in an 8 ounce fluid bottle with pump spray. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor all manufacturer guarantees.

Urocare Night Drain Sheath (Model 4001)

Urocare Night Drain Sheath is a drainage unit designed to snap over the neck of plastic bottles. Any standard extension tubing may alsobe connected directly to the top of the adapter. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor all manufacturer guarantees.

Lumex Versaguard Coated Grab Bars (Models 40033A, 40133A, 40233A & 40333A)

The Lumex VersaGuard Coated Grab Bar, models 40033A, 40133A, 40233A and 40333A, is a wall-mounted grab bar designed for use in showers and bathtubs to assist persons with balance or mobility disabilities. This straight bar is made from heavy duty steel with a rust resistant enamel coating. The bars can be mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally, and when mounted, is 1.5 inches from the wall. DIMENSIONS: 12, 16, 18, 24 or 32 inches. CAPACITY: 250 pounds. WARRANTY: Lifetime limited warranty

Uro-Prep Protective Skin Wipes (Model 5600)

Uro-Prep Protective Skin Wipes are designed for use under all external catheters and for use under medical adhesives. Come in a package of 50 sachettes per box. WARRANTY: Care Catalog Services will honor all manufacturer guarantees.


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